Tom Evslin: Pandemic lesson No. 1 — The ‘science’ must always be challenged

This commentary is by Tom Evslin of Stowe, an entrepreneur, author and former Douglas administration official. It is republished from the Fractals of Change blog.

In the beginning, scientists in Wuhan, the only scientists who had direct access to Covid data at the time, said that the disease couldn’t spread from person to person; it only spread when infected food was eaten. The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed that “science.” It was wrong.

Tom Evslin

Once China and WHO changed their view and conceded that infection could spread from person to person, they also said that it spread mainly on surfaces. We had a mini-epidemic of handwashing and surface cleaning. Mary and I still have most of a big bottle of sanitizer left. We took our mail out of the mailbox with rubber gloves and quarantined it three days before opening. Dr. Fauci and the U.S. CDC did not recommend masking at that time. Still to be determined is whether they didn’t recommend masking because they didn’t want the public to gobble up the limited supply of surgical masks or because they truly didn’t believe that airborne infection was significant.

An interesting side note is that epidemiologists had not kept up with the latest physics about tiny droplets. The physics embedded in their literature only acknowledged larger droplets, which are more likely to alight and persist on surfaces, and ignored tiny droplets which stay in the air — it’s those tiny droplets that the virus travels on. The “science” which emphasized infected surfaces was wrong. It’s a good thing it was challenged. It’s a good thing that we learned that small weave masks are effective. What if no one had been allowed to question “the science”?

Dr. Fauci and other experts said it would take at least two years to develop an effective vaccine. They were being optimistic based on experience up until then. Fortunately, they were wrong.

When the vaccines first got emergency approval, they were billed as being 85-95% effective. Most people, including me, thought that meant getting vaccinated would reduce the chance of getting infected by 85% to 95% and could well snuff out the disease like what has almost happened with polio and smallpox. Those estimates were the best available, but they were wrong, especially as the virus mutated. I urged vaccine requirements for air travel and some professions like medicine thinking that vaccinated people were largely not spreaders. I was wrong. The “science” was wrong. Experience has shown the vaccines effective at preventing hospitalization and death — a good thing, but not nearly as effective at preventing spread. For the least vulnerable, it is beginning to appear that mild infection is more effective than a shot at preventing hospitalization. The world changes and “the science” changes as well.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that we learn more as time goes on or that old truths become invalid as the world changes. What is wrong is to think that “the science” should go without challenge; that would be catastrophic. What is wrong is to think that any legion of fact-checkers can decide what we ought to read; that is also catastrophic. Science flourishes on challenge. New discoveries always tread on old truths. Progress depends on challenge — even if most challengers are wrong.

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7 thoughts on “Tom Evslin: Pandemic lesson No. 1 — The ‘science’ must always be challenged

  1. An interesting article. It points out what happens when TPTB restrict the spread of what they consider to be Fake science/news. Several hundred thousand people died, just in the US, because the health care profession essentially broke their Hippocratic oaths and blindly did what they were told. Not only did Fauci, the CDC, Pfizer and Moderna outright lie about the effectiveness of the vaxx (just calling it a vaccine is incorrect, it is actually gene therapy), the FDA also allowed them to skip some extremely essential steps in drug testing. There are good reasons to maintain control groups for several years as well as test for things like reproductive effects, all of which were ignored. Well they did certify that there was no problem with rat reproduction, but humans were never tested.

    Now the chickens are just starting to come back to roost. Insurance companies are reports 45-50% increase in cardio events in the 18-50 years age groups. The Armed Forces medical events database shows a huge increase in fetal abnormalities and female reproductive issues. Cancer rates are also increasing. This is just the beginning as the mRNA spike protein actually transcribes itself into human DNA, something which was not supposed to happen. The implications of this include all the symptoms mentioned.

    None of this should be news as it was all predicted by people who were either involved in the development of the mRNA gene therapy, clinical trial specialists or those courageous doctors who sacrificed their careers to speak the truth. The real problem was that life saving information was suppressed, which caused needless suffering.

