Vaccine extremists in Vermont may have hung themselves on their ‘reproductive freedom’ amendment

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

When Democrats talk about women’s health, they mean sex parts, the uterus, and little else. And even in that context, “heath” means reproduction, which mostly means abortions — but “choice” means you can choose to have an abortion or a baby, and anyone who takes that choice away is an extremist.

So, what do you call a political party that demands women put an emergency-use pharmaceutical in their body and threatens their job, business, freedom or lifestyle should they refuse? A Democrat! And Vermont, which is full of them, may have a huge problem. There is growing evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines can directly and adversely affect a woman’s “reproductive freedom.”

And …

From Steve Kirsch:

This is one of the slides in a recent presentation I made at the FLCCC conference showing VAERS symptoms that are elevated for the COVID vaccines vs. other vaccines. The slide shows the top 37 VAERS symptoms that are most elevated by the COVID vaccines. As you can see from all the arrows, the COVID vaccines are a disaster in terms of interfering with a woman’s reproductive health.

Wait, there’s more:

A large study found that women of childbearing age who got the Covid vaccine are at heightened risk of 14 different conditions including having a miscarriage, fertility issues, fetal cardiac arrest, and menstrual abnormality. 

Israel, another nation that over-vaccinated its population, understood and has since tried to hide the threat and the damage:  Watch this leaked video that the public was never supposed to see. This is from a meeting between the Israeli Ministry of Health and the scientific team they tasked with looking at the safety data.)

The FDA, CDC, Doctors, hospitals, and Clinics failed to provide complete information so that those lined up to get an experimental drug could adequately exercise their right to informed consent. A violation of numerous local, national, and international laws. But it also undermines the Left’s claim that they are the defenders of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a baby.

And as bad as that is, states like Vermont have another problem. Our neighbors to the left have enshrined “reproductive freedom” in their State Constitution. Any woman who is henceforth made to take the COVID vaccine or booster to attend a school or keep a job and experiences menstrual hemorrhaging, miscarries, or has some other detrimental side-effect — or can no longer choose to have children — has been denied their constitutional “right to reproductive freedom.”

Find a good lawyer and sue. There’s probably a case to be made that a State can’t offer immunity from prosecution when that immunity violates a constitutional right. Just remember that the implicated EUA injection will have to have occurred after the amendment went into force or the product was authorized by the FDA.

For everyone else, feel free to take the nearest Democrat to the woodshed (rhetorically) until they stop insisting women give up their reproductive freedom to appease the left’s vaccine extremism. Or because they refuse to stop scaring them into doing it.

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24 thoughts on “Vaccine extremists in Vermont may have hung themselves on their ‘reproductive freedom’ amendment

  1. Lets see….promotion of depopulation, shout your abortion, sterilize yourself and your kids with wrong sex hormones and genitalia mutilation surgeries, glorify non-heterosexual relationships, promote injections that have reduced lifespans, caused major reductions in fertility and significantly increased global all cause mortality, reduce the people’s ability and desire to work as well as access to proper nutrition in the name of climate change, villianize Christians that beleive in living fruitful and multiplication. Globalists want us either heavily controlled or dead.

  2. The Washington Post yesterday: “The majority of Americans dying from Coronavirus received at least the primary Series of the vaccine. In a paper published, ” Innate Immune Suppression ” researched and written by Drs. Peter McCullough, Greg Nigh, and Anthony Kyriakopoulosit, it is becoming clear how two specific MicroRNA (not the same as mRNA ) are being found in those who got the vaccine. These are interfering with a key part of the immune system leaving one compromised and vulnerable to a whole host of vulnerable diseases. The spike protein in the vaccine produces far more G4 than the virus, causing prion protein to misfold resulting in diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and Alzheimer’s. In addition, two microRNAs may appear in the vaccinated which interfere with and suppress Type 1 interferon. When Type 1 interferon is suppressed, infection and chronic diseases are likely to occur. Furthermore, the vaccine produces high levels of immunoglobulin antibodies which are associated with autoimmune disease. It does not produce mucosal antibodies. The paper was published at great risk to these men, and at the present time, Doctor McCullough is about to lose his license to practice medicine.

