John Klar: On Rep. Mike Mrowicki and telling the truth about CRT

Critical race theory teaches the precise opposite of the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., and openly calls for an end to First Amendment liberties and equal protection laws. Those who are implementing this ideology in schools are furious that any Vermont parents dare question this toxic experiment, and they are quick to dissemble and lie to deceive parents. When this is done by a legislator, it is heinous and demands accountability.

In a disjointed rant against Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, “and his minions,” state Rep. Mike Mrowicki, D-Putney, does us all the favor of displaying the rabid falsehoods he is advancing — the only question is whether this legislator’s hostility toward his own constituents is grounded in gross ignorance or deliberate dishonesty. But one thing is absolutely certain: he is not telling the truth.

John Klar

Rep. Mrowicki is having an ideological meltdown that anyone would question his Kool-Aid-drinking CRT moronity. Mr. Mrowicki asserts that anyone questioning CRT is trying to “change the subject away from America’s — and Joe Biden’s — successes in cleaning up the mess that Trump left.” Really? But Donald Trump did not implement CRT in Vermont schools — Mr. Mrowicki is the one seeking to change the subject away from that implementation, which is his handiwork and not Trump’s.

Donald Trump has zero to do with CRT in Vermont schools — this is an extremist progressive ideology closely akin to eugenics and Nazism in that it reduces all issues to DNA — skin color. The liberal stranglehold on Vermonters is now threatened, and our ruling elite do not tolerate dissent well. So they are trying to lie. The truth is, those of us challenging CRT are invoking the teachings of MLK, Jr. — hardly a right-wing conspiracy. All Vermont parents know Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fantastic legacy for the world.

Mr. Mrowicki has jettisoned the creed of King, and he surely does not want any of us to be involved in that decision. Instead he says:

Anyone out there who thinks we can hide from our kids the facts about the Tulsa Massacre, why southern and northern Baptists split, or why it took 100 years between the 13th Amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, is mistaken. (Then he compares us with China).

Who says anyone wants to hide facts? Mrowicki created a straw man here to dismantle, but how about instead he address the truth — namely, that CRT teaches that slavery was the fault of today’s white children. That’s a far cry from “not teaching history,” and as many professionals are explaining, it is deeply harmful to young children’s minds — like the culture-hating, divisive ideology of China. Then there is hate-filled anti-white poetry, always good for race relations — already in Vermont schools.

Mrowicki’s bombastic blather continues:

A group of Trump sycophants touring Vermont are making a local stop in this area soon. They’re trying to spread their venom here, that we should censor what our children learn about history. More so, they don’t trust our teachers to provide honest answers to our kids’ questions about what’s really happened in our past.

This is par for the course for the haters in power in Vermont — attack people personally with lies rather than address issues. Our group is not “Trump sycophants,” and includes a liberal UVM professor. I have a law degree that included extensive study of social justice. But if I invoke MLK, Jr., Mrowicki raves like a lunatic that I am “spreading venom” — well, I will spread the venom of MLK til my cows come home.

What is really going on here, Vermonters? I have nothing to hide, and if Mr. Morowicki is correct, then he has nothing to fear either.

But Mrowicki has something very powerful to fear: truth. He writes:

The ‘Change the Subject’ attempts to censor U.S. history are a clear attempt to block progress and take Vermont back to the ‘good ol’ days’ … to a time of legal segregation, misogynistic mistreatment of women and children, and unbridled environmental degradation.

It’s up to us, then, to name this, reject the race-baiting and fear mongering on things like Critical Race Theory, and ask for serious policy debates beyond Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head.

Sorry, Mike, we are asking for serious discussion of the writings of CRT scholar and Harvard economist Thomas Sowell, not Dr. Seuss. We ask simply for parents to do two things: get informed about what is being taught, and compare that with the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. and existing law. Mrowicki is rewriting U.S. history and laws while suggesting anyone who objects to his cultish fervor is “censoring” the truth. The only censoring is right here — he is protesting us even having the conversation.

Students are already being segregated in Vermont schools based on skin color. COVID monies, and COVID shots, were distributed solely based on skin color. Statutes claim Vermont is a white supremacist culture and that our ancestors used Jim Crow laws to push black farmers from Vermont. And we are the ones denying history?

The “race-baiting and fear mongering” has been on the left. Telling black children that all white people subconsciously hate them and that the entire nation and state are white supremacist — by abusing statistics in a laughably unscientific way — is precisely what Mrowicki and his hate-nurturing zealots have delivered to Vermont and our children. And it is all on the record.

