Secretary of state announces delay of county canvass

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August 12, 2022

Contact: Eric Covey, 802-828-2148

Montpelier, VT – Today the Vermont Secretary of State’s office announced the postponing of the canvassing of the 2022 State Senate and County Office Primary Election results due to technology issues as a result of Legislative redistricting. The canvassing was scheduled for 10 a.m. this morning and a rescheduled time will be announced later today.

The Election Management System software contractor continues to work on a solution to be able to produce reports based on the official return of votes submitted by the Clerks.

It is important to note that this process is separate and distinct from the official counting of ballots and the local certification of official results by the Town Clerks. The Secretary of State’s office would like to assure the public that these administrative delays do not impact the 100% confidence we have in the accuracy of the vote totals for all candidates as reported by the Town Clerks.

The Secretary of State’s mission is to provide a secure and accurate election. The office will always default to a delay to ensure integrity and confidence of the results when they are certified.

The canvassing process is a careful and deliberate process defined in statute. There are numerous checks to ensure that the canvassed results accurately match the will of Vermont voters as reported by the Town Clerks.

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8 thoughts on “Secretary of state announces delay of county canvass

  1. Wevsll should contact The SOS and ask questions about the complaint filed by Liz M.

    We need an answer to what took place with the FAILED DOMINION VOTING MACHINES.

    When can we look forward to an answer?

    We better find out before the general election.

    We need handcounts to verify the DOMINION counts.

  2. The new tabulators worked well.
    The issue was with the results reporting software, not the “voting technology”.
    The issue is related to the fact that, unlike the previous Senate District map that preceded one:
    • The previous map had 1 Chittenden Senate District and now has 3.
    • In the previous map, Senate lines followed town lines in ALL instances, meaning there were no towns or cities that were included in more than one Senate district.
    • The new Senate district lines for the first time dissect a town or city, in three instances – in Burlington, Colchester, and Essex Town.

    This complexity led to instances of candidates appearing in the incorrect districts on the canvassing documents.

    Again, nothing to do with the actual votes.

  3. Well the SoS did give all the Towns new tabulator machines this year, and of course they are Dominion, only fitting the SoS office takes extra time to make sure the machines are providing the prescribed counts…

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