Vermont announces launch of age 5-11 vaccination drive

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Jason Maulucci, Press Secretary
Office of the Governor

Ben Truman, Public Information Officer
Vermont Department of Health

Montpelier, Vt. — With the decision late today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to approve COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 5 to 11, Governor Phil Scott, the Agency of Human Services and the Department of Health announced that, starting at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 3, parents and caregivers can register their eligible children to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

“Today’s approval is an enormous step forward and a significant opportunity for parents and caregivers to help their kids and communities,” said Governor Scott. “Vaccinating Vermont’s youth will have a significant impact on our efforts to move past this pandemic, and we need parents to take advantage of this safe, free and effective way to protect their children. Vermonters have shown the nation how it’s done from the start. I’m confident we’ll do it again.”

Families will be able to make appointments for state-run sites through the Vermont registration system. With support from EMS and other health care partners, the Health Department has also arranged for clinics in nearly 100 schools across the state over a six-week period, beginning on Monday, November 8. In addition to these, families can get vaccinated at pharmacies or some pediatrician’s offices and family practices.

Appointments for both the school-based and state-run clinics can be made at or by calling 855-722-7878. Families may need to add their child as a dependent in the registration system.

“Our goal is to get as many doses as possible into students’ arms before the holiday break at the end of December,” said Human Services Secretary Mike Smith. “Many of our school clinics are in places where there are fewer pharmacies or other ways to get the vaccine. We’ve also set up in areas where we know families may struggle with transportation.”

Vermont expects to receive 6,000 pediatric doses by the end of Tuesday, and a total of 23,400 doses for children by the end of this week. Of that amount, the 15,900 doses will be for the state-run clinics. The remaining 7,500 will be allocated to pharmacies and health care partners. More doses are expected to become available after the initial allocation.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD applauded the work of the FDA, CDC and their scientific committees, and the decision to open vaccination to these children. “Over 414 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given in the United States, and it was done under the most intense safety monitoring in history,” said Dr. Levine.

Dr. Levine said the data continues to show vaccines are safe and working very well against the most severe outcomes, including the risk of long-term effects of COVID, which can affect children as well as adults.

“If you are a parent or caregiver, I hope you’ll think about all the benefits this vaccine can have for your child, and I encourage you to talk to your pediatrician or your own doctor if you have any questions.” Dr. Levine added that “not only is the vaccine protection from COVID-19 itself, but it offers freedom from the worry that we’ve all had these past two years. It also means more freedom for Vermont kids to be kids – to see friends and family, travel and stay in school.”

Officials also reminded Vermonters to get vaccinated and when eligible, to get their booster shots as soon as possible, and to follow the guidance to protect yourself and others.

For more information about COVID-19, vaccines and testing, please visit

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40 thoughts on “Vermont announces launch of age 5-11 vaccination drive

  1. kind of a crude way to lower the school budgets, but I’m sure the progressing towards communisium people know what there doing. /sarc

  2. “People Are Moving to States That Value Freedom”
    November 5, 2021 | Sundance | 187 Comments

    The professional Marxists are coming up against the reality of their minority position worldview. Earlier today the Democrat Governor’s Association (DGA) informed the political club insiders the DGA are not going to fund any candidate attempting to unseat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. {LINK} The underlying message from the democrat apparatus is clear, attempting to win a large race in the increasingly free state of Florida is futile.

  3. Democrat parents flee to the Republican Party following betrayal of families by the party:
    Democrats Are Right To Be Scared About Losing The Parent Vote

    It’s an existential threat to Democrats if parents shift to the Republican Party — and that is already happening, in Virginia and beyond.
    By Joy Pullmann
    November 5, 2021

    Polling in the Virginia elections just concluded this week showed parents breaking for Republicans over education policies, which has Democrats alarmed.

  4. I, like many, am very skeptical about the ability of government being able to provide all answers to our needs. At its best government can provide people with opportunity, a modicrum of fairness, and protection of our citizens, nation and our shared environment. It is why I prefer smaller government, individual responsibility and the role of voluntary associations, both civic and religious, in our society. I am also sadly aware of how often the tools of government are misued for private or corporate gain.

    At the same time, as a student of history, I am well aware of the how pandemics like the bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, etc. have wiped out at times huge swaths of humanity and the incredible advances modern medicines has made over the last 150 years. The development and deployment of Covid-19 vaccines over the last 20 months by both the Trump and Biden Adminstrations using a public/private partnership, I would argue is not part of some vast consipiracy, but an attempt to effectively address, through the use of the best science and science methods available, a virus that has already contributed to the death of over 5 million people worldwide and over 800,000 Americans.