This is a “representative” in open war against his own constituency, so much so that he is calling for protests against those of us who are questioning critical race theory, and that includes many of his own constituents. He sent out an email:

This is not a balanced presentation but all presenters are in opposition to teaching about Systemic Racism. It may also be inaccurate to describe all presenters as “ experienced “ with Public School. Another presenter, John Klar, has stated that CRT teaches children to be racist. The fact is CRT is a college level graduate course that is not taught to young children in any public schools. I would also ask that  if anyone is interested in Witnessing Support for Anti-Racist and standing vigil, with signs, across the road from this event to be in touch with me.

Allow me to clarify: That’s correct, Rep. Mrowicki, this event is very much anti-CRT. Vermonters have had CRT shoved down their throats for years by the Legislature and in our schools. We thought maybe allowing an opposing opinion might be tolerated, but it is not — that’s what “anti-racism” means: not letting white people say they are not racists.

The fact is that CRT does teach children to be racist. The fact is that it is being taught in public schools, including here in Vermont, right now. (That’s why 26 states are moving to ban CRT in schools; perhaps Rep. Mrowicki is unaware?) So the fact is, Mrowicki is either lying, or embarrassingly ignorant.

If hating fellow Verrmonters and boldly lying about them is “progress,” then Vermonters are in big trouble. But worse, our children are the guinea pigs in the grip of lying representatives like Mike Mrowicki. Parents must simply look at the curricula themselves to see that he is a liar and a scoundrel, weaponized against those he took an oath to protect — and against the Constitution.

CRT is anti-constitutional. It challenges the very foundations of the teachings of MLK, Jr. and Frederick Douglass. As CBS News stated:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This sentence spoken by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has been quoted countless times as expressing one of America’s bedrock values, its language almost sounding like a constitutional amendment on equality.

Actually, it’s language echoes the 14th Amendment and the Declaration of Independence. CRT says race is the sole issue that determines outcome, and that children must first and foremost be judged by the color of their skin — as with all white adults. (Not black people, who cannot be racist, CRT holds.).

This is the tripe that Mike Mrowicki has worked hard to inflict on Vermont children. No wonder he seeks to switch the subject to Donald Trump, misogynism, and environmental degradation — he doesn’t want Vermonters to analyze the brainwashing toxicity he is inflicting on their children without their consent. Stop changing the subject. Mr. Mrowicki — tell the truth, the whole truth.

Let us examine the record before us and discover the truth about this legislator and what he has done. Let’s not change the subject from CRT and MLK. Let’s have the discussion we have been denied. Next year, we will also be talking a lot about school choice — thanks to the growing loss of trust being created by Mrowicki and his blatant dishonesty.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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14 thoughts on “John Klar: On Rep. Mike Mrowicki and telling the truth about CRT

  1. As someone formerly from that SE corner of VT – I can tell you it IS the biggest compound of the NWO in Vermont – smug, arrogant, closet misognynist, patriarchal Daddy knows best – and their female sycophants and enablers. Its disgusting. Of course, its just out in the open down there where in the rest of Vermont is pretending to be something they are not: close to earth, honest, and a live and let live culture. Gaslighting, defunding, and shunning are all tactics alive and well down there if you don’t go along with the NWO narrative. Personal experience saying this.
    People like Mrowicki are lazy, at best – occupying a space and doing as little as possible to serve the real needs of his human constituents. Lots and lots of cozy enablers saying “oh he’s a good guy” – he’s a mans man to those who support him.
    But like most of the legislators now in POWER in Vermont – he despises his constituents. He thinks he’s better than they are, superior, and of course, he’s a made man and has THOSE vested interests.
    The venom with which representatives have responded to commentary critical of their actions or non-actions is the rule not the exception, including Mrowicki. Dismissive at best, rude and arrogant at worst. My local rep Mark McDonald is the worst. He doesn’t even pretend to be nice – just dismissive.
    Our legislators despise their constituents…and this comes from the top down as they are anointed and placed.
    Vermont is corrupted under the Golden Dome.
    Mrowicki is an easy, lazy, lame example of what that looks like – attacking the messengers is the easiest and lowest hanging fruit. But for a lazy man, that works best and it looks good to those with no moral compass let alone commons sense.

  2. How do these “lawmakers” take their oath of office? With one hand behind their back and fingers crossed? It’s a wonder a bolt of lightening doesn’t shoot through a window and strike them into a pile of ash.