  2. There’s also the matter of ignoring the science. Trump at the behest of Steve Bannon had dismantled the CDC’s Emergency Response office barely a month before the Wuhan virus started making inroads.
    Given that Trump insisted the virus would vanish miraculously, who in his administration was going to insist that our people take a closer look before jumping to conclusions?

    Had that office been in business, it would have been able to ask the questions other scientists weren’t asking. We could have led the world in the right direction.

    It was an American scientist in the 50’s who kept the FDA from approving Thalidomide, the medicine that caused fetal deformations.

    • Let’s put the blame where it belongs: on Dr. Fauci and the CDC and the entire medical profession that worked to suppress a safe, effective medication that would’ve prevented countless deaths.

      When the Zelenko protocol came out on March 23, 2020, it proposed the use of modest doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin, and zinc for five days to prevent serious Covid, and there were substantial scientific mechanisms to back this protocol up, including the established fact that zinc was proven to stop viral replication and that HCQ was proven to be an ionophore for zinc, meaning that it helped zinc get into cells to do its job. Early treatment was essential to keep the disease from progressing to the more dangerous inflammatory stage.

      Dr. Fauci, instead of asking 20 of his most trusted physicians to evaluate the protocol clinically, pretended that the evidence on HCQ was anecdotal and therefore not worthy of consideration by the authorities– or that we should wait for the very lengthy RCTs to come out. Even the medical journals got into the game, doing those studies to “prove” that HCQ was dangerous and ineffective by using the wrong dose in the wrong patients at the wrong time.

      The Democrats ganged up on HCQ because Trump touted it. Brilliant.

      Fast forward to 2022 and we find that two physicians in California saved thousands of lives with something similar to the Zelenko protocol and wrote a book about it. But instead of the medical profession embracing this protocol, they were busy firing doctors who dared to go against Lord Fauci.

      Let’s not forget that Tom Esvlin has been a proponent of mandatory Covid vaccination. I wonder what his tune will be once harms from these vaccines find their way into the general consciousness? These vaccines, whose adverse events are being ignored by doctors who refuse to admit that the medical profession might have made a mistake, would never have been necessary if it weren’t for the suppression of safe early treatment.

      And by the way, has anyone noticed that we have cases and deaths as high as pre-vaccine days despite that these vaccines were supposed to save us, and that in January, 2022, we had a spike in cases and deaths that eclipsed pre-vaccine times?

      The people advocating for mainstream Covid science have no idea what real science and real data are.

  3. This highly vaxed state of leftist drones, and unwilling who needed to keep their jobs now has one of the highest case load of vaxed in the hospital. Now with the truth
    getting out on social media that J&J causes blood clots and the increase of vaxed
    younger having more heart issues it’s bound to get worse. A lot of people need to hang
    for this atrocity and we need to make sure it never happens again. No more gain of
    function bull crap if it can’t be locked down. No more bio labs in Ukraine. No more Who
    in China working with their military in bio labs.

  4. I’m very sorry to see Vermonters living in such fear of Covid. I’m down in Florida now (a free state) and hardly anyone wears a mask anywhere and no one cares about Covid.

  5. Spot-on. Thank you for being a voice of reasoned hindsight that ought to be considered as each new “fact” emerges.

  6. You know, for a guy your age, you’re bad at spotting a scam. I figured this stuff out when I was getting out of high school.

    I’ve been calling the COVID scam out since it first cropped up.

    This is why I roll my eyes every time I see one of your little missives pop up on the generally fine True North Reports.

    If you couldn’t spot a scam this obvious from a mile away, it doesn’t inspire confidence.

    It’s all either bs or distraction theater. Today it’s COVID, tomorrow it’s Ukraine, the next it’s Roe v Wade. Distraction after distraction after distraction.

    PS. I have some magic beans I’ve been thinking about selling for awhile. Just for you, Tom, I’ll cut you a deal and you can have them for cost.

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