  3. WEF, WHO, UN, CDC, NIH, CMS, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, CBS, NBC, ABC, Federal, State and local governments, medical and eductional institutions…they all colluded, they are all co-conspirators, they are all going to face judgment. Here and in the hereafter.

  4. “shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means” From Article 22.

    Sounds like if they “decide ” that you need/must get that shot, well, then so much for your rights… Or better yet, how about the shot is cheaper (which destroys your reproduction organs)and less stressful than an abortion.
    It was passed by people who either cannot read, refused to read or knew this was the end result.
    The language is what it is all about not the idea of the law. When the jackboots come to you and ask for proof of shot, you better have one or as there are NO words saying we have the RIGHT to refuse then they will do as they like. Because its in the best interest of the state. Just remember the various constitutions, state or federal are about limiting the power of the government not us and you just surrendered your personal autonomy.

  5. I read a scientific paper prior to the vaccine being deployed and the paper proved without a doubt that the lipid fluid that encases the mRNA technology settled in and damaged the ovaries of the animal test subjects. The powers that be have been testing the technology used in the vaccine for sometime. I tried to inform people on this and many more risks. No one would listen.
    I called the governor’s office and had a conversation with a woman in the spring. I was not allowed to talk to the governor. I stated that the vaccines were not approved by the FDA. The marketing approval letter for Comatnity clearly stated that the original Pfizer shot was still only approved under the Emergency Use Authorization.

    The person on the phone informed me that the state’s lawyers reviewed the Comatnity letter and that they interpreted the approval to extend to the EUA product,which is considered a generic version of the approved Comatnity vaccine. I stated that the Supreme Court does not agree with your interpretation, as the Supreme Court ruled that the DoD could not state that the original EUA vaccine was the generic version of Comarnity, because they ruled it wasn’t.

    She became hostile and refused to speak to me further.

    The FDA webpage that included the Comatnity approval letter clearly stated that the new product had to be tested on pregnant women. The original Pfizer shot was never tested on pregnant women, which was revealed in the documents that the court ordered to be released to the public about the clinic trials.

    The brainwashing runs deep and n this state.

    • Vermont received more than $10 Billion for Covid related programs and assistance in less than 2 years. The person with whom you spoke is employed by the State. This is a clear case of greed and fear of losing one’s job.

      Now consider that the NIH, Dr. Fauci’s umbrella organization, awards more than $41 Billion in medical research subsidies – ANNUALLY. Medical personnel and organizations, from doctors to hospitals and universities, receive NIH funding. And even more telling, in addition to the $10 Billion received by the State, is that hospitals received subsidies of nearly $40 thousand for every Covid patient in their ICU.

      Is it any wonder that Ivermectin (so-called ‘horse wormer’) and hydroxychloroquine were banned from use? The conflicts of interest are extreme. The pharmaceutical companies are the primary recipients of NIH funding. And we all know ‘the man with the gold makes the rules’.

      Anthony Fauci is the highest paid government employee on the books. And Fauci’s wife, Dr. Christine Grady, is the NIH’s Chief of the Department of Bioethics. Go figure.

      This is what happens when a government, any government, becomes more and more powerful. Your conversation with ‘the person on the phone’ was, literally, the tip of the iceberg.

      Next time: get names, speak to supervisors, and get their name too, and then tell us what you experienced and who they are.

      • The larger the government is, the more of this evil corruption we are going to be forced to try and survive- literally.
        And the dummies don’t get that this is why the framers of our nation intended for us to have small government with very limited powers..

        People today are so addicted to the “free stuff” that they keep voting for more evil government.
        They are giving you a treat in one hand and stabbing you with a death jab with the other hand.. and they do this is gain power, control and money.
        They hide this from us with their media lapdogs to keep it all going and covered up.

        When in the heck are the people going to wake up?!
        The government is not your friend.. it’s an evil enemy meant to have been kept in a small box.

