More UK data: 3X vaxxed kids aged 10-14 are 45 times more likely to die than unvaxxed kids

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

The data out of the UK continues to undermine the Covidiots, Covidism, and the experimental inoculation crowd. Three days ago, we reported that the vaccinated accounted for 94% of COVID deaths.

Today we’ve got more troubling news.

Children, who were never a vector but were lined up and jabbed anyway, are dying in record proportion to their unvaccinated peers.

If the UK numbers are accurate, they need to halt the vaccines for ages 10 to 14 immediately because it is raising ACM (all cause mortality) for kids by a factor of 45 (G12/G5).

In other words, the vaccines are the most dangerous intervention in human history for this age group. It makes COVID look like rounding error:

COVID: 5% ACM increase
COVID vaccine: 4400% ACM increase.

While a lot of data is coming out of the UK’s many offices, those who follow such things increasingly find it suspect. Garbage was the word used by Steve Kirsch, which he explains here. (One set of data suggested that The Jab lowered all-cause mortality in those 20-24), which no one believes). So we should be suspicious of reported outcomes where prudent. But it’s difficult to doubt all-cause mortality unless they are over-reporting deaths of children, and that’s not what you do if you are still trying to get a needle into every arm.

Maybe by making some data murky, you can dismiss real concerns, or is it the general incompetence of the bureaucracy? They are, after all, saying we need to jab kids with a pharmaceutical product when their case counts to hospitalization to death data contradict the need.

Not Just UK

Research in Israel indicates some tomfoolery in that nation as well. The Jab represents a significant risk for vaccine injury in children that rises exponentially as you jab younger kids.

In raw numbers, Berkowitz found that children in the 5-11 age group had twice as many adverse events following the Pfizer shot as children in the 12-17 age group. That doubling of vaccine injuries is, in itself, extremely disturbing and should have been immediately brought to the attention of the nation’s parents.

Unfortunately, the doubling of adverse events is only the beginning of the bad news. Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a health and risk communication researcher at the University of Haifa and at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), notes that the 2-dose immunization rate for 5-11 year olds is less than 18%, while older children have rates of 55-72% (3-4 times higher).

All things being equal, the young children would thus be expected to have ⅓-¼ of the number of adverse events experienced by the older children, not twice as many. This means that the adverse event rate for young children is actually 6-8 times that of the older children, i.e., at 600-800% of the baseline injury rate!

So, they jab younger kids?

According to the report, toddlers and infants are also experiencing adverse events, but the government isn’t taking that as seriously as it should.

Here’s a response. Stop jabbing kids and not just because of the risk of vaccine harm.

Using New Hampshire as an example, the state reports nearly 90,000 positive cases of Chinese Flu in residents under the age of twenty since March 2020. Only 0.8% (46) of those were admitted or in the hospital with a positive test. Out of nearly 90,000 “cases,” there was one death, and we believe that child was vaccinated.

There is no demonstrable public health need or benefit, but there are adverse effects. That makes this a purely political program. That explains why they’d hide the harm, but why do politicians and public health bureaucrats want to harm children?

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Nate Ivey

3 thoughts on “More UK data: 3X vaxxed kids aged 10-14 are 45 times more likely to die than unvaxxed kids

  1. OMG! Ive been beating this drum for 2 years. The data has been here all along but no one will acknowledge it. The Word Economic Forum and their great reset is behind this. For God’s sake, Claus Schwab wrote a frickin book called “The Great Reset”!! Not only are people dying, theyre being sterilized. This is global genocide purposefully committed by the WEF elites in collaboration with the WHO, CDC, FDA, pharma, tech, acadamia and the politicians that think the world is overpopulated and theyre being noble. Theyre the same people currently stealing family crop land from farmers in the Netherlands and beyond because they want to control the global food supply. We need a reckoning, and when it comes their spot on the totem pole is going to move right to the bottom where they belong. Bring it!!!

  2. There are two severe issues here. The first is the effects of this experimental gene therapy on humans, the second is that by calling it a “vaccine” these serious effects will cause people to be adverse to use real vaccines in the future. This also causes a huge loss of confidence in the medical community.

    A real vaccine uses a live attenuated virus to cause production of Anti-bodies (Abs). These Abs prevent the future infection and retransmission of the virus in the population. That is why diseases like smallpox and polio were eradicated from the general population. The experimental gene therapy does none of this and actually makes things worse.

    Just another mistake in a growing list of mistakes made by Fauci, the CDC and your own doctor.

  3. gonna be serious issues down the road on this child vaccine thing……for us older folks we may not be here to see it……..but it’s truly a Crime against Humanity and there will be consequences eventually…..
    I hope is everyone share this with politicians….I would say “your reps” but we all know WE are not being represented………

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