Vermont announces school vaccine incentive program

For Immediate Release
Contact: Ted Fisher, Vermont Agency of Education,

Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott and the Agency of Education announced the School Vaccine Incentive Program, committing $2 million in federal emergency funds to schools that achieve a student vaccination rate of 85% or higher. Schools that meet this threshold will be eligible for a minimum award of $2,000 and a potential maximum of $15,000 for schools over 90% vaccinated. In order to be eligible, schools must encourage student participation in how funds are spent.

“We know that vaccination is our strongest tool against Covid-19, and getting our kids vaccinated is critical for both their health and education outcomes,” said Governor Scott. “Vermont leads the nation in youth vaccination and we hope that this program encourages even more to step up. As schools students earn these awards, I look forward to seeing the creative ways they come together to put it to good use.”

“Vaccination has been a critical part of our public health strategy for schools since vaccines first became available for students,” said Secretary of Education Dan French. “We know that vaccination safeguards not only our health, but the health of our entire community. This incentive program recognizes that; giving students and families an additional incentive to get vaccinated, and a voice in how the money is spent.”

Public schools and approved and recognized independent schools are eligible. To receive these funds schools must be able to certify that they have met a vaccination threshold and that they sought and considered student input when planning the use of these funds. An 85% vaccination rate for eligible students is the minimum threshold to receive funds.

Funds will be awarded on a rolling basis through April 1, 2022. Funds must be spent by June 30, 2022. Schools will receive $15 per student, for a minimum award of $2,000 and a maximum of $10,000. Schools that achieve a vaccination rate of 90% may apply for an additional 50% of the original award, for a maximum potential award of $15,000.

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16 thoughts on “Vermont announces school vaccine incentive program

  1. This is so sad, so pathetic and so evil……’s all lies, it’s going to cause needless harm and suffering. Their sins will find them out make no mistake. But this is a sad example of how power and money as your focus (idol) can take down any man or woman. GHMOTS.

  2. Get bent, Mr. Flip flop. No one with any amount of critical thinking skills or spiritual discernment wants to risk thier child’s health with an experimental DNA altering drug. Ya’ll won’t come anywhere near my child with that crap without serious consequences. God judges those who hurt children harshly. And Patriots will too.

  3. Welcome to Germany circa 1930’s. When will the train cars start pulling up to take the unvaccinated to “health” camps?

  4. Accepting and doling out government bribes for Jabs isn’t a good look
    Scotty boy.. especially when your stabbing the children, who the chyna crud has little to no effect on, to so called save the

    • His actions reveal his heart. His actions reveal his idols.

      The VTGOP actions reveal their heart, their goals, their idols.

      Everyone seems to idolize Fauci, and the New World Order.

      It’s certainly not science, not loving your neighbor….

  5. Until this vaccine is mandated by law , how can this even be legal? I could see withholding federally funded money if the school were breaking the law. But as of yet there is no law requiring kids to be injected.
    Praying for a mass exit from government schools. They are, and have been for years, a dangerous giant cesspool.

  6. Vaccines in children guarantee a destroyed immune system, at best, for life, and depending on the vaccine, associated and varied chronic diseases more vaccines won’t touch, because of course, they are co-morbid conditions the low immune system opened the door to.
    In older people with chronic diseases, they flare up, and in the case of cancers, kill them.
    In children, their systems are SO perfect, the closest to God they’ll ever be in their lives, you are literally destroying their chance to THRIVE.
    Medical ethics are in question here. Forget the deadly ingredients of the vaccines.
    Or the known side effects now, going in, including 1 in 37 dying in adults who took the Pfizer vaccine.
    Poor children.
    Have we completely lost our protect-the-children genes?
    Have we lost our minds sacrificing our children to the gods of Mammon?

    Vermonters – remember our recent eugenics past and realize we are reenacting it – sterilization is one of the side effects of the vaccines. All vaccines. This is known.
    This one is aborting fetuses, and removing the ability to thrive in newborns that survive birth.

    Compassion and understanding are the only currencies we ever need to thrive and live peacefully with one another. Health is fostered in those environments.
    Live and let live and help thy neighbor in need.
    Gift and barter, care when needed, love and forgiveness the underlying code.
    Remember who we are.
    Nazi Mengele sycophants should NOT be it.

