John Klar: Rutland Democratic Party displays double speak in lesson plans and CRT

Vermont’s Rutland County Democratic Executive Committee seeks to eliminate the Constitution and replace it with a hateful ideology. In a recent panicked statement, the committee claims questioning its novel “theory” to reinvent America based solely on racial identity is “proof” of systemic racism. Instead of making a case for the blind incorporation of this novel ideology into Vermont schools, they have proved openly why it must be vehemently opposed.

John Klar

The foundation of this nation is its Constitution. Under critical race theory, that document is a white supremacist tool of oppression that must be overcome, and freedom of speech and even equal protection rights are tools used by white people to oppress “people of color.” Adherents of this race-based cult (like Rutland’s Democratic Committee) hold the view that no one should be allowed to speak unless they agree with its tenets: that is a core tenet of CRT — definitely not a core tenet of the U.S. or Vermont constitutions.

Per CRT, it goes like this: All Vermonters are subconsciously racist and thus white supremacists. If they don’t admit this, and then speak out vocally against other white people, then they are committing violence against black people (“White Silence is Violence!”). But if they raise concerns, or ask questions about this new ideology, they are labeled racists, bootstrapped into “proof” of white supremacy. This is what the Rutland Dems do in their letter:

We support the systemic research on racism that is needed to dismantle hate. Systemic racism exists. For proof, just look at the attacks on best practices in diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools. That’s the real source of the recent outrage directed at Critical Race Theory (CRT).

This funny doublespeak language must be unpacked. What are “best practices”? Why, CRT of course, which doesn’t allow dissent. Historically, the best practice in “diversity, equity and inclusion” has been Martin Luther King’s teachings and the U.S. Constitution. Those are being replaced in Vermont schools with an experimental, ideological, race-centered CRT hypothesis, viciously, with no dissent tolerated. The teachings of MLK are being removed from our schools. White children are instead taught how hateful whites are. If one stands for MLK and his teachings, one is “attacking best practices.” CRT teaches that people must be judged by skin color first and foremost: it rejects merit entirely. It is the opposite of MLK, as it is the opposite of the Constitution.

CRT seeks to eliminate existing “best practices” to replace them with the voice-silencing, dishonest, race-baiting toxicity present in the Rutland County Committee’s delusional rant. Dear reader, just mull what these words really mean, and how hateful and oppressive they are to fellow citizens and to the legacies of Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass:

Complaints about CRT strike at the essential bonds of our shared humanity, fueling division and mocking our efforts to build a more inclusive, resilient community. This includes equity and inclusion, both of which are core democratic values and the source of the USA’s strength. K-12 programs should also be teaching the truth about the damage done by racism both in the past and present. Failing to do so harms students of color and ill-prepares white students for an  increasingly diverse and rich world. These ideas can be found in CRT, but they are not unique to it. They’re the basis of fundamental human decency. Attacking these ideas through an assault on CRT ultimately erodes the bedrock of our common identity.

Vermonters, this slanders as racist and divisive all parents who dare question CRT. This maligns their actual intentions — their duty to educate and protect their children, and be aware of what is being taught. The Rutland Committee is calling for citizens to gaslight those who ask simple questions about CRT and MLK. Deviating from the CRT ideology is verboten, and anyone doing so will be shamed. (Look at how the Essex School Board shamed parents!)

Let’s look instead at who should be ashamed, and ask the questions of the Vermont Democratic Party, and its “equity director,” that are never allowed to be asked:

Do Vermont parents approve of poetry being taught which teaches that all white people are hateful racists, that every police shooting of a black person is the equivalent of a southern lynching, and that hacking white people to death as retribution is “only fair”?

How is CRT “the basis of fundamental human decency?” The Democrats are hell-bent on eliminating our Constitution, but whimper that “attacking these ideas through an assault on CRT ultimately erodes the bedrock of our common identity.” The wisdomful adage “Hate the sin, not the sinner” is also reversed by CRT — if parents ask understandable questions about CRT, they are attacked personally and told they are racists.

