Vermont Liberty Network announces four constitutional rallies in May

The next Vermont Liberty Network event will be held May 1 at noon at Main Street Park in Rutland. Please note this is a relocation from the scheduled State House location: due to conflicts, that event has been rescheduled to May 15, again at noon.

Here is the May schedule for all four constitutional rallies:

May 1 at Main Street Park in Rutland at noon
May 2 at the Bandstand in Newport at 2 p.m.
May 15 at the State House in Montpelier at noon.
May 16 at Oakledge Park in Burlington at 2 p.m.

The theme for May is “COVID v. the Constitution,” highlighting the numerous ways in which basic constitutional protections have been discarded in the world of COVID-19.

Vermonters’ liberties are being destroyed under COVID. In the battle between COVID and the United States Constitution, the disease (or, more accurately, those who abdicate responsibility in cowardice) cannot be permitted to prevail.

May 1 at Main Street Park in Rutland, the event will be preceded by a “Support the Police” rally organized by Gregory Thayer. Educator and patriot Mike Lannon will speak about the unconscionable compromise of our children’s education, mental health, and future under COVID-19. Vermonters will be blessed on Saturday with a professional trumpeter to perform the National Anthem, as we pay homage to the liberties that are part of the uniquely American heritage.

On May 2 at the Gardner Park Bandstand in Newport (across from Wendy’s), speakers will include Steve Merrill, the public access TV reporter whom Governor Scott barred from press conferences for asking tough questions about COVID. Steve has stayed several steps ahead of both Governor Scott and Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine throughout the pandemic, and will share insights about laws being abused using dubious science.

Joining Steve in Newport will be State Senate candidate Charles Wilson, who will share an important historical perspective on the vital importance of constitutional values and American liberties.

Also in Newport, state Rep. Vicki Strong will discuss legislative efforts to preserve constitutional liberties.

Last but never least, Alice Flanders will contribute her accustomed wisdom and passion, and lead attendees in singing the National Anthem.

Future Events

Former State Senate candidate Ericka Redic, who will speak at the May 16 event in Burlington, will contribute insights about the constitutional restrictions being imposed using COVID. Steve Merrill will speak again at the May 15 event in Montpelier. Alice Flanders will join again on May 16. Other speakers are to be announced.

Supporters will gather at the large Green “Vermont Liberty Network” banner. Free Bumper Stickers will be available to spread the Vermont Liberty message: “Nothing’s Sweeter than Vermont Liberty!”

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