  7. I hope the answer to this is:
    Teacher on Monday morning: Hey! Where’s all the students? Shouldn’t they be here by now?
    And by the end of the week, and empty class rooms, the message gets across:
    We are NOT submitting our children to Mengeles-inspired experimental medical procedures on children so you can get your funding from the government. That is COERCIAN.
    Will parents be blamed if the school doesn’t get the funding?
    NICE gaslight setup there. And that is exactly as planned. Those are the tactics.
    Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight.
    Demonize and if possible criminalize.
    Welcome to Chinarmont.

  8. This is child sacrifice. Children are not in danger of dying from con-vid. My children will never be used for experimental drugs. I’m old enough to remember the DARE program in junior high “just say no” and no to peer pressure!

  9. Children have very low risk of Covid and an unknown, but possibly significant, risk from the Covid vaccines leading to myocarditis and other ailments. The Pfizer vaccine being given to children is under EUA and the clinical trials were way too small to detect adverse events that would indicate that the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus, since so few children are harmed by the virus (why doesn’t someone ask Dr. Levine about that during the next press conference?) Your child gets injured from the vaccine? Tough beans, you’re on your own according to EUA non-liabilty.

    So what do we do? We use our children as shields to, supposedly, protect those who are most vulnerable, who are the elderly for the most part.

    What kind of society uses children as shields and puts them in harm’s way so that the old folks can have a few more years of TV? A society of cowards does such a thing.

    The vaccines aren’t stopping transmission (isn’t that as clear as day by now?) and children don’t need protection from the virus. They need protection from the authorities who seem to want to do everything they can to scare them as much as they can and to rob them of their childhood.

    We have the answer to Covid. It’s not mass vaccinating with EUA vaccines and reaching down to use our children as shields to protect us. It’s getting some competent people to lead us, people who care about real science and who stand up for real science. Leaders who grovel whenever Fauci opens his mouth aren’t helping at all.

    “We were just doing what we were told.” We’re not going to forget who you are, and the American people are waking up.

    • Dano.. this is about protecting their obese teachers.
      Look at this- and this is from 2008.
      Guess why healthcare for these teachers has skyrocketed.. and guess who pays for that.
      So what do we all think is going on with all these old obese teachers NOW in 2021 if there was a crisis with this back in 2008?

      Yeah Dano, the things they don’t tell us about – and now they vaccinate our kids and do Lord knows what to their bodies, their immune systems, their reproductive systems.

      I’d like to know where the red line is in America these days.

  10. Re: “We know that vaccination is our strongest tool against Covid-19, and getting our kids vaccinated is critical for both their health and education outcomes,” said Governor Scott.

    No, we don’t ‘know’ this. Clearly, it depends on to whom ‘we’ are listening.

    Before November, of the more than 109,000 children of Vermont, 18 years of age and younger, none had been vaccinated and only six had become sick enough with Covid to go to the hospital. And not one died. This, not in the last week, or the last two weeks, or the last month, or the last three months. This has been the case since the pandemic began more than 20 months ago.

    And now Governor Scott and Secretary French are saying vaccinations are critical for their health? Never mind being critical to their ‘education outcomes’. So, the vaccines are going to make the half of Vermont graduates who don’t meet grade level standards all of a sudden get smarter? Who do they think they’re kidding?

    Here’s the deal. We have the written record. Those of us who choose not to promote the vaccine will be held accountable by the virus, if the Governor and his minions are to be believed. But if they are wrong… and their mandates and incentives prove to be less than as effective as ‘they’ say is the case, we know who ‘they’ are. Yes, Governor and Secretary French, we know who you are. And you will be held accountable too. Not only by the virus. But by the people you may be misleading.

  11. Might be cheaper to do what other schools are doing. Offer slices of pizza to the kids, give them the shot behind their parents backs and then tell the kids to not say anything about it.

    But in all truth don’t jab the kids! Funny how science only goes so far because the real science, not Fauci’s science, is proving that the shot is causing havoc with the children’s immune system, but not in a good way.

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