John Klar withdraws from Vermont governor race

For Immediate Release
Friday, August 14, 2020

BROOKFIELD, Vt. — Republican gubernatorial candidate John Klar has withdrawn his Independent filing to run for Governor in 2020. His focus will now be to support the many qualified Republican candidates for office in November, especially those who have stood up with him to focus attention on Vermont’s looming economic problems, particularly its underfunded state pensions system and unsustainably expensive schools.

“The Vermont Republican Party has been divided, but it must unite to lead Vermonters toward the fiscal conservatism needed to repair government mismanagement and stimulate economic prosperity. Conservatives must unite not only to support our ideas and local candidates, but also to earnestly involve our left-leaning neighbors and fellow citizens to join with us to solve these problems. The issues that have shaped my campaign arise from the crises that face all Vermonters — the opioid scourge, school closings, imploding pensions and declining economy affect all of us regardless of our political affiliation, race, or gender.

Vermonters must embrace the civility and community that have long been the foundation of our culture. I am proud to have worked with so many wonderful people, to encourage many outstanding candidates for political office in 2020! I am grateful that so many Vermonters have contributed their time and ideas to help us try to improve our state. This is just a beginning.”

Image courtesy of John Klar for Vermont
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14 thoughts on “John Klar withdraws from Vermont governor race

  1. I know what I am going to say will rub many people the wrong way but…..Vermont, while it was once a wonderful state, has now become a sinking Socialist ship. So many Liberal/Progressives are moving there that they far outnumber traditional use, conservative Vermonters, and that trend is only going to continue with the continual violence in the blue states and cities. There are so many people who have been brainwashed in college and believe that Democratic Socialism is the only correct form of government. These are the people who will be populating and governing VT, along with the wealthy Liberal boomers who are moving there to retire. It’s like a Socialist vortex that is pulling everything into oblivion. You are in denial if you think State politics will ever swing to the Right.

    I watched this trend over a thirty year period and it finally got to the point that we had to move. We could not afford to retire there and the Socialist agenda became intolerable. It was like an abusive relationship that you tolerate because it has gone on for so long. Once you are disconnected and you look at the situation from the outside you can’t believe you put up with it for so long, and are so happy that you ended it.

    As to the primaries that just took place, add the total number of Democratic and the total number of Republican votes for Governor and you will see who will be your next Governor. That will seal the fate for Vermont. Scott’s behavior for a blue state Republican has been like that of a red state Democrat.

    You can’t believe how much better life in America is outside on New England. Do yourself a big favor and get out now while the economy is doing well and the housing market is hot. If you choose to stay, you’re going to have to learn to accept Socialism , because to continue to complain and be depressed is not good for your health.

    • I hear you, you know how deeply blue areas can get too. Should we just abandon an entire state to become the first colony of the United Nations? That’s a hard pill to swallow.

      No question we are on the front lines, over powered 2 to 1. We have to be smarter, we have much work to do, no question. Education is a serious problem. The propaganda phone don’t help our situation either, they are putting some very convincing material out there that, if you didn’t ask any questions or know better you just might believe it!

      If we can get the message right here, we can heal not only Vermont but our nation. It’s a tall order, but the challenge is worthy of effort.

      Or, bankruptcy and pick up the pieces. Then again, you are correct, change is tough, really tough, to gamble it would happen is long odds.

  2. Thankyou for the great work you have started John,and as you stated,this is only the beginning for all of us on your team,and all in the state of Vt!!

  3. For 109 years Vermont government was occupied by regular working citizens and they were conservatives. They were farmers, business owners and just regular people. The 60s started the influx of liberalism with out of state candidate Phil Hoff winning the governors office in 1962. People wanted to move here after they saw our simple way of life that included Freedom and Unity. People saw a state operated by common sense and rugged individualism with neighbors helping neighbors.
    Our schools taught the 3 Rs and patriotism.

    Vermonters went about their business as the influx from boarder states continued. The politics changed because people wanted to make Vermont like the places they escaped from in their quest for a new life. More democrats came, we had Earth People’s Park in the Kingdon occupied by hippies in communal living. The enviromentalist came to show us how to protect our beautiful state that was already being protected by the Vermonters who had lived here for generations before them.
    The socialist came in the form of Madelyn Kunin from Switzerland as governor and her brother Edger May an influencial Senator. As the state created welfare benefits, the schools took over education with their unions (state and national) and our institutions have been filled with the friends and benefactors of those people who changed our way of life while Vermonters shrugged and continued to support the new big government idea that things would get better.

