Still room on the Trump bus going to DC next week

There’s still room on the bus leaving South Burlington for the January 6 March for Trump in Washington D.C.

“President Trump has called for patriots from across the country to attend a protest rally in Washington DC on January 6th to show our support for President Trump, who won the Presidential election by a landslide,” organizer Ellie Martin of Underhill said.

A bus has been secured and several people have committed to making the trip.  Others have made contributions to help alleviate the cost. Details:

  • The Bus Tour line is U.S. Coachways The bus fare is $100 per person. It’s a 10 hour ride with 2 hours for stops along the way.
  • The bus will be leaving the Old Kmart parking lot on 947 Shelburne Rd in South Burlington on the 5th of January, 2021 at 7 pm. It is planned to stop in Vergennes Park and Ride between 7:30 and 8 p.m., located at VT 22A. The next stop will be in Rutland at the Green Mt. Plaza,  286 South St.
  • Passengers will be responsible for their own meals.  There will be bottled water supplied for the trip. Passengers will sleep on the bus.  They should bring a blanket and pillow and get a good nights sleep to be up an ready to hit the ground running.  The bus is expected to arrive in D.C. at about 7 a.m.  on January 6.  Passengers be dropped off on Capital Hill as close to the rally as possible. Participants will wave Vermont Trump Flags and wear MAGA hats for the day showing support for President Trump and VP Mike Pence.
  • Ron Lawrence, of the Essex Republicans has been collecting names and money for the trip.  To make things easier, there are now two new PayPal buttons on the Essex Republicans web site: If you can make the trip, you can purchase your ticket directly using the PayPal button. You can also send a check made out to “Ellie Martin”, and mail to: Ellie Martin, 54 B River Rd, Underhill, VT  05489, or you can email Ron Lawrence ( or Ellie Martin ( directly.

“If you love our President, and want to show your support on this critical day in history, then jump onboard!,” Martin said.

3 thoughts on “Still room on the Trump bus going to DC next week

  1. Folks, if ever there were a time to come to the aid of our nation, our Republic, it is now! There has not been a time like this since 1776, and this seems like 1776 on steroids. I attended the Jericho March in DC 3 weeks ago…it was a deeply meaningful, awesome experience! There is nothing like being amongst true Patriots, which are happy, joyful, peaceful, and like one big LOVING family! I spoke with people who had come here from Communist countries all of whom are desperate about what they see unfolding in this nation right now. WE CANNOT LET THIS REPUBLIC FALL! WE CANNOT! Frankly, the future of all civilization is hanging in the balance. May God have mercy on this nation, may he forgive our sins (and may we/this nation REPENT, confess and forsake our wicked ways, and (re)turn to God whose values are reflected in the principles and tenets upon which this nation is founded! May God watch protect, bless, and guide the 1/6 DC event at the Capitol Building, and may he forgive, bless, and restore this republic….unto a more perfect union! I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

    • Amen! Vermont Patriots, thank you for going to this 1/6 DC event! May God be with you, and with this nation!

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