Paul Dame: This Democrat will ‘tax the hell out of’ fossil fuels

This commentary is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

Not sure if you saw my last email but thing are getting worse. Democrats are getting angry! They are so furious with people who use fossil fuels that one Democrat running for Congress swore that she would “tax the hell out of” fossil fuels. Why are Democrats using such aggressive language with Vermonters who are just trying to get to work and heat their homes?

@BeccaBalintVT: “We need to tax the hell out of fossil fuel companies.”

Can you imagine the trouble our country would be in if we send another tax-happy Democrat to Congress who is trying to make it her job to increase taxes on the energy our economy needs to keep moving? She is proving that she will do it by working with her colleagues to implement a new “Mystery Tax” that would increase the cost of home heating fuels without even knowing how much it will cost!

We’ve launched a new page on our website to give you some of the details about this new tax, including a newly leaked video that shows what some Dem Senators are REALLY saying behind closed doors about this tax that some of them can’t even understand or explain.

You can find our petition, a few news stories, and the ads for every Democrat who supported giving away their taxing authority to an unelected board. This would place unilateral control of a certain taxing authority in the hands of a group of bureaucrats who are not accountable to the people of Vermont the same way that our legislators are.

We have a chance right now to STOP this bill from becoming law. It’s a lot easier to STOP a bad bill BEFORE it goes in to law, than to REPEAL one later.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

10 thoughts on “Paul Dame: This Democrat will ‘tax the hell out of’ fossil fuels

  1. Who better to utilize the word Hell than a person possessed by the dwellers of said place.

  2. People this stupid should not be allowed out without constant adult supervision.

  3. Stupidity on Steroids… How did we get stuck with so much stupid??
    Becca you ignorant sl t. shut your pie hole and get some education on what your
    proposing. These fools want to move to a system using infinite resources that take
    huge amounts of fossil fuel to bring the power source (batteries) to fruition. The will
    kill millions of 3rd world, mostly children, mining the products that will leave huge scars
    on the earth surface. The batteries will have to be replaced every 8 years or earlier and
    they will lie in stockpiles polluting the earth for ever. They should be made to not have
    any products which use petroleum for a year before making such stupid comments. amd laws.

  4. Hey – she came to Vermont as a rock-climbing instructor in 1994. That must qualify her to make uninformed comments about our economy and the energy sector.

  5. This just goes to show just how ignorant liberals really are, sure let’s get rid of every
    patroleum based products and save the world or Vermont.

    Do these inept clowns understand just what current products that are petroleum based,
    I guess Becca will need to sell her electric car, she may ask why, well the tires,the interior
    all the hoses and cable/ wireing and yes her earth saving ” battery ” yup incased or are
    a petroleum based product, she need to start walking, no bicycles ” rubber tires ” and are
    greased by peteroleum products, by the way we better start tearing up all the black top roads,
    yup another petroleum product.

    I guess we’ll all be going back to horse & buggies, oh wait horses flatulence gas is burning
    a hole in the ozone layer…………….Agenda nonesense, again !

  6. It’s important that when we make policies such as “tax the hell out of them” for such-and-such a purpose, we have clear, rational, transparent justification for doing so. Yes, I know: the philosophy du jour is to go by “narratives” but if we succumb to that sort of irrationality then it’s a short slide to Goya’s dictum that “the sleep of reason produces monsters.”

    Point of fact is that no one has examined the CO2 catastrophic warming paradigm to determine if it adheres to strict rules of evidence, causality, and logic or if it instead falls toward advocacy science– science that tends toward reasoning to support a theory rather than to state the objective truth. But let me correct myself: plenty of people have examined the science and found it wanting. Alarmists don’t care about any of that but only about defending their theory and not getting their feelings hurt by criticisms they can’t handle.

    Over and over we have specious, speculative-type reasoning substituting for rigorous research when it comes to the issue of climate. This is apparent in the documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” which demonstrates that such nonsense as using biomass for energy because it’s renewable is just plain bonkers (even though the movie buys into climate catastrophe and advocates for reducing population and consumption.)

    Climate science is fraught with questionable data and questionable conclusions. Dr. Steven Koonin wrote an excellent, balanced account in “Unsettled.” Climate alarmist will have none of it because they’ve been emotionally dependent on their theory for years and can’t bear to believe that climate is doing what it’s been doing for millennia. Where would they be without their groupthink buddies? Become “science deniers”? Perish.

  7. Dear Ms. Balint,
    Since you are obviously so well educated and enlightened, can you tell me exactly what damage has been done ? Cause and effect please. And can you explain your anger at ALL the citizens of this country who have benefited immensely from all the things that fossil fuels have been used for. I have to warn you that I only have engineering degrees from Cornell and MIT, so I may be a little slow on the uptake.

    Oh, and I have a great idea for you. Since it is not clear to us plebians how this would work, can you please demonstrate to us how we would live in a world devoid of fossil fuels ? I propose that you and your colleagues live for a year without anything produced or transported with fossil fuels. That way you will be able to explain to us how easy it will be for all to live without fossil fuels in the future. Thank you

    • That is genius, and also haw they should all be interviewed by every news publication.

      Have you see 2000 mules yet?

      Clever criminals, lots of them too!

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