        • “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

          • he opening statement of the constitution of the United States:

            “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence (sic), promote the general Welfare…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” 

            Those words mean that all power in America comes from the people and not delegated to the people. The first paragraph provides for domestic tranquility, a common defense, general welfare, and liberty now and for our descendants. Those are the reasons we have a Constitution.

            Just because we elect people to represent us, the power of our country is enshrined in the people. Nowhere does it say that representatives or appointed bureaucrats can force us to do anything under unconstitutional laws. Those who violate their oaths and proposes laws that conflict with the constitution should be banned and punished for lying under perjury for violating their oaths of office. Our constitution clearly states that they take the oath under the penalty of perjury. Yet the people allow them to do it regularly and our supreme court, the arbitrator of constitutional laws allows this to continue. Until we gt serious about constantly losing our freedoms to politicians who willfully lie upon entering our constitutional offices we have no voice in anything. Our complete system of government is compromised and illegal as it stands.

          • Re: “Until we g[e]t serious…”

            It’s hard to be serious as a lamb voting with two wolves on what to have for lunch.

          • Your comment from Alexis De Tocqueville’s 1835 book Democracy in America was a forecast for America today. Your other comment about the two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch is also where we are in America right now, but we all know the problems and you always ask us what are the solutions? So I ask you, knowing where we are now, what are your solutions? Especially after viewing “Died Suddenly”? Are the people the wolves or are they the sheep?

          • Great question Dano. I’ll answer the last question first – while I compose an answer to your first question.

            The people, those who espouse personal responsibility and the ‘live and let live’ philosophy characterized in the U.S. Constitution are, to date, the sheep.

            Will they remain as sheep? Ultimately, no. Consider one of my previous posts.

            No matter on what side of the political fence one sits, or straddles, this 11-16-2022 commentary by newly elected NH State Representative, Arlene Quaratiello, citing George Orwell’s novel, 1984, should be read and digested by everyone trying to make sense of our current ‘uniparty’ machinations (i.e., ‘the deep state’).


            One missing attribute to this otherwise clear and concise comparison between Orwell’s dystopia and today’s political environment is the mistaken assignment of the emotional aspect of ‘hate’ to what is, or has become, we victims of a ‘blood sport’.

            Perhaps it has always been so. We have become the pit bull, cornered by a natural adversary, and forced to fight for the immoral pleasure of our captors, posing as our protectors, … our masters. But the instinct to survive, manifested by the release of hormones that prepare our bodies to either stand ground and deal with a threat or to run away to safety, is not ‘hate’. Universal ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ no longer apply, no matter how rational we may have been before being cornered. At this point, only basic survival instincts and our personal faith will prevail.

            We are being trained by our handlers, as we have been for more than 6000 years. And the stakes today are far greater than any primitive wagering in an underground or barnyard ring or cockpit with dogs or roosters fighting to the death.

            What lesson is to be learned by this comparison? First, always have an exit strategy, a fallback position. If one must fight, doing so on one’s own terms, from a position of maximum flexibility and strength, is tantamount to survival. And it’s better to have brief and inconclusive skirmishes than to make the ultimate sacrifice. The longer one can survive, the more data one has with which to make informed decisions. At some point, if we are successful, our handlers will have only themselves on whom to wager. Who knows then? Perhaps it will be the meek who actually inherit the earth after all.

          • After watching the movie Died Suddenly and reading the article related to hate in the novel 1984, the so-called pandemic propaganda machine got it’s legs in the media, Hollywood, social media and the government to foment the mob hate of the unvaccinated driven by lies and fear. The mob stepped forward to get the jab just like the Jews being forced into the showers to be gassed. Except the results of the jab are not immediate death. Remember, “The Others”, the unvaccinated who were hated because the propaganda was so intense?

            Fortunately, events began to turn against the propaganda machine as evidence was discovered that the vaccines were not what they were being sold as, safe and effective. With these comparisons, no action by the people will suffice until the big brother media outlets are held to account for their misinformation and lies. The State of Vermont is still pushing these jabs.

