VFGG: 90% of Americans oppose unregulated abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy

Unrestricted, unregulated abortion through all nine months of pregnancy is opposed by 90% of Americans, according to a poll conducted after the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade by the The Harvard Center for Political Studies and The Harris Poll.

The results demonstrate that Vermont’s proposed “reproductive autonomy” constitutional amendment — which would block any restrictions up to the moment of birth — goes contrary to broad public sentiment, according to Vermonters for Good Government.

Poll results show that measures such as Vermont’s Proposal 5 lack broad support among the American people.

The sizable majority of Vermonters are opposed to elective and unrestricted late-term abortion, while supporting some level of access in the earliest stages of pregnancy,” Said VFGG Spokesperson Rep. Anne Donahue. “Reflecting Vermonters’ common view of supporting women, without compromising the value of viable fetuses/babies, is why we are opposed to Proposal 5/Article 22. This amendment would create a Constitutional right to elective abortion, without the logical regard of ethics boards or medical needs or safety regulations, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. The best method of reflecting Vermonters’ collective values is to oppose Article 22. Vermonters want common sense.”

The poll was conducted between June 28-29 and probed a number of questions about the abortion issue.

In response to the question, “Do you think your state should allow abortion…” The answer “up to 9 months” only garnered 10% support. The next option, “up to 23 weeks,” only garnered 18% support.

Full poll results can be found online here. The section on abortion includes slides 38-46.

VFGG is taking their grassroots campaign into the public arena with a campaign kickoff event at the Statehouse on Saturday, July 23rd, from 10am to 12pm. Spokeswomen Annisa Lamberton and Rep. Anne Donahue will speak, along with Executive Director Matthew Strong. Volunteers can pick up materials, yard signs, and get involved in this statewide effort to defeat Article 22 at the ballot box in November.

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2 thoughts on “VFGG: 90% of Americans oppose unregulated abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy

  1. People have just got to understand that the main stream media is nothing but propaganda now trying to manipulate the people into thinking as they want us to think..

    This is what modern warfare looks like.. and if you haven’t noticed, we are at war.

  2. Ok Vermont it’s time to take a stand, let’s make sure this nonsense never sees the light of
    day, just like they want to do to the unborn future Vermonters………

    I used to think women were pretty intelligent, well, the ones I know are, but I guess if you’re
    a liberal and you have unprotected sex with whomever, and it takes you up to nine months
    to figure things out, …………you’re idiots !!

    Yes, I know ” It’s my body ” true, and your reproductive organs are part of your body, but so is
    your brain, maybe try and use that before the other part.

    Let’s see if we have Vermonters for Vermont or carpetbaggers with an agenda !!

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