How does CRT address anti-Semitism? It is openly anti-Semitic. Is the Democratic Party launching a hate war against Jews in Vermont? Tell us why CRT is not racist toward Jews. It is not our job to defend our Constitution — it is the job of school authorities and the government to defend their novel experiment. They can’t, so they are panicking. They can’t, because they are race-hustling opportunists too ignorant of the Constitution to realize their folly. They can’t, because they want to make us all color conscious about race and take us backwards.

How will government “dismantle hate”? (per the letter). CRT seeks to use government to reprogram the human will to eliminate evil. If parents ask about this seismic shift in our government’s powers, will they be sent off to the “Woke Gulag”? Will the schools also eliminate the urges to rape, pillage and steal?

The Dems have not explained how separating children by race in schools is constitutional — separate but equal segregation is rather passe, as well as illegal. Some CRT curricula separate children in classrooms by race, but if parents question this flagrant violation of federal law, they “proved systemic racism exists.” This is how you subjugate a people — by silencing them and eliminating their culture. How is it legal to do this? How is it thinkable to silence those who ask?

“BIPOC” students go to separate rooms. Can the Rutland Democrats define BIPOC, or Abenaki, for us? As an Abenaki, I am repulsed that white Vermonters got in front of older, at-risk Vermonters in the line to receive COVID vaccinations by falsely claiming they were Abenaki — because that is all the state requires as proof. If all white Vermonters simply declare they are BIPOC, all kids can be in the same classrooms as usual — as required by federal law.

CRT is opposed to the 14th Amendment. CRT claims past discrimination can only be cured via discrimination in the future — against white people. That is a big shift away from the law of the nation: CRT proponents seek to swiftly eliminate the “bedrock of our common identity.” Those teaching this to Vermont children must defend it: instead they shame parents and students. Question: Does CRT support the 14th Amendment?

CRT has never been “critically” assessed, or it would have died long ago. That’s because it is designed to provide power based solely on skin color or identity, in opposition to the U.S. Bill of Rights. Vermont’s Progressives have embraced this treason, perverting statistics to allege Vermont’s police are racist for arresting black inner-city fentanyl dealers; alleging wealth disparities between blacks and whites in Vermont are a product of Vermonters’ white supremacy.

Let’s ask the Progressives to explain, using facts instead of their cultish pre-conclusions, why the median income of Vermont’s black residents dropped so precipitously in just a few years. We are told it is because Vermonters are white supremacists, but more likely it’s because many poor blacks (including refugees) moved here. To manipulate that data to slander all Vermonters violates those “bedrock principles” invoked in the Rutland Dems letter. Let’s discuss.

The letter exclaims “systemic racism exists.” Does it? That statement merely raises the question. Please define this phrase for parents, and substantiate these claims with actual (not manipulated) data. Have you heard of Thomas Sowell and his extensive research proving that most racial disparities are not caused by racism? Will that be inclusively taught in schools, too? Will you explain the lack of significant economic disparities in Vermont between whites and Asians — why is there no systemic racism against them? (Proof please — you are transforming our children’s entire lives so you must strongly prove the truth of your claims.)

No society has ever achieved the utopian equity that CRT seeks — Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao all tried and failed. (Please read black writer Thomas Sowell on this issue — he uses facts instead of twisted lies). CRT does not envision an end to racist strife, ever. White people can never pay enough, or grovel enough, to compensate for the wrongs of 170-plus years ago. Vermonters who protest that Vermonters featured prominently in the abolitionist movement, fought valiantly in the Civil War, and elected the only black man in the nation to its Legislature pre-Civil War, are silenced for the crime of “denying systemic racism.” We are not permitted to celebrate anything good about our forebears — they were all racists, equivalent to slaveholders.

Vermonters must thank the Rutland Democrats for displaying their contempt towards anyone who has not joined their cult yet, much like some vaccinated people torment the unvaccinated. If CRT is such a wonderful affirmation of the “essential bonds of our shared humanity,” then surely it can be tested against actual experience. Let’s inject people with CRT, then see what happens — and here it is, in the Rutland Dem statement.

