Cooperating with martial law ‘would be the governor’s call,’ top cop says

By Guy Page

Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling, Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei and Montpelier Police Chief Brian Peete held a press conference Monday afternoon to discuss an announcement that an armed gathering of protesters is expected at state houses across the country, Jan. 17. Here’s what reporters learned.

There is no known, specific threat of armed protest at the Vermont State House

“At this stage there is not a specific threat or set of threats specific to Vermont,” Schirling said. “But at this stage it’s early in the process.” Just a few minutes later, it was reported to Schirling and the reporters on the Zoom call that the FBI had just issued a statement confirming all 50 states should expect armed gatherings at their state houses.

Nevertheless, Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei, Montpelier Police Chief Brian Peete, Vermont State Police and other agencies are coordinating their defensive response for anything that might happen. Montpelier residents should expect, at least, traffic disruption, Peete said.

Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling

Protesters may carry firearms, but are advised to consider whether it’s wise to do so

“If people are peacefully carrying a weapon it’s not an issue,” Schirling said. “It’s when it’s brandished that it obviously is.”

Still, Schirling appealed to protesters to think twice before bringing a firearm. “I don’t think it’s an unreasonable general request. I don’t want to be overly proscriptive. I would urge folks to consider what’s prudent.”

State House will be virtually empty Sunday, Jan. 17

Even on weekdays the State House is virtually empty, but on Sunday Jan. 17 it will be especially so. Schirling said police will take that fact into account as it prepares its defensive posture for any gathering.

Vermont Trump bus travelers have no known militia connections

Schirling said that while he’s not aware of every Vermonter who rode the Trump bus to and from the Jan. 6 rally, he’s unaware if any of the 50-plus riders associated with right-wing militia groups.

Trump martial law declaration ‘a stretch,’ won’t discuss Vermont police cooperation

Vermont Daily asked Schirling: “Part of the Q-Anon conspiracy talk on social media is that President Trump will use the Emergency Broadcast System to declare martial law. If President Trump does declare martial law, would Vermont law enforcement cooperate with him?”

“I don’t want to speculate on anything of that sort,” Schirling said. “Ultimately that would be the governor’s call. I think it would be a stretch for something like that to happen.”

Vermont gun/ammo sales not known to be up in recent weeks

A reporter asked Schirling if gun and ammunition sales have spiked since the riot last Wednesday. The commissioner said he’s not aware of any. Over the last year “it’s been a theme.” Schirling is correct: Vermont firearm sales last year exceeded 50,000 for first time since federal recordkeeping began in 1998. The annual total was 57,965. It’s not uncommon for sales to spike when an incoming administration is believed to be more restrictive about gun and ammunition sales, he said.

Police have advised all state officials about dealing with protests at home

Noting that many lawmakers and state officials work from their homes, a reporter asked if they  have been trained to deal with protesters. Schirling said they have been given some training, and “In the days to come we do anticipate doing a briefing for the legislators.”

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21 thoughts on “Cooperating with martial law ‘would be the governor’s call,’ top cop says

  1. “Schirling said that while he’s not aware of every Vermonter who rode the Trump bus to and from the Jan. 6 rally, he’s unaware if any of the 50-plus riders associated with right-wing militia groups.”

    Is Schirling aware of anyone on the ‘Trump bus’ who might have been associated with Antifa?

    Why is the fall guy always assumed to be a ‘right-wing’ miltia group?

    Again, there should be an investigation into Schirling’s ‘false flag’ associations with Antifa. After all, what’s good for the goose… as they say.

    • Perhaps Schirling could list what he considers to be ‘right wing militia groups’ in Vermont. That would probably surprise a lot of people.

  2. I have never seen such BS, I assume Vermont’s Liberals may be getting just a little
    nervous, I guess they never heard the old adage ” Let Sleeping Dogs Lie “….

    Well, fools you ” WOKE ” the dogs, elections have consequences, especially when
    they are corrupt…………… !!

  3. Of course we know that the FBI would never tell a lie, like the Russians kept Hillary out of the president’s office 4 years ago. However, I do think this it another False flag like the Reishtag fire. Stay home stay safe.

    • Post Script: Two can play this game.

