McClaughry: New House spending rule on COVID and climate

By John McClaughry

The new Democratic House of Representatives organized itself this week, and James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal reports that one notable achievement was gutting the existing and not very effective spending controls.

The new rules package for the 117th Congress grants a sweeping new exemption from deficit controls for two favored types of spending: countering the coronavirus and — wait for it — programs to combat climate change.

If the U.S. House leadership can construct a spending bill that seems to relate to either pandemic fighting or climate change, there’s no restraint on how much can be spent. Obviously both parties are willing to spend a lot to counteract the pandemic, but read the other part: Congress can overlook the budget impact of “measures to prevent, prepare for, or respond to economic, environmental, or public health consequences resulting from climate change.”

What is that debt-financed gold mine likely to pay for? Unlimited subsidies for otherwise uncompetitive wind and solar electricity. Huge subsidies to get people to buy electric vehicles. Charging stations giving away electricity for free. Insulating every home in America. Paying to rebuild beachfront homes to deal with rising sea levels — now occurring at the rate of one foot per century. Flood and drought reparations for lost crops. Bailouts of state and local governments claiming climate damages.

Politicians — both liberals and so-called conservatives — get really inventive when they sniff unlimited money to spend.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

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4 thoughts on “McClaughry: New House spending rule on COVID and climate

  1. At least no one can say that the new spending rules relating to Covid-19 and climate change will bankrupt the country……As that has already occurred with the $28 trillion in debt our elected officials (Both Party’s work) have run up in recent years. The new rules will only add to the ticking time bomb known as the National Debt. The only question remaining is when will this debt time bomb will blow up.

    Also under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership there are additional new House rules banning the the use of gender specific nouns and pronouns on the floor of the House. This new rule requiring the use of gender neutral references will enhance diversity and inclusion according to Speaker Pelosi. Failure to obey these rules will probably result in the offender somehow being sanctioned.

    Going forward under Pelosi’s thinking, I will call my grandda…..ers……… grand siblings……..This will be more inclusive and make this a better country.


  2. The climate will change naturally and Vermont is a “carbon clean” state. Those who are pushing man-made climate change are only working on their own behalf and forcing Vermont taxpayers to subsidize
    electric car purchases ,, housing “repairs” and more. It is time to get Vermont government off of our private land, out of our vehicles and out of our homes and businesses. Leave us alone! We don’t need another appointed ,taxpayer -subsidized , non-governmental committee to control us. ,

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