    Those living through pandemics in the past have often felt they were living at the end of days. Fortunately in our time, we simply do not have to let a pandemic take its course, but have tools by which we can mitigate its harshest effects. Vaccines and their development and distribution, at least for some of us who are skeptical about government, feel this is something that government has done right.

    • And the trolling continues…nothing better to do Mr Freitag…than troll commenters on TNR with clowncar of ‘commenters’ lol…hows that wood pile John

    • Comparing Covid to smallpox or cholera is a false equivalency, to put it lightly. Those other illnesses kill one out of every few people. Covid kills one out of 500. If you are young and/or healthy, the ratio is even more diluted. And that’s not even taking available early treatments into account.

      “Public/private partnership” is a fancy way of saying fascism, which is the merger of corporations with the state.

      I find it fascinating that it’s OK to criticize Johnson & Johnson for covering up the fact that its baby powder caused cancer, or that Pfizer once had to pay out $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice– but it’s not OK to question the profit motive of these companies as they try to fast-track a vaccine into every person on earth while being free from any liability for damages.

      Big Pharma is the largest lobbying influence in Washington, far more so than the oil or gun lobbies. It provides three-quarters of the FDA’s drug approval budget and a good portion of the major media’s advertising dollars. Given the record number of vaccine injuries and deaths reported so far, no, I do not agree that has been “done right.”

    • The outstanding fact about the Covid-19 pandemic is that early treatments were suppressed. I’ve linked to this detailed synopsis of the story of hydroxychloroquine numerous times: It’s well worth it to follow the links in this. The long story made short is that when Anthony Fauci said around March or April, 2020, that the evidence about hydroxychloroquine was anecdotal, he failed to mention that virtually everything about Covid-19 at that time was anecdotal.

      What impressed me most about Dr. Fauci’s response at the time was thinking about how I, or any rational public health official, should have reacted after receiving the Zelenko protocol on March 23, 2020 (which he did), claiming nearly 100% effectiveness in preventing hospitalization from Covid-19 by using early treatment of HCQ, azithromycin, and zinc, in modest doses for five days. What would I have done had I heard that, and were I the head of the NIAID? I would’ve immediately called ten trusted physicians and asked them to try out the protocol. What would you have done, in light of that we were in a state of emergency? Instead, what Dr. Fauci did was: nothing.

      Fast forward to the emergence of ivermectin and the same thing is being done: the suppression of early treatment.

      If one looks at the science and the data then there’s no question that hydroxycloroquine and ivermectin are both safe, effective drugs against Covid-19, and we have good ideas about their mechanisms of action. This isn’t a mystery. Yet the suppression is outstanding. It’s not they’re are cure-alls, but we know for certain that they have at least some effectiveness against Covid-19 and they’re remarkably safe, despite studies deliberately designed to demonstrate manufactured harms. These manufactured studies are, in fact, one of the clearest signs that something is deeply wrong.

      What to make of this? What to make of the many physicians who prior to this were never in any sense “anti-vax” yet now warn against the Covid vaccines? Example of these physicians include Drs. McCullough, Ryan Cole, Zelenko, Breggin, Malone and many, many others. Why do they warn against these? Because these vaccines induce the body to produce spike proteins, and if/when the epithelial cells of blood vessels produce spike proteins, that spells trouble because then white blood cells attack the cells that have these protrusions: our own cells lining our own blood vessels. Dr. Bhakdi from Germany warned of this some time ago. This doesn’t mean the vaccines aren’t effective; it does mean that in triggering the production of spike proteins, they might be triggering what are essentially autoimmune reactions in the body. Another thing: we’ve never been able to produce a coronavirus vaccine that didn’t induce antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) which causes severe– not mitigated– disease when challenged anew by the virus.

      OK, so what? Well, the “so what” part involves virtually zero active surveillance of Covid vaccine injuries, despite that these are experimental vaccines and as such our due diligence regarding adverse events should be on the front burner, not in the trash can. Just as early treatment of Covid is denied, so too are vaccine harms. This is deliberate.

      What else? How about that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is run by Major General Chen Wei, a bioweapons expert in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The Wuhan Institute was/is a bioweapons facility serving the Chinese military. A 1999 book by two PLA officers explains a new style of warfare unrestricted to conventional means; indeed, this new style was called “unrestricted warfare.” Bioweapons would be included in this; so too would infiltration of the news media and medical journals. They aren’t stupid.

