Scott, seeking reelection, facing two GOP challengers in gubernatorial primary

By Dave Fidlin | The Center Square

Republican Gov. Phil Scott is seeking his fourth, two-year term in Vermont’s highest office. Before he can get to the Nov. 8 general election, he’ll face opposition from two candidates in the Aug. 9 primary.

Scott, who once owned a construction company, first won election in November 2016 and took office the following January.

The state’s 82nd governor had been coy about seeking reelection until mid-May when he issued a news release and posted on his campaign’s social media accounts. Scott has yet to actively campaign and has indicated he does not intend to do so until after Labor Day.

Speaking to his recent terms, Scott in his reelection statement said, “We’ve stopped multiple attempts to raise taxes, fees and the cost of living on already overburdened Vermonters. And while not nearly enough, we’ve even provided some much-needed tax relief.”

Scott, who historically has not engaged in negative campaigns against opponents, said it signifies his desire to be a unifier.

“At a time when America seems more divided and polarized than ever, I’ve worked to bring people together,” Scott said. “Listening to – and learning from – all points of view, so we can try to find consensus.”

Stephen Bellows

Stephen Bellows, a landscaping contractor, is one Scott’s two challengers on the Republican primary ballot.

On his campaign website, Bellows proposes capping property tax assessments; reducing the state’s taxation rate on senior citizens; champions the right to bear arms; and holds a pro-life stance.

“I will be reaching out to Vermonters statewide to seek input on concerns,” Bellows wrote on his campaign page. He added, “We must create an environment for small businesses to succeed. We need to create better schools and have a lower cost of living.”

Peter Duval also is running in the Republican primary for governor. On his campaign website, Duval is engaged in what he is describing as “an all-volunteer campaign.”

Peter Duval

Peter Duval

The former Underhill selectboard member was recalled from the elected position last fall. He also has a background in energy product development, land-use advocacy and transportation.

“If you are concerned about climate, carbon offsetting and trading, food self-sufficiency, the cost of living, mass extinction or the war in Ukraine, then this may be the campaign for you,” Duval wrote. “The campaign will question assumptions and rationalizations and connect the issues.”

Two other gubernatorial candidates are the presumptive nominees in their respective party races because they are running unopposed in the primary.

Democrat Brenda Siegel is an anti-poverty activist. She previously ran in the 2018 governor’s race and in 2020 for lieutenant governor. On her campaign website, Siegel touches on a number of issues she views as important. Among them: housing for all Vermonters, healing the overdose crisis, addressing climate action, and building a bottom-up economy.

“This is going to be a tough fight, and Vermonters are worth fighting for,” Siegel said. “When we come together, we can win. Let’s start today to fight for a stronger future for all Vermonters.”

Susan Hatch Davis is running solo in the partisan gubernatorial primary on the Progressive ticket. Hatch Davis was a member of the Vermont House of Representatives, representing the Orange-1 District during a 10-year stint that ended in 2017.

During her time in office in the General Assembly, Hatch Davis supported such issues as the increase in Vermont’s hourly minimum wage to $10.10 and marijuana legalization.

Images courtesy of Phil Scott for Vermont, and Peter Duval

12 thoughts on “Scott, seeking reelection, facing two GOP challengers in gubernatorial primary

  1. 2 Republicans running on the Build Back Better platform, You will own nothing and be happy. Spear headed by the World Economic Forum.

    And one running as an American who understands the constitution.

    A unifier of the Republican party, would they support a Marxist take over?

    if the people in the Republican party don’t support those who represent America….then it will never change. This is not about winning an election. Americans in Vermont are going to lose massively.

    This is about changing the direction…my preference would be God and Country, in that order. but someone for our country alone would be seismic.

    Bellows and Thayer are the only option for change. Unless we vote with our convictions nothing, nothing will change in Vermont. And the establishment is very, very happy with Vermont’s political climate and why it hasn’t changed for decades.

