Petition to make masks optional in Vermont schools

Vermont Stands Up is circulating a petition to state and local education officials to make masking optional in schools. The petition and additional information are provided below.

We, the undersigned, are asking our school officials, from Commissioner Dan French and the State Board of Education, to school board members, superintendents, principals, teachers, school nurses, and others employed in our public school system to exercise their duty of ordinary care to prevent students from being exposed to unreasonable risk, from which it is foreseeable that injury is likely to occur.

As such, we are calling for the AOE guidance asking schools to require universal masking not be extended beyond the current February 28, 2022 end date.

Furthermore, we are calling on school boards and superintendents to exercise their agency and acknowledge their responsibility and authority to take immediate action to amend their mask policies to make masking optional for all students and staff.

Click here to read more and sign the petition.

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4 thoughts on “Petition to make masks optional in Vermont schools

  1. Dead set against this. It would, in effect, leave the decisions to school boards and school administrations. That should solely be in the hands of the citizens.

    • Agreed.
      This is just another form of a ‘deal with the devil’.
      To root out the devil, every molecule and crumb must go.

  2. Yes please stop making our children keep wearing masks where it’s been proven not to prevent covid (on every box it states this) unless it’s an N95 properly fitted which no one wears anyway. Stop the hypocrisy of mandates and leave the responsibility up to the parents to chose. Even medical personal who aren’t funded by the CDC or WHO, suggest to stop using them. It’s all about control anyway.

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