State Party Chair Deb Billado issues statement related to the false negative advertising announced by the VT Democratic Party

Friday, June 24th

BERLIN, Vt. — It is with great disappointment, but little surprise that we have learned of the VT Democratic Party’s Executive Director’s plan to blatantly mischaracterize the VT Republican Party’s position on expanding voting access during the pandemic.

VT Republicans were unanimous in their support for making it easier for Vermonters to vote by mail in the August Primary, by proactively reminding all active voters that current law allows them to vote by mail for any reason. Not one Republican opposed this measure. Those are the facts that Di Mezzo and the VT Democratic Party Establishment have conveniently withheld from the public.

While Democrats cited examples of other states that have expanded access by sending ballots to every address on record, Democrats would not even once consider also imitating the protections those states put in place to prevent ballot harvesting. Democrats refused to make it illegal for lobbyists and corporate interests from getting in between a voter and the voting machine. When this is compounded with the Democratic Party’s history of expanding access and ignoring common-sense integrity measures common in other states, this presents a disturbing trend that Vermonters should be mindful of.

The VT Republican Party wants every eligible person to be able to cast a ballot on or before election day in the way they are most comfortable, but also wants to protect the integrity of our voting system. Too often we have seen Democrats ignore the latter.

An even further disturbing trend is the fact that many Democratic House Reps say they believe in some measures of protecting voting integrity, but then do not vote in accordance to their own conscience and what they believe is best for Vermont, which could be considered a violation of their oath of office. But they do so because the Democratic super majority will not accept variance from the party line (as they have made an example of Rep. Cynthia Browning) and unfortunately too many Democrats are unwilling to put party aside and do what they themselves say is right.

That is why the VT Republican Party invites all moderates and independent Vermonters to join our party of independent minded representatives to restore some balance, commons sense and a willingness to put divisive partisanship aside to both expand access AND protect the integrity of the vote.

We believe that ballots should go to people – not addresses. The compromise plan that we will experience in August is an example of where Republicans want to work together to expand access AND protect integrity. But Democrats have pushed this to an extreme by taking people out of the equation and deciding to mail ballots indiscriminately to any address that can receive them, whether they end up in the hands of the person it was intended for or not.

We call on the VT Democratic Party to retract their intended set of negative attack ads, apologize for the mischaracterization and instead put their focus on helping struggling workers and VT businesses get our economy back on track.

Deb Billado
State Chair
VT Republican Party

Image courtesy of Public domain

13 thoughts on “State Party Chair Deb Billado issues statement related to the false negative advertising announced by the VT Democratic Party

  1. Thank you Republican Party chair Deb for a thorough analyisis and calling out of VT Democrat Party for another example of routinely abject dishonesty and rank hypocricy with which the party and supporters have become synonymous. And including warm welcome to others of like mind in different parties.

    In this newest case – attempt to steal 2020 election mostly via harvesting of ballots – proof being not also mandating mail-in ballots for the primary and refusal to add safety protections other states who use mail-in voting have in place or any legal protection in the case of voter or ballot fraud.

    For these reasons alone still hoping our governor will reject as he was excluded from any real say and only executive branch power rests in vetoing. If the VT party of Marxism overides would still send a message to all voters that something is rotten.

  2. Deb is doing a great job. Deb has the unfortunate task of doing two impossible jobs, for free no less. How could you have someone more dedicated than that?

    So running an organization/business makes you a defacto parent, you’re in charge. Now Deb not only having the task of doing two jobs, for free, had to deal with a family divided. Oy! She’s had to adopt a really big family at that.

    She has some kids that want to do what ever they like, smoke pot all day, deal drugs, cheat, steal, etc. She has some other kids in the family that really don’t want to cause trouble, they urn for a stable home and family. What to do, what to do. You absolutely love all of them. You’ve given them all your best advice possible, yet some choose to go on welfare, not work, living in your basement, smoke dope all day, get involved in risky behavior and broken families.

    In the past, because you’ve got a great heart, you’ve done all you can to support them and get them such that they can fly from the nest, with no luck we might point out.

    Meanwhile some of the family has come together to support the family crest. To support the ideals which are the basis for which to govern our great family. Perhaps as parents we should be focusing on giving these kids full access and support. Yes of course we’ll be their for those when they finally “get it”.

    In the mean time should we be giving support and money to the kids that want to smoke dope all day and literally tear down the walls of our homes? That invite unsavory people and have New World Order pimps coming in and out of our house?

    Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint, same for children.

    There are three issues in this that lead to seven lessons. There are unfaithful children, who do not fulfill their duties. There are times of trouble, when all men have their character put to the test. And there are those who imprudently put their confidence in an unfaithful man. The combination results in disappointment, failure, and trouble.

