Redic: ‘Vermont offers one choice to women — abortion’

A caller to “The Morning Drive” asked a question about Roe vs. Wade — and we had a brief but candid discussion. For most women, the decision to terminate their pregnancy is very difficult and considered very carefully. I was happy to share my thoughts on that situation and Roe v. Wade during our conversation.

7 thoughts on “Redic: ‘Vermont offers one choice to women — abortion’

  1. Go Erika! Pro-choice should mean that you have a choice; to have the baby, and to know that pregnancy centers exist as well as abortion clinics. Your response is balanced and refreshing!

  2. Erika God Speed. There are so many lies out there, you know first-hand.

    What this bill in Vermont says is what is inside a woman is not a baby…this is their declaration.

    Therefore; if it’s not a baby they are setting up the stage for the following:

    a) no child support, they haven’t created a child
    b) no prenatal care, it’s not a baby
    c) no insurance money for preemies, because they aren’t a baby.

    We’ve all been lied to. And the lies continue. Thank you for speaking the truth. Forgiveness is yours, you only have to ask, but I suspect you know that. Peace, Love….

    Well done, well done.

    Exposing the little ring of corruption for funding…..:)….There is much corruption.

  3. oh my, I can so relate to your story Erika. very similar experience here; I’ve never even thought about the fact that abortion was the only option back then. I did it as the only option, and went to work the same night……wow, thanks for the story. I have yours and Anya on my list to vote for one of you……and oh yes this year I have a list……I;m not R or D or P (i guess it is now, use to be Independent) and by the way ..why we waste 3 sheets of paper for our ballots is ridiculous considering all the money in one of those crazy spending bills to “plant trees” …(I’m sure those major landowners from out of state who take full advantage of our local tax dollars to pay their taxes ie; current use program; will be right on top of those tree planting dollars……just sayin)

  4. I have heard both women who are running as Republican candidates for Congress and I want them both to be representing Vermont in our Federal government! They are both down to earth, knowledgeable and articulate.

    Proud of you, Erica and Anya!

  5. Ericka, thanks for sharing your life’s past conflicts, someone running for an elected office
    that isn’t trying to hide their past, we all learn from our past mistakes, and we are all better
    for it !!

    Keep pushing Vermont needs new blood in DC, someone with common sense and who can
    run a business in the black, something the country needs…………………………………..

  6. LORD! I this the kind of woman I’d want to represent us in Washington. Lets vote for her.

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