  2. February 2019, Phil Scott stands in the State House with the CCP for photo ops. God only knows what Phil, Condos and Zuckerman discussed that day with the CCP. I consider it an act of treason by definition. I wonder why no one else does.

  3. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what youn need, goes the lines of a song.

    Phil Scott may not be everyone’s first choice, but he has been and will continue to be a much needed force against really extreme and impractical legislation coming from the Democratic/Progreseive dominated House and Senate in Vermont. He was also the only one, Republican or Democrat, with enough guts to vote against the half-hearted pension reform bill as a way of drawing attention to the inadaequateness of that response.

    The real focus for those wishing to make achievable change in Vermont should be electing a net of 5 more Republicans or Independents willing to buck the Democratic leadership in the House and guarantee sustaiing Scott’s many vetoes.

    Many thanks to all those with enough courage and gumption to put their names on the ballot and campaign for real change. You are the ones, not us commenting, doing the real needed work.

    • /Best thing would be for the Republicans to lose massively in Vermont’s election. Because then we could galvanize and organize for change.

      The party is divided, they like it that way. There is no consideration for unity, more so when you publicly announce you’re voting for Biden.

      It’s all uniparty games…..and that party ain’t for us Vermonters

      • The best thing is not for the Republican Party to lose massively in Vermont’s election as you suggest.

        The best thing is for more Repbulicans to follow the lead of Leland and Michael Morgan who two years ago knocked Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson from her seat.

        Gaining a net gain of 5 seats which would created a veto sustaining number of Representatives is a far more realistic and attainable stragegy than hoping to rebuild some sort of new party from a massive collapse of the Vermont Republican Party.

  4. I know one thing……..NO vote for Mr. Scott here. I am so sick and tired of politicians from local right on up thru doing what is suppose to be “good for us”, and usuuuuaaallllyyy benefits them or buddies, or families and so on………I want to see someone who will take into account what WE Vermonters want; what WE Americans want……someone who will look out for the welfare of our children, grandchildren, and encourage by example a strong work ethic, and encourage young people to work and plan and save……..
    I dont know what happened to you Mr. Scott, but I know your not the same person I previously voted for, from a good deal of common sense to following the party line, Hook Line and Sinker…….
    I will vote for anybody but you sir………..

  5. Vermont’s Conservative Governor Phil Scott, now that’s funny ” a conservative,” just like
    Senator Sanders is an Independent …………………you can’t make this stuff up !!

    Well, my family is turning the page on Scott,

    So, Stephen Bellows, we need more information but from the bio in this article, great points
    give us more, real Vermonters will listen, you may be the light we need for the state.

  6. When referring to Phil Scott, the “R” behind his name stands for “RINO”. Stephen Bellows would be a good choice. Most importantly, if you haven’t been satisfied with Phil’s “leadership”, be sure to get to the polls and VOTE for somebody else!

  7. Wouldn’t it be great to elect a normal Vermonter for governor, like Stephen Bellows? No pie in the sky promises, probably not a millionaire, seems like the type of person who understands what life for normal people is like. I bet he realizes there are only two genders, he probably can describe what a woman is, he apparently likes fishing and supports our constitutional rights to bear arms and would honor his oath of office. I’m really sick and tired of the professional politician, the one who talks a good game, then does the opposite. I understand that Kevin Hoyt is also running as an independent. Either of these two men could be trusted over the woke, progressive invasive species that has ruined Vermont. I be voting for the non-professional, non-woke progressive, most logical candidate for governor in the primary, Stephen Bellows. Disclaimer, I’ve never met the man, but he’s just what Vermont needs. With him as governor and Greg Thayer as lt. governor we could return sanity to the Green Mountains. Miracles can happen!

      • We can only keep trying or move. That will be next for me. If the voters continue to be braindead there’s no change. The media and the educational system has indoctrinated the whole state minus the rest of us sane people. Let’s not forget how we were all treated during the Covid fiasco. And before that, we were all called racist by our governor. Forced lockdowns were unconstitutional. I only have one vote. If I was dead I’d probably have a few more.

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