John Klar: Why is it a crime to be majority white?

There has been no proof of alleged “systemic racism” in Vermont. It is premised wholly on an ideology, and yet has already seeped into our schools, statutes and idiotic DEI committees. The creators of “diversity, equity and inclusion” have read woke books, but have not yet awakened to Thomas Sowell, or other academics who employ facts about racial issues.

John Klar

These emperors-with-no-clothes DEI committees have sprung up around Vermont and have accomplished no demonstrable improvement in anything — because they are premised on falsehoods and slander.

In Putney, the DEI committee labeled me a racist with zero evidence, and one member openly contemplated banning all Republican Party political displays in the name of “anti-racism.” These laughable echo chambers have failed to do anything at all substantive, unless it is to seed racist conflict and resentment.

Constantly we are told that Vermont’s great crime is “being too white.” Race-hate poet Rajnii Eddins has no shame condemning the state he has colonized:

Living in Vermont has influenced my art in many dynamic ways. The homogeneity has increased my awareness of the need to speak up about white supremacy and to hold space more intentionally for a myriad of underheard voices and narratives. … The land itself being the original home to the Abenaki people has often spoken to me in profound ways and being in nature I feel there is so much to be gained from the spirit that existed here prior to colonization and is still here.

The colonization is still here, all right — by race-baiters who get paid to disparage Vermonters and their culture with disgusting falsehoods.

Vermont is a proud state that has endured poverty and has been left behind in the economic growth that most of the country has enjoyed. Its mostly white residents are the most tolerant in the nation. No one says there is no racism here, but “systemic racism” and “white privilege” have never been proven, but only asserted as conclusions.

As a result, it’s offensive when resolutions are created that incorporate language such as this:

WHEREAS, despite Vermont’s tradition of leadership in freedom and diversity, historically Vermont has been and still is one of the least racially and ethnically diverse states in the country.

WHEREAS, it is essential for all to know, Vermont seeks to achieve equality and equity and to create a culture in which racial, ethnic and other cultural disparities are openly acknowledged and addressed and where no one person is more likely to experience society’s benefits or burdens than any other person; and

WHEREAS, the State of Vermont has demonstrated leadership and has achieved notable and laudable success in addressing racial and other disparities through the work of the Director of Racial Equity and the Racial Equity Advisory Panel, as well as the Governor’s Racial Equity Task Force working to address systemic bias in our State systems and institutions.

What a crock of baloney! Why is it a crime to be majority white? Is Poland evil? Must Japan be forced to become more diverse? Only by the fundamental lies of social justice theory can this even be attempted.

But the great folly is within the resolution above: that Vermont seeks to “achieve equality and equity.” The two are mutually exclusive, yet presented here hand-in-hand. Nothing more clearly shows how failed this effort already is. As Thomas Sowell explains, “equity” is impossible to achieve and never has been achieved, and equity  can only be sought at the expense of equality.

And so the progressives blame Vermonters for “whiteness,” and anyone who takes exception is labeled a “white supremacist.” Yet the opposite is the case; all of these race-baiters are the real racists.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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10 thoughts on “John Klar: Why is it a crime to be majority white?

  1. This is the Communists playbook. Ferment racial grievance and division and use it to overthrow a government.

  2. As we get more diverse, we get more crime and I see little else value gained…

    If it wasn’t for us “Whites” the whiners would not be able to whine about how bad
    their life is in a white dominated society where we pay for the bulk of their lively hood.. I’ve yet to see one claim they left the good old USA because they were so mal
    treated though. I’m White and I’m proud to be White so stick it where the sun don’t shine if you don’t like me….

  3. This makes Canadians all racists too…Abenaki’s. That tribe was all over Maine, NH, Vermont, parts of NY and much in Quebec.. As more colonial settlers came in to New England area…most Abenaki moved up to wilderness Quebec and settled along rivers…this was 1675-1680.. SO WHAT WAS IN VT in 1680? The Abenaki ABANDONED VT lands that they may have hunted & fished…as well as leaving ME, NH and some of NY. So if they abandoned, how did we steal it? THERE WAS HARDLY ANYONE in Vermont in 1680, when Abenaki left on their own……except the IROQUOIS INDIANS who hated, raided, raped, savaged, robbed, killed ….Abanaki. INDIANS were far worse to each other than almost non existant white men at the time 🙂

    “Between 1534 and 1609, the Iroquois Mohawks drove many of the smaller native tribes out of the Champlain Valley, later using the area as a hunting ground, and warring with the remaining Abenaki.” … ABANAKI being driven out by other INDIANS as far back as 1609!

    Liberal, emotions, feelings and lies….all go hand in hand…always has 🙂

    • OMG! Jeff, you’re going to trigger all kinds of flat lander, liberal emotions with the truth. Even our Vermont governor will be aghast at your post. How on earth could the progressive invasion have known that they are full of it? Since no one ever reads about the history of Vermont, especially the invasive race baiters, they can influence the useful idiots who vote for them. A reasonable person would believe that public education in Vermont would want to teach about the real history of our state. Instead, they feed our children ideological fallacy to turn them into new useful idiots so they can vote in the future to keep the progressive lie going providing the needed votes to stay in power. None are so blind as those who refuse to see!

    • Yes sir — you are teaching factual history, not the revisionist slander being touted as “true history” and infected into our schools and government bodies. Thanks for speaking truth.

    • Jeffrey Green, the Abenaki took us as slaves too. (us meaning our first settlers here)
      They took women and children, put them in canoes and off the went right up the Connecticut river to Quebec..
      There were so much of this, along with vicious killings, that my NH town was settled twice.
      They had to leave and come back later to resettle. (I presume after the Abenaki fled, as you say)
      But of course the Left wants to pretend that only evil white rich men had slaves..
      The lies are stunning..

      And our ignorance is stunning too- this is how they get away with it.
      When is the last time that everyone spent some time in your local historical society learning about the history of our area?
      If everyone did this and knew all this stuff, they couldn’t get away with it.
      These people can tell us the sky is falling and if we know no better, we believe this.
      Yeah, knowledge is power. Know better and do better.. this is why our country is in a disaster! We are allowing them to do what they are doing and that is the bottom line.

        • It is also fact that the black slaves that were sold and shipped to America, from Africa…were captured slaves by OTHER Black African tribes! Whites didn’t raid Africa to steal them! Other warring Black tribes captured, kidnapped, tortured and sold these poor blacks.. The white slavers did not do it….but these white slavers, after, are even more guilty of inhumane treatments. So what if the Black Africans never sold other blacks as slaves? How come they are never guilty of crimes? Only whites?

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