Redic to run as a Libertarian, says Madden making ‘mockery out of Republican Party, Vermonters’

Ericka Redic issued the following press release after independent candidate Liam Madden won the GOP primary for U.S. House on Tuesday.

Liam Madden underestimated his Republican opposition. As an Independent, he promised Republicans that he would decline the nomination if he won, and that his only goal for running in the Republican Primary was to have an opportunity to speak with Vermonters. In his first act as nominee, Mr. Madden is breaking his first campaign promise and intends to keep the R nomination.

“Liam Madden is the embodiment of corruption in Washington. He made a promise to Vermonters and as soon as he realized he failed to properly execute his strategy, he’s breaking his promise to you and doing what is politically advantageous for himself. We cannot trust him in leadership. This is a perfect example of why I’m pledging to bring Accountability, Transparency and Integrity to Washington.”

Libertarian Party of Vermont chair, Olga M. Mardach-Duclerc said; “Although she does not have the financial war chest of a Bernie backed candidate or the sleight of hand confidence of the not-republican nominee – she is very clear and consistent on her principles.” She continued, “We are proud to endorse her and excited that many Vermonters from all over the political spectrum have a candidate that can truly represent them in DC.”

Learn more about Ericka Redick’s campaign for Congress and her platforms by visiting and her social media at Generally Irritable on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram — You’ll find a WEALTH of information on her positions and how you can get involved!

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9 thoughts on “Redic to run as a Libertarian, says Madden making ‘mockery out of Republican Party, Vermonters’

  1. Go get em Ericka! I voted for you in the primary and i’ll gladly do it again. So frustrating. So many people complaining about the direction of our state and country but they dont vote. Trick will be gaining their participation

  2. Ericka……………… great keep fighting, we’ll be voting in the fall !!

    Like the majority of the GOPs in our state and county, most are spineless they go with the
    flow, but why would VT-Gop let an Independent run as a Conservative, when you know his
    political followings, this goes to show we have “NO” real leadership in the party just more
    smoke & mirrors.

    As far as Vermonter’s that claim to be a conservative, where were you on Tuesday, what
    a pathetic display of ” Votes ” for the party candidates……….and you wonder why Liberals
    rule the roost……………..

  3. “He lied” to Vermonters….

    No the VTGOP lied to Vermonters, they let him on the ballot.

    No the VTGOP lied to Vermonters, our leader of the party voted for Build Back Better, you will own nothing and be happy” NWO

    They don’t listen, it doesn’t matter….IS TRUE!!! They don’t!!!!! THE VTGOP IS CORRUPT




  4. Somebody we can vote for! I will gladly vote for you again!

    The big tent strategy is to allow all the marxists to take over our country, no thank you.

    If we cleansed our party of NWO pimps…we’d be better off, but that aint gonna happen. Thank you Ericka…..thank you…very much.

    • Neil I agree with you most of the time but although I am a supporter of Ericka it’s time to see the inevitable; a third party candidate can’t win. It’s a better goal just to eliminate the Bernie clone from government. She and her ideas are destructive to the country.
      I have to vote for Liam and hope enough settle for moderate liberal than extreme progressive.

      • I’ll do more research….if what you say is true, I’ll not vote for her. Third party is difficult, well I know. It’s the only thing the uniparty can agree on, they don’t want anyone else playing in their sand box.

        God help us, please.

        Funny, you have to do extreme, extensive research on VTGOP candidates to make sure they love America. Interesting times huh?

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