Gov. Sununu signs law banning vaccine mandates in New Hampshire

By Christian Wade | The Center Square

New Hampshire will be limited in requiring people to be vaccinated against COVID-19 under a new law signed by Gov. Chris Sununu.

The “medical freedom” law which passed the Republican-controlled Legislature on a largely party-line vote, states that people have the “natural, essential and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion by government to accept an immunization.”

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Children will also not be required to be vaccinated to attend public schools in the fall, but some Republican lawmakers pushed to toughen the bill to ensure local school districts wouldn’t set requirements on vaccinations.

“No person may be compelled to receive an immunization for COVID-19 in order to secure, receive, or access any public facility, any public benefit, or any public service from the state of New Hampshire, or any political subdivision thereof, including but not limited to counties, cities, towns, precincts, water districts, school districts, schools, or quasi-public entities,” it reads.

Supporters of the new requirements, like state Rep. Leah Cushman, R-Weare, said the state government shouldn’t be mandating that people take medicines.

“People have a right to decide how to treat their own bodies, and to decide what medical interventions to accept or decline without coercion,” Cushman, a registered nurse, said in recent testimony on the bill.

Critics said the measure will compromise the state’s ongoing public health response to the virus as vaccination rates in the state drop and highly contagious COVID-19 mutations like the delta variant spread among the unvaccinated.

“Why would we ever consider putting this public health defense system now at risk?” state Sen. Tom Sherman, D-Rye, said in remarks ahead of a Senate vote.

The new law doesn’t apply to health care facilities operated by the state or nursing homes. It also allows mandated vaccinations in state prisons during a public health emergency.

Children will also not be required to be vaccinated to attend public schools in the fall, but some Republican lawmakers pushed to toughen the bill to ensure local school districts wouldn’t set requirements on vaccinations.

“I don’t want school districts to be able to mandate the COVID vaccine for students,” said state Sen. Bob Guida, R-Warren, said during a Senate debate on the bill.

New Hampshire already has a religious exemption law from vaccine mandates.

Meanwhile, the law creates a new commission that will “examine the policy of medical intervention including immunizations” and make recommendations for additional changes. A report is due to the Legislature by the end of the year.

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12 thoughts on “Gov. Sununu signs law banning vaccine mandates in New Hampshire

  1. Do we really want the Republican Party to be the anti-science party that promote laws that are written “that state that people have the natural, essential, and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion to accept an immunization”.

    Does this include all vaccinations like the one’s we give children for polio, measles, whooping cough. scarlet fever, tetanus, etc.? Or does it only include Covid-19? Will this change if Covid-19 moves from experimental vaccine to the same status as the other vaccines that have saved so many lives?

    It seems with more and more Republican governors and politicians realizing the implications of the more contagious and deadly delta variant, this law by New Hampshire seems an impractical and dangerous ideological response rather than encouraging prudent and needed action to avoid severe illness.

    • Sununu is banning *mandates* not the shot. And other Republican states have also done this so pls stop misleading. Takes at least 12 years to finish clinical trials. Pretty sure we’ve all had our childhood vaccines so another nontroversey, and theres been no word of cancelling other scheduled vaccines so a nonissue.

      Vaccine creator and entrepreneur former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadin is warning the world that all who take the shot will die w/in 2 years and he’s not the only one. Robert Malone, developer of the MRNA technology for this inoculation is also warning that it is *not safe*. What do they know that the vax pushers don’t or aren’t willing to admit.

      Less than 50% of US citizens are vaxxed. I saw that VT did not meet the 80%. CDC, FDA, NIH, and military in +/- 50 percentile are also refusing. Illegals are refusing by similar amounts. Highest percent refusal by demographic is black population.

      So I along with other Republicans will be “following the science” unlike the flatearth Neanderthals in the Dem Party and *not* taking the shot.

      Welcome to the party of science Mr Freitag – the depopulation shot is not a vaccine and unclear if it could go thru trials as a vaccine bc it does not meet the legal definition:

      What part of at least 50,000 including children and counting have died so far do you not understand, 45,000 of those died within 3 days of death-shot and goes up daily – this is not counting debilitating and disabling illnesses and conditions. Health professionals as the ones who complain about reviving patients you discuss are now having to perform emergency measures on the ones dying from the shot those such as yourself so irresponsibly recommend.

      Our elderly and greatest generation including veterans were not cared for and died alone in nursing homes, not allowed visits from family in Democrat-run cities and states so don’t preach to me about “the party of science” while slamming Republicans.

      As you fuss about so-called qualified caregivers and others exposed to an illness, which I find dubious, with a 99.8% survival rate, what about their children, grandchildren, grandparents, mothers, fathers, siblings friends and other fam who have lost *their* loved ones to a deadly experimental treatment. If your family members are not up to their job may I suggest finding something easier to do – no one is forcing them to care for anyone and professionals generally to not pi** and moan about their job they just do it bc it all goes with the territory

  2. Absolutely the right thing to do !!
    Vt and NH seperated by the Conn River
    NH is on the right and Vt is LEFT out!!

      • Actually – you’re ignorant lol Soo go ahead and close border *shudder* to a protect against a 99.8 recovery rate *facepalm* 😀

  3. Does federal law trump state law?
    Vermonters have already capitulated.
    Divide and conquer in full play here laying the foundation for communist fascist control of our thoughts and our bodies.
    Welcome to the NWO Chinarmont.

    • We cannot be forced to get the vax – private businesses can refuse entry and we can be segragated. And, bc of HIPPA I don’t think we have to prove anything.

  4. Live Free or Die…. Gov. Sununu is living up to this creed. God Bless New Hampshire.

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