    What are the seven lessons? (1) Unfaithful men cause pain and trouble. (2) They ruin the efforts and reputations of those trusting them. (3) They should be avoided as much as possible. (4) Times of trouble prove whether a man is faithful or not. (5) Wise men only put their confidence in faithful men. (6) Faithful men are identified by the fear of the truth. (7) Are you a faithful man fearing the Truth and worthy of the confidence of others?

    It would serve the family well to put the resources toward a merry band of kind hearted conservatives that are doing their damdest to live by the rules of the house. Really it’s time that the Mom and Dad ask certain children to leave the house and go on their own. That is not wishing them ill, it is not being hateful, it is supporting the family, the American family. You can’t have NWO pimps running in and out of the house, having your son infect the entire house with the socialist virus, because masks don’t defend against it.

    Time to sent the NWO Pimp out on his own and wish him the very best. Time to ask Governor Scott to leave the family nest called the Republican Party and wish him well.

    • Each time a Republican on TNR calls out Democrats, Democrat Party or leadership a predictable across-the-board slam of individual Republicans and the party appears – via customary sophistic and circuitous route using hazy terms and defamatory remarks. Demanding party and leadership remove all Rinos and ‘NWO-pimps’ – obviously rhetorical as who decides.

      Comparison of Ms. Billado as chair of the party to a parent not apropos as chair represents the party and adult members – not children under their direct control. Then chastising Republican party members as children – really? And irresponsible pot-smoking drugdealers on welfare vs the responsible kids in a ‘party divided’.

      But aforementioned arrives on heels of slamming me as censorship-advocating Soviet for, um, expecting those who cannot or will not do public state-sponsored jobs be fired?

      Riddle me this – why you shouldn’t be ejected for slamming Republicans? Or are you a member of your own Green Mountain Party of Dems and conservatives who votes Republican. And how’s that going for ya.

      As to your ‘Seven Lessons’ look in the mirror and get a clue pls as you clearly advocate your own personal rules and behave as a law unto yourself.

  3. “VDP spokesperson, R. Christopher Di Mezzo added: “From a communications standpoint, we’re trying to build a narrative — a factual, yet devastating narrative that VTGOP politicians, from Phil Scott to House and Senate Republicans, have failed to effectively articulate a vision for the future of Vermont. This state is in crisis and Vermont literally cannot afford to have visionless Republican leaders directing the state’s economic recovery.””
    The problem I have is the dems have articulated a vision for the future of Vermont and that future is very bleak.
    The state’s economic recovery from what? From the damage that the dems have been causing for decades now. If our economy was healthy to begin with we would rebound rather quickly but as poor a shape as it really is it will be in disarray for a long time.

    • It’s called framing, framing the conversation. They are experts at propaganda, some people like tousled had a very nice plan for Vermont.

      Had you a chance from within perhaps we wouldn’t be stuck with Scott. Yes he is one of the most popular governors, who shares similar popularity in the same state as Bernie Sanders!

      He shares more with Bernie Sanders than the Republican Party. I heard him along with Bernie, Welch, Leahy all dogging Trump because they didn’t get the 1.2 billion dollar check within the week. Yet now they are all keeping it and planning on keeping it from the people in desperate need!!!!
      When you have a Governior working as a double agent, tearing down his own party to the benefit of the NWO pimps, what do you expect?

      Easy pickin’s with a house divided. Gov. Scott can be the most popular governor in the most corrupt state of the Union, that is almost socialist, but please, that does not make him a Republican.

      Time to clean our own swamp.

      • Damn alto correct….see? It was supposed to say some people like you had a very nice plan for Vermont, instead I get tousled…

  4. Expect the advertising to double.

    They are framing the conversation like they always do. Framing is very effective. It often is not in the same room as truth.

    To frame or be framed that is the question.

    Some of us suggested that we take the bull by the horns first thing, double the # of stations, separate times for elderly, masks, sanitzer, etc.

    One thing they are really good at is framing the conversation, experts on propaganda too, with a really, really big budget.

  5. Neighbors — though I’m thankful to Mrs. Billado as our Republican spokeswoman for shedding some light on this, I hope this is not viewed as a partisan issue. Come on neighbors, both vetoing access and vote integrity are things we agree on…?…right. Let’s take Deb’s advice here, and not let imprudent partisan rhetoric from fringe zealots cloud our vision of common ground.

  6. I feel somewhat honored to be featured in their first attack ad. Take a close look at it, Note that their campaign has a “six figure” expense account. (Wonder where THAT money came from!) Then note that their communications director’s contact info features a 315 area code. Hint: that’s not Vermont’s area code, unless we now have a town called Syracuse.

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