      ABC News is clearly an Antifa subsidiary and should be investigated for sedition and insurrection.

      • If – “At this stage there is not a specific threat or set of threats specific to Vermont”, why all the brouhaha over the last several days by US Attorney Nolan and AG Donovan?

        They and Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling, Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei and Montpelier Police Chief Brian Peete should all be investigated too. Leave no stone unturned.

          • Heading right for where they have things planned.


            Planned Subversion.

            Planned corporate, media and bank take overs of all sites and anything pro-america.

            Now if we taught our children proper civics they would know this is the proper definition of a fascist take over.

            Dare I forget the military operatives with extremely clever names that the indoctrinated are too dumb to question.

  4. This would be the ideal event for the BLM and Antifa members to dress as Trump supporters and cause trouble around the country with firearms. Then the pro gun control people would push regulations that would take firearms from law abiding citizens and the only ones to keep their firearms is the BLM and Antifa members as they won’t register or turn them in. This is how the NAZI party and the Brown Shirts of Italy started.

  5. They admit there is no specific threat, so basically it’s all made up! And this makes national and state news??.

    Isn’t this called propaganda?

    If you look at the rule book and process of subverting a country, civil unrest is created by the side that wants to take over, then that side brings inthe troops to “calm things”, the soviets call this “normalization”.

    Some call it socialism, the NWO, communism, Marxism, organizing…..the goals are all the same only the names have been changed.

    Been on our website for 4 years, common knowledge to military.

  6. It’s obviously how the Socialists pass laws and regulations, not only in VT but nation wide.

    Pass these unlawful anti-Constitutional masterpieces and let the opposition (Conservative, Constitutionalists, freedom loving people) fight the illegality in front of Liberal Judges. An up hill battle, perhaps to the SCOTUS. and in front of the conservative turn coat judge Roberts.

    It’s beginning to look like here’s one solution left as defined herein: “The pursuit of Life, Liberty and Property” that led to the American Revolution. A forgotten part of history


    !!!!!!!FALSE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!



  8. IMO I think Michael Schirling, Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei, and Montpelier Police Chief Brian Peete sounds like democrats, oh wait they are..As a Vermonter, I have the right to carry a firearm. I am not a felon, never been in trouble with the law, I have a clean record, so my right can not be taken away.. So these 3 can stick it.!! If the weather is good on the 17th I will be there, unless I find someone to share a ride with.I will be there with the purple MAGA hat on and the Trump flag. I may be 5’3 but I got a loud voice…TAKE BACK VERMONT.!!!

  9. Note: The Vermont Constitution Ch I Art 17 makes a state (governor’s) declaration of martial law unlawful and unenforceable, save for soldiers and the militia.

    • That would be the militia ‘in actual service’. The unorganized militia can, and would, rightfully ignore it.

    • Lol, you think they care about that document.??????

      There are only 17 people in office who even know how to find it.

      What evidence do you have from either party that has stood up to unconstitutional laws???? Don’t look to the Vt GOP, they’ll tell you to go to your select board!

      We have 17 strong people in office. The rest could care less about any rules, laws or constitution, and even less about how they spend your tax money!

  10. Article 17. [Martial law restricted]
    That no person in this state can in any case be subjected to law martial, or to any penalties or pains by virtue of that law except those employed in the army, and the militia in actual service.

  11. he is just responding to the lowest common denominator
    should they be upset that their votes have been silenced and their voices silenced .yes.
    being labeled terrorist for electing a president to curb congressional corruption is by all means a death threat from congress.
    silencing a democratically elected president is by all mean tyranny
    act accordingly

    • Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine the coup that has been ongoing for over 4 years now because he stalled the left’s agenda for a new world order. Until recently I thought it was a myth but violating election laws among other things and then calling it an insurrection for fighting for the truth is there for any rational person to see.

      • And all but 17 people in the Vermont political office are helping this go along. The rest are part of the uni party.

        This is why the Republican Party didn’t help, they hurt and made things more difficult for you to win. They don’t want Americans standing up for what is right. I watched what they did to you, what they did to Meg Hansen. It’s wrong on so,many levels.

        It’s why we started a new party, we knew this was coming, we had it all outlined on our website.

        We have 17 in office that need our support.

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