      Dr. Fauci funded bioweapons research by the PLA and then he worked to suppress early treatments. The WHO, CDC, FDA, and many medical journals colluded in this suppression of early treatment, as the above link shows.

      This isn’t your ordinary, garden-variety world-wide pandemic. It has direct ties to the Chinese military, and Dr. Fauci funded bioweapons research by the Chinese military. Other players include Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. It’s about making the world safe for a authoritarian/totalitarian new world order. China will be on top: it’s their cup of tea. This is corruption and treachery on a vast, unbelievable scale.

  5. Emerald Robinson suspended from Newsmax for saying ‘quiet part’ out loud:
    “[…]That’s why the COVID-19 pandemic is being used to force everyone to get the new vaccines. That’s why natural immunity doesn’t count to anyone in the medical community. That’s why religious exemptions have disappeared at your work, along with medical exemptions. That’s why Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (and every other therapeutic drug) were swiftly outlawed. That’s why your 5 year old child will be “encouraged” and then coerced and then forced to take the jab, just as you were “encouraged” and then coerced and then forced to take the jab. That’s why the global vaccination campaign never stops when the already vaccinated start to get sick with COVID, or young boys suddenly die from heart inflammation, or world famous soccer players collapse on TV in the middle of games. That’s why health data (whether from Israel or Sweden or Florida or your local hospital) is totally irrelevant. The vaccine is being forced on everyone because the vaccine and the vaccine passport are the essential tools of a global surveillance system that will end everyone’s basic human freedom.

    You have been warned.”

  6. Going directly to our youth. Chinese Communist Party is maiming and murdering our kids. This is criminal kids are not at risk – murder and maiming by any other name is still murder and maiming – all connected to this are murderers and/or aiders and abetters and accessories after the fact *Nuremberg 2.0*:

    Pfizer Tells Kids — Vaccine will give you ‘superpowers’…
    Posted by Kane on November 4, 2021 12:54 pm
    Marketing blitz has begun from Pfizer

    Only…Only? Only?! Wow just wow…*facepalm*
    ***Only*** 42 percent are confident in Covid Vaccine for kids…
    Americans divided on #vaccines for children 5-12 years. Confidence level breaks down as follows:
    48.6% not confident,
    42.2% confident,
    But a partisan divide does exist.
    according to @trafalgar_group & @COSProject #Poll of likely ‘22 voters. See Report:

    — The Trafalgar Group (@trafalgar_group) September 28, 2021

  7. Evidently a huge number of VT parents are rushing to sign their kids up already. Why? For a disease that won’t harm them they are going to give them an experimental “vaccine “. Insanity. The constant drumbeat of fear seems to have been successful. We now have the highest numbers of Covid positive tests so far with over 90% vaxed. It should be obvious this is not working.,

  8. Where’s the oversight on adverse reaction on our most precious resource – our children?
    Children being experimented on?
    How many people have to die of the cure for ejits to figure out ITS NOT A CURE.*

    There IS no virus, and there never ever has ever been a virus, ever:

    And, it has always been the FLU which children have natural immunity to, and 99.6% of adults weather with almost no symptoms to mild symptoms, and ONLY if you have co-morbidities, do you have a chance in hell of ending up needing to be hospitalized.
    This death cult death jab will make damn sure your kid DOES have some symptoms afterward though…that’ll justify the means.

    Vermont is squarely in the hands of those dealing with Satan.
    Get thee behind me, Devil!


    The Principles and Medical Code of Ethics for Experimental Medical Practices

    The Principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. The person involved should give consent without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge to be able to make an enlightened decision.

    The risk must be weighed against the expected benefit, and unnecessary pain and suffering must be avoided. Before consent, the person subjected to the experiment should know the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected;and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment .

  10. Parents please remember:

    These are New Technology, Experimental Shots. Don’t be fooled by the lies that these Shots are just like all others. They ARE NOT like other vaccines. Those who take them and allow them for their children should do their own thorough research and make their own free will, informed choices. Don’t let the “experts and politicians” bully or shame you.

    Right now, I haven’t seen evidence that our children need these Covid Shots. Where’s the science? I believe it’s all about money and control. I am open to hear otherwise. (NOT OPINIONS, FACTS)

  11. Total VT cases week ending Nov 3, 2020: 132 (0% vaccinated)
    Total VT cases week ending Nov 2, 2021: 1,428 (89% vaccinated)
    Total VT deaths Sept-Oct 2020: 0
    Total VT deaths Sept-Oct 2021: 88 deaths

    Since cases and deaths have risen in step with more vaccinations, these numbers will likely surge even higher once most kids are vaccinated. Vermont is seeing the same poor outcomes as seen in the most vaccinated countries. Logic would dictate we pause and investigate why we seem to be going backward (hint: it’s because the vaccines are non-sterilizing) but instead it’s full speed ahead.

