Scott announces more than $2 million in community development block grant awards

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today announced recipients of $2.22 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) federal funding through the Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP). The funding will support six projects throughout Vermont, including three mixed income housing developments, planning for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility improvements and the revitalization of community facilities.

“The Community Development Block Grant program is an essential resource for Vermont, supporting important projects that benefit Vermonters and their communities,” said Governor Scott. “Bringing together public and private partners, the program makes a big difference in our redevelopment and revitalization efforts throughout all corners of the state.”

CDBG funds provide federal funding to help local communities address priority projects that primarily benefit individuals of low or moderate income. CDBG supports a wide range of projects, including for planning and implementation of housing, economic development, public infrastructure, and community facilities such as childcare and senior centers.

“The CDBG program has been a crucial funding source for 40 years in Vermont,” said Department of Housing and Community Development Commissioner Josh Hanford. “CDBG funding invests in local community development projects which expand low-income families’ access to opportunity in Vermont.”

In a joint statement, Senator Patrick Leahy (D), Senator Bernie Sanders (I), and Representative Peter Welch (D) said: “Vermont has long benefited from Community Development Block Grant awards, which transform communities by creating opportunities for Vermonters and helping to drive our local economies. This critical federal funding supports such priorities as mixed-income housing, ADA compliance in community facilities and so much more. We are pleased to advocate each year for these federal investments, and we know Vermont and Vermonters make the most of them.”

This year, recipients include the city of South Burlington and Ascend Housing Allies, who were jointly awarded $1 million to develop 94 units of new mixed-income apartments in two separate 47-unit buildings.

“The Community Development Block Grant award from VCDP will allow Summit Properties, in partnership with subgrantee Ascend Housing, to move forward with one of the State of Vermont’s most ambitious affordable housing projects to date,” said Tom Getz, chief executive officer of Summit Properties. “Especially in today’s construction environment, affordable housing requires leadership and support from the State of Vermont, its partner agencies, and local municipalities. VCDP’s and the City of South Burlington’s support for this project puts that leadership on full display and will make an impact on more than 100 people seeking an affordable housing option to live and work in Chittenden County.”

The Fiscal Year 2022 Community Development Block Grants were awarded to six projects, including:

  • Town of Arlington for community revitalization and gathering space.
  • Town of Highgate to explore development of a mixed-use property and library.
  • Town of Pittsford to explore development of community programming space.
  • Town of Randolph for affordable rental housing.
  • City of South Burlington for mixed income housing.
  • City of Vergennes to plan for ADA renovations of the Vergennes Opera House.

For details on these CDBG awardees and projects click here.

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4 thoughts on “Scott announces more than $2 million in community development block grant awards

  1. Vermont is too used to crony capitalism…..paying off your friends and local government.

    Everybody falls for it. too.

    Look at all the money Leahy brings in! they’ve said this for decades…It’s like, the feds wouldn’t send us any money without Leahy? Of course not……

    Anytime you see the word Grant….it’s automatically the biggest waste of money ever. Grant money is for all the projects that nobody in their right mind would spend any money on, even the community receiving the grant.

    If the town had to match 50% of any grant project, no grant money would ever be used. This is how horrendously abusive use of taxpayer money “grants” allow.

    Grant money + Taxpayer Theft.

  2. It’s all “bass-ackwards”….Gov Scott and Pat Leahy ballyhoo how great it is that they got a $2 million grant for State projects…but when you break it down to the places that got it, multiple, it is a mere crumb. BUT THEY FEEL BETTER. In meantime….VT spends $8.3 billion for a population of about 635,000. In the meantime we have somehwre around a $5 billion unfunded UNION pension. $8.3 billion budget and $5 billion unfunded liabilities equals over $13 BILLION. That does not make “news” – but a $2 million crumb does? In about three years the financial chickens will “come home to roost” and that will be VT’s “last at bat.”….Be forewarned…. the only way they get what they need$ is raise YOUR taxes even more. My advice, don’t be here! Time to say Buh-Bye VT. You are on this earth only once, why stay. Vote with your feet, survive financially and enjoy life elsewhere 🙂

  3. it’s so nice to have an unlimited fund of money to spend, just let the future generations deal with it.

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