            You stated above that the people were misinformed, which is true but the general population of Vermont only listens to or reads liberal news which is broadcast throughout Vermont like the TV screens showing war to the population of Ocianna in 1984. They also get the same liberal news on their dumb phones. I have stated over and over that the people who need to get real news and commentary are not reading here.

            I have seen new names commenting and more people are tuning in, but big brother is alive and well in Vermont and the nation. We have allowed our governments to grow so large that we can no longer control ourselves and we have allowed the governments to tell us what to do. The meek may eventually inherit the world, but it won’t be until the people control the media and force it to it’s the truth not what they want you to see or hear. The one good aspect of social media is that people of the world are not bound by what their country allows them to be seen. The world is exploding around us due to the lies of the pandemic propaganda. The new world order has been exposed as well as the CDC, the NIH, the FDA and the government deep state. Stay tuned this is not over, Let the trials begin. The crimes against humanity must be on trial and those who took a part in this need to be brought before the public.

  6. It’s all part of the plan to change the White to non White ratio.. if they can’t kill off the child in womb they will kill it with the clot shot, if that don’t work their perverted gender reassignment will make them unable to bear children. Just like that they cut down on the boogie man White Supremacist
    You didn’t think they voted thru the anti violence against political hack without a reason for it did you?

  7. they altered article 5 of the vermont constitution without telling anyone
    they added “by their legal representatives”
    now they only investigate themselves

    they even altered the way back machine … i read the constitution regularly and i speak often about article 5 and they changed it… go look for your self find any other source thats not government

    Article 5. [Internal police]
    That the people of this state ***by their legal representatives****, have the sole, inherent, and exclusive right of governing and regulating the internal police of the same.

  8. Re: informed consent. Most Vermonters were NOT properly informed re: masking, the ‘jab’ let alone Article 22. This is all (hopefully) heading in the direction of a Nuremberg 2.0

    • Re: “Most Vermonters were NOT properly informed.”

      Vermonters were misinformed. The perpetrators should be sued. But wait – they can’t be sued because the program was (and still is) under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and under EUA the operatives have no liability.

      During the first year of the pandemic, children under the age of 18 did not take the vaccine, and not one of them died of Covid. In fact, only one person under the age of 30 died of Covid. Then, in November 2021, the State began mandating that children receive the vaccines and stopped publishing statistics correlating deaths with vaccines.

      Why? I suspect it was to eliminate the unvaccinated control group, not to protect anyone. If everyone is vaccinated, adverse effects can’t reasonably be assigned to the vaccine.

      I have a copy of the VT Dept. of Health’s last report on Covid deaths published in or about November of 2021 (kudos to Guy Page, VDC). Of the people listed as dying from Covid, only 25% had Covid listed as the primary cause of death, and only 18% had no other cause of death listed.

      And that one person under the age of 30, who was 28 years old when he died, ostensibly from Covid…. Of the four causes of death reported, Covid was not one of them. Covid was only a notation. It appears that the unfortunate man died of a cocaine/fentanyl overdose but had some signs of Covid in his body.

      Yep. Covid death. Qualifies for a subsidy.

  9. This article touches on one of many more possible interpretations of the ammendment to the constitution. I believe reproduction requires sperm and egg. So anything that interferes with or accomplishes the joining of the sperm and egg or removing the results is fair game irrespective of a person’s sex or age. It would be interesting to see a comprehensive list of the possibilities.

  10. For all the liberal extremist, feminist female “sleepers”, as Hirsch calls them, who have stood in line first for both jabs, and for all 3 boosters, they are truly fu**ed. Brainwashed, fearmongered, and gaslighted, they swallowed the kool-aid and they will regret it.
    I encourage everyone to go watch this film, released yesterday. It’s a truth bomb.

    • Died Suddenly should be required viewing by all bureaucrats.
      It’s only going to get worse.
      I will never fly in an airplane if the crew are all vaxed, think of that as informed consent!

      • Just watched it. Not for the faint of heart. Do you think our governor will watch it or Levine? Should be required viewing, as they continue to push the poison!

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