    And ahead is the cliff.

      • Hello up there Mr Freitag: Puppet strings are occupying a lotta real estate here on TNR – has now become a symptom and mark of attention-seeking thread-derailing on full display and oh-so typical behavior of those who have insulted the intelligence of commenters on comment platforms. Treating commenters with dishonest slimy opinions aka “s*it-posting. In fact bulk of all comments received by you are your own as the sharp-elbowing through discussions of people you clearly despise continues and are commonly known as ‘Trolls’.

        Difficult to imagine the psyche of those who must create up to four and counting ‘puppets’ to descend on a comment platform which serves solely to amplify ones voice using long-winded ‘discussions’ and silly questions – and your strings are getting twisted sir.

        As a reminder: Your ilk can stll comment on VT Democrat Party FakeBook and committee-related sites, VTGraveDigger, Sevendaysvt and VPR FakeBook pages. However takes away the fun of contrarian digs and false arguments delivered with ever so polite abject hatred

    • It should be noted that Dr. Carlson, a talented surgeon, is not an epidemologist and I doubt that a specialist in another medical field, like epidemology which requires years of training, would feel competent to comment on his area of expertise which includes brain surgery.

      It should also be noted that vaccines for 5-11 year olds are not being mandated by Governor Scott who while encouraging people to get a vaccine ( something over 90% of Vermonters have done), feels there is no need to mandate vaccines for the general population or for children.

      To his credit, Governor Scott is loath to invoke a state of emergency to mandate either vaccine or mask use, which he feels would be a misuse of his powers. He is currently in fact being heavily cirtized by Democrats and the media for his measured response.

      • Hey, I’m just passing on what Doctor Carson said. And I don’t think he’s a quack, as you apparently do. But he’s not the only cautious one out there. Meanwhile, you would have everyone put the cart before the horse? What’s your expertise?

        Have you considered that a voting member of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee admitted Tuesday that whether or not Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe for 5 to 11-year-old children won’t be known fully until it begins being administered?

        “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” said panel member Dr. Eric Rubin during the hearing. “That’s just the way it goes.”

        Or this from Dr. Harvey Risch, Yale University School of Medicine professor and epidemiologist:

        “… if they mandated the vaccine for my children, I would pull them out of school and homeschool them. I would only recommend the vaccine to children if they have some kind of chronic illness.”

        BTW, the first development of polio vaccines began in 1935. Eighteen years later, the formalin-inactivated vaccine (IPV) was developed by Jonas Salk in 1953. And the live-attenuated vaccines (OPV) by Albert Sabin in 1956. They were tested on more than a million kids in placebo-controlled studies for more than a year before being adapted.

        What’s been the testing procedures for these Covid vaccines on kids to date? What are those test results compared to the effects on kids with natural immunity?

        You have every right to ask your kids to vaccinate your grandchildren. But, in my humble opinion, and the opinion of at least two world renowned physicians, you’d not only be a fool, you may very well put their lives in danger. While all children are capable of getting the virus that causes COVID-19, they don’t become sick as often as adults. Most children have mild symptoms or no symptoms. Further, there is only the ‘potential risk’ of less than 2 percent of children – KNOWN TO BE INFECTED – by the coronavirus being hospitalized, and less than 0.03 percent – OF THOSE INFECTED – dying.

        Post Script: I think the moving force behind this move to vaccinate children is coming from teachers who, for whatever reason, think that they will be safer – or less liable of being accused of infecting the kids – or both. Whether or not the teachers, or their union bosses, really care about the kids remains to be seen.

        So go ahead. Caveat emptor. Choose your own poison.

      • John,

        Any of us can see what’s happening without any medical education whatsoever:

        1. Children are at very low risk from serious Covid-19. In Sweden children went to school throughout the pandemic with no masks. None died. That they are very low risk is well-known.

        2. There have been reports of myocarditis in young men from these vaccines. How many? We don’t know. Why don’t we know? Because there is no protocol for reporting serious adverse events after these vaccines. Reporting (even though technically required) is completely up to the whims of hospital personnel, and we know that reporting is being suppressed through numerous whistleblower complaints from all over the country, such as this:

        3. In any risk/reward calculation, we have to know the risk. Since we aren’t tracking adverse events after these vaccinations in the population over 12 years of age, we have no idea of the real prevalence of the risks from these vaccines (as opposed to the hypothetical/provisional risks from clinical trials carried out by drug companies that have discretion to exclude certain populations or to drop participants who might get sick, without any rigorous checks on the integrity of their data.) In the case of the Pfizer vaccine for children, we have no way of making any risk/reward calculation except by going on data from clinical trails by Pfizer, a company famous for having paid the largest fine ($2.3 billion) for illegal promotion of health care products. Why should we rely solely on data provided by pharmaceutical companies when they have a huge and obvious bias to see products approved?

