John Klar: Indoctrinating children into racist hate — critical race theory in Vermont schools

A novel ideological experiment is being implemented on Vermont’s public school children, using critical race theory (CRT). As in science, it is best to test theories before constructing vast enterprises on an assumption that their premises are true. Instead, Vermont’s education system is revealing its lack of critical thinking skills as it thrusts a toxic, hate-filled, race-based invective onto Vermont’s children. Since educators can’t think critically, parents had better do so.

John Klar

A single example will expose the vile filth that this ideological mission seeks to imprint on our youth, in an about-face of all the racial progress of the last 60 years. CRT rejects Martin Luther King, embracing a racist design to somehow heal 400-year-old grievances by weaponizing them for use against today’s Vermonters. The Essex High School has been teaching critical race theory, praising “Vermont poet” Rajnii Eddins as a hero of this new experimentation.

I have written about this man’s hate-filled drivel previously. To read his book, you’d think he suffered more as a black man in Los Angeles in the 20th century than Kunta Kinte did in the fictitious television series “Roots.” According to teaching materials praising Mr. Eddins:

He was the youngest member of the Afrikan American Writers Alliance at age 11 and has been actively sharing with youth and community in Vermont since 2010. His latest work Their Names Are Mine aims to confront white supremacy while emphasizing the need to affirm our common humanity.

This is a lie: there is not a single line about “affirming our common humanity” in Eddins’ work. Being 11 years old and black is not a claim to ability — unless one embraces CRT, in which case, being black and angry is the highest possible qualification for power and attention. As the accompanying school materials explain, race is the primary issue, not to be clouded by anything else. This is why this experiment has already failed and CRT is being prohibited in many states — it bases all outcomes on skin color, much like the Nazis (or eugenicists) claimed genetics was sole determinant in those ideologies.

Their Names are Mine, by Rajnii Eddings

The case of Rajnii Eddins is instructive because in selecting his title, Rajnii reflected the selectivity of CRT — he claims the names of black victims, not black success stories. Martin Luther King’s name is not Rajnii’s, nor is Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Barack Obama, Colin Powell or Morgan Freeman. Rajnii picks black victims to champion as if black success is impossible; he picks victims to use as weapons against white people, not to “affirm our common humanity” — if he did that he’d have to take into consideration the black multi-millionaires, lawyers, and doctors that he ignores.

Race-baiting is rampant in 2021 Vermont — George Floyd is being recognized on Memorial Day; Gov. Phil Scott issues proclamations against racism; a farming bill seeks to give black people land justified by Vermont’s (non-existent) sharecropping laws; health and other racial disparities are legislatively declared to be caused by “systemic racism” without any actual proof; police are labeled racist for arresting black suspects regardless of whether they are guilty; legislation claims prostitution was prohibited in Vermont for racist motives.

Black economist and writer Thomas Sowell has for years tried to explain that equal outcomes are impossible: equal opportunities are the best that any society can successfully strive toward. Repeatedly comparing “social justice” with Marxism and Nazism, Sowell explains that the “seemingly invincible fallacy” is compounded by the failure of proponents to demonstrate a single case in history in which equal outcomes is even possible. In this Sowell highlights the failure of Vermont’s educators to prove the legitimacy of their uncritical arguments:

One can read reams of arguments that statistical disparities imply biased treatment without finding a single empirical example of the even distribution of social groups in any endeavor, in any country or in any period of history. … Nothing that we can do today can undo the many evils and catastrophes of the past, but we can at least learn from them, and not repeat the mistakes of the past, many of which began with lofty-sounding goals. (Discrimination and Disparities, pp. 216, 223).

CRT and the poetry of Rajnii Eddins single-mindedly focus on race, retribution, and hate: there is no desire for peace or civility expressed.