    Then we had 11 years of Howard Dean who wanted to balance the stae budget so he could run for president and show everyone he was fical conservative. However, to balance the budget he underfunded the retirement system and the legislature became more and more liberal and kept kicking the can down the road to the state’s current unfunded debt of 4.5 Billion dollars that stills stands and gets worse every year. Vermonters still shrug it off for the promises of big government ideas like saving the planet with money taken from the earners who make things work.

    How long can this continue unabated into the future? Freedom and Unity is just a slogan on a flag. We then had some sanity in Jim Douglas fighting against the new progressivism of the legislatue, a pause in the total takeover happened until Peter Shumlin. The attempt at single payer healthcare, climate change (formerly global warming), the EB5 scandal, the rewriting of our original constitution to legalize and guarantee abortion and to change it to politically correct language and more debt. And now we have republican politicians who are really democrats who also can’t support our president. And now the total unconstitutional lock down and mandates to restrict our freedom and a media who either ignores the truth, makes up the news for corporate profit, operates as a nonprofit corporation supporting the left as a politcal PAC or censors the true by omitting certain news stories or facts not consistant with the current ideaology. Everything is now political. This is where we are!

    This election is about the continuation of debt, activism of an ideology and big progressive ideas that have so far failed and the opportunity for people to actually take back some control of there lives by removing polititians who no longer represent the people. The simple message should be, is my life better here in Vermont? Can I afford to live here, raise a family, find a decent job, live in freedom and will our children be able to do the same? 109 years Vermont was hidden away from the crazies. We had a life style, a culture, common sense, individual freedom and political representitives who actully were Vermonters. We had all of this and no it wasn’t all perfect but it was why everyone wanted to move and live here. This election is about starting to regain sanity, living within our means and being the captains of our own fate. We do not need to be ruled by carpetbagger overlords. We are Vermonters and Americans. Our freedom is not for sale. This is the only life we will get and the only chance to live it out. The future belongs to us as a state and as free people. What will you choose?

  4. I believe Mr Klar was a progressive Democrat who was here to divide the conservative vote. If an out of state tax lawyer and Bernie supporter who voted for Obama twice is the best “Republican” candidate we have, Vt is already in trouble. This article also directly contradicts the article in seven days where Mr. Klar was quoted as saying “Republicans would be better off if a Democrat was to win the Governorship” so now I question everything and ultimately he is the reason I decided to run for the Governors seat.. because I saw no real leaders who were here to represent the people. My hat goes off to him for trying and it’s time to move forward to November. I have the solid policies to fix Vt and all the issues covered in this article plus more and if you are a responsible firearms owner or supporter of the Second Ammendment, love me or hate me.. I’m the ONLY choice if you wish to keep those freedoms. I’m the candidate the State and the media do not want you to know about.. for a reason! I hope Vermonters check out my policy.

    • Please submit an article to True North, outlining your vision. Or put in the commentaries as you see fit. If you have a website, please provide a link.

  5. John did more to energize people to bring people together than many have for many years. This is no small undertaking. There is common ground and John found it, fiscal sanity, school pensions/funding and our opioid crisis.

    This is a banner that all Republicans should be able to get behind and all American loving Democrats too. John brought people together. How is that working in other areas of Vermont politics.

    There is a still untapped source of love and honor for our country that has yet to be able to express itself in Vermont politics. The machine on the NWO side of life may get compliance by threats, theft and fear, but it will never win the hearts.

    Well done John, well done. Hopefully you’ve started something that takes root and flourishes.

    The only way for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. Perhaps there will be renewed support for others from your efforts.

  6. John, sorry you didn’t with the Governors spot, but don’t lose the faith,
    your time will come !!

    We need people like you to keep poking the sleeping giant, the more
    people see you and your actions to sav ethe sate …….. they will support
    you in your endevours ……..

    Good luck & keep the faith Vermont needs you !!

  7. Scott victory is not a Scott endorsement , it is a fear of a total Zuckerman statist control. Thank you John for you work , your vision and your intellect .

  8. I for one *refuse* to vote Benedict Scott – best thing that could happen to this Jackas* would be to lose…will be writing in John Klar

    Please change your mind – was the Dems and Progs that handed him the nom…think about it..

    • I too refuse to vote for liars and Benedict Scott is a self proven liar and utterly worthless.

  9. Keep plugging away at it John Klar.
    Vermonters, keep encouraging him to plug away at it and help build a bigger team.

    Sometimes “Success” is not winning the Office.
    Sometimes the greater success is the conversations you spark, the awakening you create, the movement you can build towards getting better people elected. THAT can lead to many people on our side winning and is sometimes a much greater success for the people than a single person winning an office.

    This is The Battle Of The Organizers!
    The best ones win!

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