There is no healing or forgiveness, as taught by MLK, in the CRT religion. News flash for Vermont elites: “Best practices” include informing parents about what their children are being taught and humbly inviting their opinions, not labeling them white supremacists and publicly shaming them if they dare ask logical questions.

Perhaps Vermont’s Progressives, and its governor, are familiar with the old fable about the emperor with no clothes. As they run around naked, begging no one to look at CRT, they are helping us drag this vampire ideology out into the Light of public discussion — where it will die as it is in states across the nation.

Here’s a very simple and logical best practice: every Vermont parent interested to know what their children are being taught should exercise their rights and formally request a copy of the curriculum. Then they can see — and judge — for themselves who is tearing apart our state, and traumatizing their children, to “build a community.”

To view a parental curriculum request to download, sign, and send to your school, click here.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “John Klar: Rutland Democratic Party displays double speak in lesson plans and CRT

  1. I’ll throw another one into the mix:

    BLM doesn’t matter at all, except as a tool to divide us. What??? Hear me out.

    BLM only cares about blacks killed by white police officers. It doesn’t care at all about the many more blacks killed every single day by other blacks in drug wars. Why doesn’t it care about those? Because it really only cares about dividing us and tearing us apart.

    If you want to look at real racism, look at the new enslavement: drugs. A word about this from BLM? I don’t hear it. What does BLM want to do about this problem? It wants to defund police. That’s right: when a major danger to our country is the huge number of lives destroyed each year in America through drug violence, it says that the answer to this is that you have fewer police patrolling the streets where this violence is occurring.

    If we could talk to the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters in neighborhoods that have been torn apart by drugs, what do you think they’d tell us they need? Do you think they’d say: yup, get the police out, then things will be better? Or might they say instead that we need decent schools, we need someplace for our young people to go so they’re not on the streets, we need jobs, we need families, we need people who care about our young people here. We need someone to care. What we don’t need is people finding that they only way they can belong and make a buck and get respect is by selling drugs. Does BLM care at all about these black lives? Does CRT care? Or is CRT going to tell us that the real problem, the real thing that’s holding people of color back, is that Suzie in grade school doesn’t understand what a racist she is?

    This is BS. I’m calling it. You want to fix the new slavery? It’s right in front of you: do something about it, and stop blaming Suzie for your uncaring and your evasion.

  2. I think all tax payers should be able to receive a copy of the curriculum as well as I think we should be able to go to the schools and observe the classes being taught.

  3. This is a prime example of people who are “WOKE” to what is really taking place and how degrading it is to everyone in America.

    CRT is damaging to every American and should be banned from every school system in America including our colleges.

    Taxpayers should never be forced to pay for this type of indoctrination of of our children.

    • Great video! They’re teaching hate, and when that hate comes out and people start shooting, then they’re going to say, ‘but we never meant for anyone to shoot anyone.’ That makes no sense and if anyone thinks that it does, then turn it around so that we’re claiming that black people are the cause of all our ills … but ‘we don’t mean that anyone should shoot anyone.’

      Stop this insidious lie.

  4. John,

    Excellent article.

    This should be a wake-up call to every parent in the state of vermont…

    Parents who truly love their children would never subject them to this type of indoctrination and hatred.

    The worst part of this whole picture is that the taxpayer is on the hook for about $18,000 per child to allow them to be indoctrinated by people who hate America is unacceptable.

    We live in the best country in the world and everyone should strive to keep it that way not to destroy it.

    A system that grades teachers on what our children have learned when they complete a school year should be implemented.

    A teacher’s pay should be based on how successful our children are with the basic essentials of Education. The curriculum should be built around those essentials.

    Until our schools are rated at the highest levels they can achieve there is no room in a classroom for the rest of the things they are allowed to indoctrinate our children with.

    Parents please wake up…

    You send your children to school to prepare them to be successful later in life.

    Don’t allow them to be indoctrinated into this hate-filled racist agenda..

    I find it very ironic that successful black people who have participated in all of the freedoms America guarantees and have become successful speak out loudly against CRT and the marxism of BLM.

    Our schools should be centers of Education not INDOCRINATION!

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