Here are some passages:

“Diversity is white people’s code word for n—.” (p. 17)
“It’s too big
Like giving birth to the earth through your d—
It’s too big….
Maybe this calm patient
With our wayward nation
Needs an alarmed rage….” (pp. 43,44)
“Well they skinned that n— alive, That’ll teach him to look at a white girl.” (p. 53).
“If you got white skin and whatnot, then you profit from the psycho-social construct.” (p. 55)

The common theme is hatred of all white people for past wrongs:

“We need a white lives matter rebuttal
So white people don’t have to feel
So much human guilt from the blood spilt
They reap benefit from.
We need a true white pride movement
There must be something to be prouder of than accomplishments at others’ expense.” (p. 63).

But Rajnii’s hate, and CRT, do not allow for the possibility of a white existence apart from the collective sin of slavery. By CRT definition, and his words, all white accomplishment was achieved on the back of poor Rajnii — there is no success by white people that is not gained by exploitation, and there never will be. There is just retribution:

“We need some big payback for modern day Blacks
Origin of civilization’s under attack
We been plundered and jacked
Our numbers plummet
But we keep coming back….
I swear I smoke a jay a day
Just to get why we stay here
I’ve known the word n—
Since before I seen daycare
I know whites treat you different
Children got radar to hate and fear.
So when you tell me “Don’t Hate”
When I tell you my experience
It feels like you’re telling me
To cease to exist.” (pp. 67, 69-70)

There are numerous explicit calls for violence:

“The next time you wear a Native American costume
You will be scalped and hung
By the flag you hold so dear
The next time you wear black face
Tap-dancing in layers of burnt cork and grease
To mock our monstrous plight
It will become permanent
And none
Of your lily white loved ones
Will recognize you
You will be burned at the stake
Like only a true n—
Or a fa— could be….” (pp.80-81)

The very idea of common humanity is openly rejected by Rajnii in favor of a barrage of hate-mongering: lynchings, burnings, and rapes of black people are a part of white life per Rajnii, and police shootings of blacks are equated to public lynchings in the Deep South.

“Don’t let them play you
With that we’re all human
Like it was you who never knew it.” (p. 62)

This exposes the truth that Thomas Sowell stresses: there is no end to the “reparations” or the white groveling for past transgressions. Rajnii and the school teachers who exalt him as visionary do not seek healing and reconciliation: they are sowing division and eternal conflict. Teaching white children to hate themselves, their families, their culture and their history is exactly what CRT is out to do, and why it is being banned in sensible states.

Rajnii hates white people for the sin of being white. He calls them nasty names, including ‘rattlesnakes’: “Do not compare the rarity of a rattlesnake-less White person To a polka-dotted unicorn.” (p. 89). Almost all of his poetry is overtly racist and hateful:

“But I’d rather see midgets f— nuns
Than see priests and nuns use church word
To f— the children of the sun
Let’s keep rebuilding til they come” (p.99)

Rajnii and CRT are not “rebuilding” — they seek to tear down the nation, culture, and Constitution, and they don’t even hide it. What they plan to “rebuild” is a race-based hell from which America will spend decades trying to recover.

Perhaps Essex High School will teach some Thomas Sowell — he grew up in Harlem, fought in the Korean War as a Marine, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, earned a master’s at Columbia and a doctorate at the University of Chicago, and has published more than 50 books, largely on race and economics. Mr. Sowell is very kind in his words, offers hope instead of hate, and ideas to achieve that hope. Maybe the Vermont teachers plugging Eddins’ hate should learn about Sowell, and the numerous other black voices that do not scream an incessant hate-and-kill mantra against white people. Those books would be educational, not indoctrinational.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Bifalcucci

7 thoughts on “John Klar: Indoctrinating children into racist hate — critical race theory in Vermont schools

  1. Most black people think CRT is a load of crap. Why would you raise your child to think it’s the color of their skin and not their achievements that matter?? It is such a negative point of view, a corruption of the human spirit. That person in charge of race in Vermont has pushed CRT into every crevasse she can find, including the arts. I had my 5th grade class enrolled in the Northern Stage Shakespeare in the Classroom and even there they pushed CRT!! It was so bad I had to end the zoom meeting to spare them. When anything goes, like the song by Cole Porter, madcap antics occur. This is one of them.

