Vermonters to celebrate constitutional rights Sept. 17

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Gregory Thayer
Vermonters for Vermont Initiative

Linda Kirker

Vermonters for Vermont Initiative, an education platform based in Rutland, is hosting a celebration to lift up the signing of our nation’s Constitution 235 years ago. The event will take place on the lawn of the People’s House in Montpelier at the Vermont State Capitol on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Gregory Thayer, founder of “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative said the Constitution will be read in part by school children from around the State by public & private school children, and by Homeschooling students.” Students will Live read assigned parts of our Founding document, adopted in 1787 in Philadelphia, PA. Norwich University History Professor Jason Jagemann, PhD., who teaches Constitutional Law is our keynote speaker. Linda Kirker, a former State Representative from Essex Jct. will read a Patriotic poem she authored.

This celebration is about “We The People,” our country and rising up the most important, absolute document ever known to man,” Thayer said. Our Constitution is the superior law governing our Nation. The Preamble, the seven Articles, and the twenty-seven Amendments, including the Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments that touch every single citizen and every visitor to our great Nation.

Coupled with the speakers and the students Live read, there will be Constitution learning activities at the celebration by various organizations. Thayer added; “this is a way to re-connect with the law of the land, and to participate with neighbors from across our State.” We encourage you to share with your family and friends, and come join us on Saturday the 17th.

2 thoughts on “Vermonters to celebrate constitutional rights Sept. 17

  1. Hey Governor Scott, can you please mandate that all legislators, and yes that would
    include you, to go to this event for the ” Reading of the Constitution “………..

    I know you and others have taken an oath to support and defend what was written by
    our for-fathers and from what I have seen, most if not all legislators have forgotten, or
    just plain ignore what they took an oath to support !!!

    • Well, that is the weird thing about the Constitution, in this case Vermont’s. The Governor cannot mandate or compel members of the Legislature to do anything. The Legislature can under limited circumstances compel the Governor to do things, but never the other way around.

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