  3. Mrowicki is not alone in the legislature with false beliefs regarding so many issues. The moderate and conservative majority of Vermont voters has ceded both the legislature and the education system to the liberal left, who now seem to want to steamroll this state into the socialist utopia Bernie Sanders idealized decades ago. Thru ignorant voting, acquiescing to verbal threats and a general malaise over what is taught in Vermont schools, here we are. For those of you from Mrowicki’s district- and so many other districts – your reasoned vote matters in 2022. We are living the consequence of liberal ideals and ideas- it will only become more difficult.
    These liberals got where they are by running for school boards, select boards and other local political positions. From there, they changed the tone of our towns and cities. Some are in Montpelier, doing their best to continue the march to socialism. Like Mrowicki. Every county has people “representing” us that are similar in nature to Mrowicki. It is vitally important- if you care about your future living in Vermont- to organize with like minded neighbors and those in your towns, make your local elected officials know your position- whether they like it or not. Whether you get shouted down or not. Support candidates in 2022 that share your views- That actually will represent you! help them get elected. E-mail or write your current representative, senator and the eunuch in chief, Phil Scott and make your views known. Your words may not be read by the politician, but there will be a tally of who is for or against an issue. We need to make sure that these elitist politicians understand that we don’t buy into their rhetoric. They probably won’t listen, but they will know that they are pushing too far with their agendas. Not an easy task for us, but necessary.

  4. Gross ignorance or deliberate dishonesty ? With this arrogant Communist I’ll take deliberate dishonesty every time. He is a Commie’s Commie.

  5. Mrowicki wants “serious policy debates beyond Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head” – but it’s his like that are obsessed with “correcting” or cancelling them and so much else (Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, the Land O Lakes Indian maiden). Seriously.

  6. In addition, after reading through some of Mrowicki’s previous drivel about how Biden (the democrats) visited Tulsa to honor the dead, because, apparently, the Republicans are hiding “the facts about the Tulsa Massacre,” well folks, that is what the CRT revisionist history books teach. Untruths. Leave it to the NEA to teach lies to our children (“We Need to Teach the Truth About Systemic Racism”) and as always, they are backed by Democrat politicians.

    The inconvenient truth is here by Wayne Dupree (the DEMOCRATS were responsible for the Tulsa massacre):

  7. Thank you, John, for calling out this representative on his untruthful rant in the local newspaper. You did a fine job covering all the salient points he was lying about. I’m not sure how effectively he represents his constituents in Putney, but I know from experience that he has no problem telling others who might question his actions to buzz off because they’re not in his district. Personally, I believe the only person he is working for is himself.
    Mrowicki is a grand standing, arrogant, pompous, self righteous, sanctimonious, condescending, liberal malcontent. I could say more, but my mother wouldn’t let me use that language 70 years ago in public, so I guess I won’t use it here either…

    • Here in Putney I am never served, never respected always condescended to, and never sat down with by this man. The hatred he spews while likely toting a sign that says hate has no home here, is just the tip of his hypocrisy. Is it true that Trump Hates Blacks and Blacks hate him? That isn’t really so is it? That censorship of free speech is named in his writings is to spit in the face of every mother that saw her son or daughter go to war for this country and OUR right to speak freely, and our Honor to allow each their opinion.

      No, he has stood wise while the governor has violated the Nuremberg Code, pressuring pregnant women and children to take poison disguised as a vaccine. Its disgusting. And the horrors of what they have done will soon become abundantly clear. These injections have not track record of safety, but ivermectin does, hydropxychlorguine does, budoneside does, and yet, this Mike M cannot consider wisdom coming from the people who attempted to warn him of the racketeering between Fauci, Gates, CDC and WHO. Why? I am guessing because the people are supposed to be his sheep. Being our servant is beneath him, just as it is beneath Jeannette Whote’s and Becca Balint’s. Tens of thousands of deaths from the jabs, and the push is still on? Are they willfully ignorant or worse?

  8. Rep Mrowicki is one of the least honorable legislators ever to sit under the golden dome. From his outright hatred of gun owners (Me in 2013: “Why are you pushing gun control in Vermont?” Mrowicki smirking: “Because we can!”), to his lies to children who visit the Capitol (my son’s first trip to Montpelier in 4th grade brought him home with Mrowicki’s reply to his question about the “most talked-about bill in Vermont” in 2013 (it was S32, the so-called assault weapon ban)… Mrowicki told him it was the sugar tax. My son came home with a shocked look when he told us, “he LIED to me!” I told him, “Welcome to politics.” My son is now very involved in political history.
    From his subterfuge (about having police present/search at a proposed debate – we’re dangerous because we carry guns”) and lies about myself and my wife when she ran for office in 2016, to his never-ending support to disarm the law-abiding, higher taxes, more regulations, to this new wave of anti-American hatred, Mrowicki reminds us why every American should run for office. His kind of hateful legislators need to be retired from public DIS-service.

    • “Because we can”. Really ? They can pass all the unconstitutional laws they want, because they can. I will not obey or comply to any unconstitutional laws passed. Because I can. Mike has to Come take them.

  9. Thank you John! I hope people take the time to explore the links you highlighted in your commentary…such good background information.

  10. That you once again, John, for calling out another blow-hard. Parents are becoming more and more aware of this toxic CRT and they understand the tremendous harm it will inflict on their children’s minds. It will be a boost to see school choice gain momentum.

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