Podcast: This mom is fighting her kids’ school district’s LGBT indoctrination

By Katrina Trinko | The Daily Signal

Maria Keffler is a former teacher herself. But when she recently found out, by accident, about new LGBT policies her children’s school district was considering instituting, Keffler was shocked. Now she’s speaking out — and urging other parents to do the same. Read the transcript of the interview, posted below, or listen to the interview on the podcast:

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: This mom is fighting her kids’ school district’s LGBT indoctrination

  1. This Indoctrination is child abuse, they schools ” Teachers ” if that what you want to call them,
    they should be held accountable and there teaching certificates revoked.

    If the LGBT want to promote there agenda then promote it outside the schools, especially
    when it comes to the formative years, this shows they have no shame, just look & listen to them…….appalling !!

    I don’t care what you do in your own house, but don’t expect me to follow your agenda !!

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