Vermont Republican Party message on Welch’s run for U.S. Senate

Today VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame issued the following statement on the announcement of Congressmen Peter Welch’s run for the U.S. Senate:

“One of the alarming things about Peter Welch’s announcement today is the dark tone it seems to set for his campaign. Welch has been in Congress for over a decade, and Vermont’s delegation has caucused with Democratic leadership this whole time. Democrats control the US House, the US Senate and the Presidency. And Peter Welch is concerned about our “imperiled Democracy.” If our Democracy is imperiled, I think it begs the questions whose leadership brought us there?

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

He is already making the case for VT Republicans that Vermont and America need new leadership — not the same old same old. Welch is already following the national campaign model to win votes by motivating people with fear, and Vermonters want and expect something better.

Welch does not represent the “new generation” that Sen. Leahy said should replace him, and the overwhelming majority of Vermonters want a fresh face and a new direction in Washington.
Some of the things he says are his priorities, like “Medicare For All” have already been rejected by his own party’s previous Governor when it had the name “Single Payer” nearly 8 years ago. Peter Welch is a relic of the past, and now is the time for Vermonters to choose a candidate with an eye on the future, and Vermont Republicans will provide voters with options for a future that works – not one that continues us down the path of Welch’s “Imperiled Democracy”

As your state Party chair, I have already begun the process of talking to private citizens and currently elected officials to gauge interest in this and other statewide offices. Our candidates aren’t going to spend $6 Million dollars telling us what is wrong with our state and our country – but instead will provide a hope for a better future – one that works better than the life we are all living now under the control of Joe Biden & the Democrats.”

Paul Dame
Chair, Vermont Republican Party

5 thoughts on “Vermont Republican Party message on Welch’s run for U.S. Senate

  1. I fear that the culture of our elected officials has drifted toward the pursuit agendas in place of representation. For any agenda to become policy/laws/regulations shouldn’t it be supported by the broader constituency, not just a majority? I’m invested in the hope that the new crop of elected officials under the Republican banner will embrace the mandate to continually consult with ALL OF US. You are enjoined to convince us of your agendas. Dismissing a strongly objecting minority is not good governance. Nurture a consensus before you impose laws on us else you too will repeat the pattern of RULING us rather than REPRESENTING us.

  2. Maybe he should run for the Senate, at least in there there’s a few who MIGHT educate him that we are NOT a “democracy” that we, the US of A is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC,,,,,PERIOD
    He’s done nothing during his run in there, kinda like the socialist from montpeculiar

  3. So let’s see Vermont’s leadership in DC,

    Pat ” babbling ” Leahy is finally retiring, then we have our very own NY Socialist Bernie Sanders,
    then taking up the third slot is Peter ” the follower” Welch, thinking he should take a leap to the Senate………Vermont is the titanic, in the political arena .

    Come on Vermont we deserve better, lets stop being the laughing stock of the Nation !!

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