  2. Critical Race Theory (CRT) (also known as Courageous Conversation or by some other euphemism) as instructed by teachers, is the result of the intersection of three perspectives: self-loathing, virtue signaling and political expediency.

    According to CRT all Whites must atone for their racist beliefs because they are inherently racist;
    Whites can gain a few points by signaling how virtuous they are in admitting their racism; Politicians and activists can ride the wave of CRT Awareness to get more votes in the next election due to their new-found awareness.

    In reality, people who believe that thoughts are inherited are ignorant. Hatred is taught…so are acceptance, love and respect. People and businesses that attempt to signal their virtue are vain and deceptive due to the injustice they espouse. Politicians all too often trade principles for votes.
    But on the flip-side is reaction from the non-White crowd: If Whites are against my achieving success can I blame them now for my failures? If my “White friends” signal that they are adherents to CRT, do they believe I am not capable of success on my own? If a politician suddenly gets on board the CRT train what were his or her thoughts before it was given a name?

    There are few philosophies more racist than this theory that forces one race into believing they are inherently racist and a belief system that provides excuses for failure rather than encouragement for success. CRT enables activists to build political power by pitting one race against another…once again.

    And who approved of this new subject being taught to our students: the teachers union, the school boards, the principals? Certainly not the taxpayers!
    Critical Race Theory is just a theory that cannot pass muster without giving up all self-respect and belief in the American dream that freedom, hard work and a solid education will provide anyone the wherewithal to achieve greatness.

    If you believe you’ve truly been discriminated against – get a lawyer and sue. If you think the discrimination is systemic – change your political party and change the system.

    And remember that no one is liked by everybody. And in the end, admiration and respect are earned through persistence, self-improvement and example.

    CRT is counter-productive, pernicious and anti-American – worthy only of being buried in the trash-heap of failed political and social policy. Teachers that are forced to promote this garbage need to resist. Parents that oppose this indoctrination have to speak up. Administrators need to return to their original task of insuring that our students are instructed with facts, not indoctrinated with hateful and shameful theory.

    And students will need to learn to distinguish between manipulators whose goal is to separate us and role models who will unite us.

    RIP CRT and never show your ugly, destructive face again!

  3. Thank you John for pointing out the dangers of extremism in this regard. I am not familiar with Critical Race Theory but am familiar with the writings, life, and assassination of Dr. King who you feel (and I agree)provides a much better model of living up to the American ideal. While the history and grievances particularly, in regards to race, should be recognized, they are of limited value and the focus should be on providing opportunities for all Americans to live up to the ideals articulated in the Declaration of Independence and enshrined in our Constitution.

  4. In every way ,by any means, on any medium, in any conversation, in any comment, with friends, family, colleagues and with your representatives :” Just say NO “, and take any resulting insult as a badge of honor, but DO SPEAK UP and WRITE.
    Silence is submission . Fear is defeat.

  5. Perhaps we should be teaching a bit more about Jesus. Perhaps we should be reading a bit more Bible and spending a little less time watching Survivor, pornography, jeopardy and what not.

    There is hatred and prejudice in this world, it will always be here because man is inherently flawed, our hearts are quite misleading at best. No, if we studied a bit more about truth and love our children would have hope. Our citizens would know how to deal with troubles and worry that the world brings upon us daily.

    Our society is fixated on the next episode of friends. Our society is fixated on winning the next argument, which is pride, which is I know more,,,,,more than God.

    Perhaps we should be more Loving than trying to be right. Love thy neighbor does not qualify whom your neighbor is. Love, not fight.

  6. Get ready. They’re going to assault us with everything. CRT, Covid variants, cyber attacks, fights in airports and planes, maybe a new “disease.” They want the Great Reset to go forward, and they’re not about to take “no” for an answer. China and the Great Reset folks (WEF) are aligned, we know at least that much.

    I’m not particularly religious but this looks to me like a great evil moving forward, unless we stand up and refuse to let it.

    • It IS a great evil, and also THEIR religion. It is a religion of hate and judgment, not healing and forgiveness. And it is very easy to see, for those who have eyes to do so.
      Matthew 13:9-16.

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