        The science and data all point to early prophylactic treatment of Covid-19 using save, inexpensive drugs used for decades, along with nutraceuticals, if we want to stop the spread of Covid-19 in children. The meta analyses on these are clear. This science is being ignored and perhaps this is because, as one commentator has said, Vermont is getting piles of Covid-19 money for going along with Dr. Fauci’s program and not asking too many questions.

        • Hey red-pilled Mr Freitag – I for one am not fooled by your lengthy discourses and Siamese-Twin show lol 😀

      • John, Dr. Carson is a renowned brain surgeon. Do you really think you have the medical background and intelligence to question him about his medical expertise? God forbid if anything happens to your grandchildren but if something bad happens, you were too ignorant to heed the warnings. I can’t believe that any parent would allow their child to be used as a lab rat so that Big Pharma can find out if their lab made elixir works regardless of the potential harms already documented from all over the world.

  12. Got a call from one of my younger grandchildren today who is staying home from school due to a close Covid contact. She will have to wait to go back until she can get tested in a few days to make sure she has not contracted the virus.

    This pandemic has been rough on school children, their education, and their parents. A Covid-19 vaccine, like the other vaccines children take, can be a way to managing what will be one more virus that has plauged human society.

    • Wow, really? The vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, children are at little risk from the virus, and there is no study to show the effects on humans. This is paranoia leading to temporary insanity, period.
      Any parent who lets this happen to their young children is a horrible parent.

    • Well, it could be harsher, they can contract myocarditis from the idiot adults who can’t fathom the low level of moral fiber of these immune pharmaceutical companies. Even their parents wanting to experiment on them. What a low thing to do to your kid, believe liars for the convenience of it. Here is Sen Johnson with a round table of vaccine injured.

    • Indeed the panic and politics surrounding SARS-CoV-2 has been rough on everyone, children adults and those that succumbed to this virus. The politics and panic have caused more damage than the disease, your grandchild’s plight is dictated by politicians and bureaucrats, from the federal level to the teacher’s union.
      Regardless of your personal views of the “vaccines”, your grandchild has very different risk levels regarding the disease and the “vaccine” than you do. It is imperative that each parent be well informed about the risk to their child of the disease and the “vaccine”- and base their action on reasoned logic- not emotion and demands of others. I’m very sure that chicken pox (Varicella)was feared hundreds of years ago, today not so much. The vaccine for Varicella wasn’t around until the 1980’s, so we dealt with chicken pox. The risk to children is small, recovery is fairly quick. Yet American society is half-crazed over SARS-CoV-2, to the extent that we are willing to inject a experimental gene therapy into children to protect…whom exactly? Children that are infected with SARS-CoV-2 generally have no or mild symptoms and recover quickly. At some point in the near future, we will “discover” that natural immunity is valid for SARS-CoV-2 as it is for the chicken pox- and wonder why we were lead down this “vaccine” pathway for our children. Again, the reason for the push to “vaccinate” children is to protect whom?

    • The Covid-19 vaccine is not like any other vaccine children are taking. These are experimental, not-fully-vetted vaccines and by giving them to children we may be creating more problems than we’re solving.

      We have no idea of the risk/reward. The reward? Children can still transmit Covid, just like adults can even if they have the shots. Children might have an easier time of it if they do get Covid, although even now Covid in children is like having a flu.

      The risks? We have absolutely no idea, and no one in authority seems to want to know. We’re operating on a provisional, hypothetical notion of risk given to us by Pfizer, and no one wants to monitor adverse events from these vaccines.

      This is such a disgrace.

      • The reward is that the survival rate in children will surge from 99.998% to 99.999% (maybe). But that one thousandth of a percent may carry a cost that will haunt parents for the rest of their (or their children’s) lives. After all, tens of thousands of adults who suffered vaccine injury are in that boat right now.

    • As lost as Vermont is this is not unexpected. The snowflakes running the state are paranoid over guns, a phony climate crisis, supposed racism, and a “pandemic” that isn’t really a pandemic any more than the flu is.
      But the things they aren’t worried about is the horrible business climate or excessive taxation.

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