Video: Everything you need to know about new Vermont elections bill in 10 minutes

A bill that would have Vermont automatically mail out live ballots to all active voters on the statewide checklist has passed the Senate and is currently in the House Committee on Government Operations. Here’s what you need to know about bill S.15.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Everything you need to know about new Vermont elections bill in 10 minutes

  1. A Vermonter told me he moved to Florida last Fall. In February 2021, he received a ballot for Town Meeting (the town he moved from) with his Florida address hand written on the ballot envelope. He did not report his new address to the town and he did not request a ballot. Proof positive to me the local officials and elections are as corrupted as any other in this failing State. The man had no reason to lie or make up the story, he confided it as a warning and concern – he left the State for a reason and now says Thank God I’m not there anymore and told me to consider leaving as well.

  2. Condos is not doing anything to put in safeguards to limit fraud regarding mail-in ballots, because he has been told not to make changes, by the Dem/Prog elite.

    The current system allows all sorts of ways to play the system, including ballot harvesting, motor-voter, same-day registration, not requiring voter ID, purposely keeping dead people and moved people on voter lists to have more names to play with, etc.

    S-15 makes all of it worse, because it further expands mail-in voting, without having proper safeguards as in other states; Vermont is not a leader!!!

  3. Oh. Okay. We can’t stop a fraudulent voting under the current system, so why bother worrying about a fraudulent vote enabled by this legislation? That makes sense….not.

    • They want fraud.

      Put in a bill that says $10,000 fine. 1/2 goes to state for voting integrity, 1/2 goes to person finding the fraud.

      All of a sudden we’ll uncover all sorts of stuff.

      Make it a fine of $200 for improper voting roles, person who finds gets half $100, rest goes to voter integrity.

      If they say no….they expose themselves. Everybody wants a fair election.*

      * except the NWO pimps and rinos…

    • We need new laws that seek to eliminate the possibility of fraud from the system, not laws that make it more possible.

    Get on here – click on their name, get their e-mail addresses and write to every single one of them and ask them how in the world can you pass mail in voting with NO way of knowing how to detect fraud. S.15 PLEASE – Put on the subject line: Congratulations to all those wise enough to vote against S.15 . And copy every damned one of them. We CANNOT put this in place with no way of even being able to detect if fraud has taken place or not. WHY are these people so irresponsible? Please do this – just complaining does NOTHING.

    • We need to do more than write letters and call them on the phone. Many have been doing that for years, with solid, reasoned arguments.

      1) We need a vision. We need to be more clever than the snakes in office, more innocent than doves. We need to support those who are supporting the public. Nobody even knows who they are, but there are 17 of them.

      2) We need to understand the terrain we play and our actual current position. We need a game plan change that holds truth and values. We can’t keep trying these frontal attacks where we just say no. We lose epically, we’re cannon fodder yet again.

      We are not on a level playing field by any means. That doesn’t mean we can’t win. Doesn’t mean we can’t win small victories. Doesn’t mean we can’t win the public’s trust. Doesn’t mean we can’t frame the narrative around truth and love, exposing the blatant lies our propaganda arms spew out every day……

      If a plan isn’t working, it’s no big deal. Re-evaluate, adjust, try again.

  5. Do you think they care?

    They are looking for mob rule, otherwise known as a democracy….we are a republic, a nation of laws. If you look over in NH, they have serious issues with the exact same voting machines that we have. Nobody is even concerned.

    Ballots this time were mailed to people long off the voting roles….yet some how they got them.

    Add on top of this that our Lt. Governor Molly Gray…..who never even met the qualifications to hold office. Did anyone, ANYONE care or ask for a clarification? Nope…

    Vermont has one of the LOWEST ethics grade in the nation……does anyone care.

    Listen to these questions to JIm Condo around….

    We have no press that will question what is going on….ballot harvesting….what do you think Google and Facebook are all about. They know how people are going to vote, even if they aren’t registered.

    There is a very small group of people in office…we need to support those 17 people.

    Rob, they are going to steal the elections. They won’t stop until we have law and order.

  6. Any elected official that thinks this bill is a good choice, should be run out of office !!

    Voting should be the most secure process that a citizen can adhere to, voting is pretty
    simple, Go to your local polling location with an ID, or request an absentee ballot any
    other means proposed is just an opportunity for fraud and that we have seen !!

    We need Voter “integrity “, not Voter” fraud “, I have heard all the excuses for all the other
    ways we need to vote, and they are just that “excuses ” for fraud & corruption.

    Some will do whatever, to achieve power and that was on in full display in 2020….pathetic !!

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