Scott issues 10-point action plan framework to counter rising violent crime in Vermont

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today issued his 10-point public safety enhancement and violence prevention action plan, laying out the framework of a comprehensive response to address violent crime and other public safety concerns across the state.

“Vermont is among the safest, healthiest states in the country, and that remains true today,” said Governor Scott. “But the fact is, a statewide workforce crisis, coupled with various social and public policy factors, have resulted in a spike in criminal activity and these trends are negatively impacting the public safety and welfare of the state. To address this, we need all our law enforcement organizations to work more closely together, get all our intelligence and data on the table, and face this head on.”

To begin, Governor Scott has directed the commissioner of Public Safety and other agency and department executives — in partnership with other law enforcement entities, prosecutors, and the judiciary — to implement a 10-point plan focused on three core goals:

  • To reinforce frontline law enforcement capacity and prioritize immediate reduction, prevention and prosecution of violent crime statewide;
  • To expand prosecution capacity and help the courts address a backlog of cases; and
  • To prioritize long-term violence prevention policies, systems, and services.

Building off ongoing efforts by the Scott Administration and local partners, the Governor’s directives lay out initiatives to ensure the Vermont State Police can continue to support the needs of communities and local police departments while taking steps to enhance the response in regional hot spots. This includes efforts to augment staffing with law enforcement personnel from other agencies, and with temporary hiring of retired officers.

The Attorney General’s Office has also agreed to expand the State’s capacity for prosecuting major crimes, including all levels of violence associated with drug and human trafficking, and the Judiciary has prioritized eliminating its case backlog to ensure these prosecutions can move forward in a timely manner.

The Governor has also directed the commissioner of Public Safety to expand the role of the Vermont Intelligence Center, directed his agency and department executives to establish a more nimble interagency collaboration modeled after Vermont’s nation-leading COVID-19 response, and will reestablish a Violence Prevention Task Force to focus on preventing violence in communities and schools.

“We’ve shown that when we roll up our sleeves, knock down silos and work together with a clear and measurable goal, we can lead the nation in addressing challenges and protecting people. This framework will be key to remaining the safest state in the country with a criminal justice system that is fair and equal to all,” added Governor Scott.

Click here to view the full 10-point plan.

Image courtesy of Burlington Police Department

9 thoughts on “Scott issues 10-point action plan framework to counter rising violent crime in Vermont

  1. He seems to have overlooked Ch II Sec 64 of the VT Constitution: “To deter more effectually from the commission of crimes, by continued punishments of long duration. and to make sanguinary punishments less necessary, means ought to be provided for punishing by hard labor, those who shall be convicted of crimes not capital, whereby the criminal shall be employed for the benefit of the public, or for the reparation of injuries done to private persons, and all persons at proper times ought to be permitted to see them at their labor.”
    Also, take away their cell phones.

  2. This Governor deserves praise and recognition for his major distinction from the party of majority in Vermont for not blaming an inanimate object for the recent rise of violent crime in VT and for not hating on the police. The demoprogs like to talk about “root causes” of pathological behavior, but our Governor has dared to state that the real root cause is a breakdown of respect for law enforcement, and he places the blame where it belongs. He said: “This framework will be key to remaining the safest state in the country with a criminal justice system that is fair and equal to all”. It will be nice to get back to a system that is “fair and equal to all” instead of today where the police are petrified of interacting with non-white lawbreakers lest they be branded as racist.

  3. ho hum…its election season…..
    go home PHil….your not the same guy that was elected the first time round
    you’ve gone a party line that doesn’t jive in Vermont……even though it does with all the buddies you’ve made….and well, therein lies the problem

  4. Phil, you need ten points, you only need two !!

    #1 Hire and support law enforcement
    #2 Hold all lawbreakers to the full extent of the laws

    The ” lawbreakers ” will really start to learn when you start locking them up,
    and any thug with an illegal firearm……..give them the 10 years on the books.

    And to all the bleeding heart liberals, maybe you need to go back where you
    came from………………………..

  5. Why does anyone believe anything Scott says ? He supports the blm domestic terrorist organization by allowing their name to be painted on our streets and their flag to be flown over our schools, Government Buildings and Monuments.
    Since he signed the illegal Gun Laws on the Statehouse steps he has effectively punished Law Abiding Vermonters while doing nothing to protect any student or school in Vermont.
    He supports and endorses the murder of 3500 unborn Humans by planned parenthood every year in Vermont.
    In fact he has a 100% rating from them.
    Now he brags that he will vote for Article 22. Abortion on demand, anywhere, anytime by anyone.
    Also giving the ” State of VT ” the right to sexually molest every child with physical, chemical and psychological mutilation.
    The language also provides for the arrest of any Parent or Health Care worker that would fight to protect the child.
    Those who cover and support Scott claim to be ” Phil Scott republicans. ” In reality Scott is as much Republican as Sanders. Those who Champion the destruction of the most innocent are evil.
    Those who support them are complicit.

  6. He did not say how they were going attract people to apply to future need openings. The libs and progs have made it so people not to be a cop anymore.

  7. PR Pablum…a nothing burger. but they FEEL GOOD saying this. Guilani cleaned up a very violent NYC, afer Dem mayor Dinkins let all run wild. More police and a policy of ‘Stop & Frisk”. Police know who the bad guys are and this allowed them to “stop and frisk”. Soon enough, gang bangers, drug dealers, theives etc… who had the IQ (?) to figure it out that they better not carry guns on their person or vehicles.. Guess what? Violent crime plummetted….that is until the next Liberal mayor came around and halted that policy….no surprise? Violent crime skyrocketed back…and NYC is now a wasteland of crime, as is every major city run by…..Democrats :)..if you want to stop violent crime, frisk them! All the guns they have (especially unregistered pistols) are illegal anyways 🙂

  8. As soon as Law Enforcement starts cracking down on those commuting the crimes they will be branded as racists by the guilt ridden liberals that control the state.

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