John Klar: Vaccination hypocrisy

Vermonters incessantly hear that we must line up to receive a vaccination “to protect other people.” We are told the vaccines are some 95% effective for those who take them, but somehow the big threat is the unvaccinated who, aside from any potential health risks to themselves, are supposed to get jabbed to protect the 6% of vaccinated people who might still contract — not die from — the disease. The Big Lie is that 99.2% of people who died in June were unvaccinated. It is a big lie because it is not based in facts, or even CDC data.

But accepting the lies at face value, how is this at all logical? If the National Education Association recommends not mandating vaccines for children, why is Vermont doing so? Is it so it can show off to the nation how aggressive it is in risking citizens’ lives, against medical evidence? How is it “equitable” to bar students from Vermont schools and colleges if the disease is much less harmful to young healthy people, and 99.2% of deaths are among the unvaccinated? Is making them lose out on a college education necessary to protect them from the miniscule chance they will become sick and die? It is absurd, and patently so, to employ the cliche.

John Klar

The upside-down “logic” of this epidemic commenced immediately, especially in quarantining healthy people rather than the sick. Masks are dubious, but treated as lifesaving. Antibody testing was prohibited in favor of less reliable tests. Hydroxychloroquine was banned for treatment well before it could possibly have been assessed for efficacy. People were listed as dying of COVID rather than with COVID. The flu magically disappeared, we are told. There have been so many lies about this disease and vaccine that social media and the government have launched a campaign to silence anyone who asks legitimate questions about the “science.”

If this vaccine was completely safe and effective, I sure wouldn’t know, because there have been so many obfuscating lies that I wouldn’t trust it if it was. The coercion, fear and scoffing at basic Constitutional rights tells us something is awry. If it were so safe and innocuous, then this barrage of lies would have been unnecessary. The greatest fear is in those who were at the front of the line for vaccinations, and now they insist the rest of us get injected with their experimental technology, lest we sicken them — though allegedly we are the ones at risk. Your vaccine is working great for you, and I don’t wish the government to protect me from my decisions against my will. So everybody should be happy now.

Vermont’s media has of late been demonstrating a capacity to lie and deceive unlike anything I have ever witnessed in America, in order to prevent parents from examining critical race theory in schools. I have been factually documenting — beyond any dispute — that H.210 lies about Vermonters’ white supremacy having caused wealth disparities for blacks, that H.273 lies and says Vermonters barred blacks from owning farmland. I have proven, as a highly-trained attorney, that CRT is anti-Martin Luther King, anti-constitutional, and holds that the First Amendment should be eliminated as a tool of white oppression — and that existing federal laws are already being broken to distribute money and benefits based solely on skin color. As local media impose this ideology upon us by denying a public airing of these well-established facts, do they actually think they will gaslight us forever, and that the truths I am revealing will just evaporate? Do they not know that we now have the additional question: why is our supposedly trustworthy media so determined to obfuscate, slander and lie? Because they are lying.

And if the Vermont media lies about Vermonters and their history — flat out nasty, mean lies — and continues to perpetuate the slanderous falsehood (in the midst of an opioid epidemic) that Vermont police are racist because they apprehend inner city drug dealers, why on earth would any sane Vermont citizen trust them about vaccination efficacy? Why would we trust them to tell us anything that was true? And since they lie about vaccines, why should we be shocked they lie about us and our history, or anything else?

This is the beauty of True North Reports, and why I hope you, dear reader, will think of someone you know who has not yet subscribed, or who might take interest in this article. Free exchange of ideas is a fundamental American creed under assault by a fraudulent media that is actually a propaganda tool for progressive policies. Here at True North Reports, one will see what “old school” liberal exchanges of ideas looked like. Vermonters must wake up to the fact that their major media outlets have earned our distrust, and it is on the record. They are not interested in truth, but in ideology. They live in an echo chamber and think we will just settle for their vapid chatter. Here we openly discuss whatever we want, as if we live in a free state and free country.

If vaccinations are so safe and effective, then there is no need for those who are vaccinated to become fascist, screeching apes toward those who are at risk. It is upside down, and we must turn Vermont right-side up again. If I drive without a seatbelt I risk my own life; not others. Same with the COVID vaccine. Except, I haven’t been systematically lied to and had my constitutional rights eviscerated over seatbelt safety.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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      • Homer,
        I don’t believe people will drop in the streets (like that) but then again why is there graphene oxide in the “vaccines”? This has never been tested in humans and if you pay attention to the advances in science (across many fields) this is not only within the realm of possibility but controlling someone’s mind through radio waves at high frequencies has been done. The “vaccine” isn’t tested and like the picture above is not really a “vaccine” per the standards set forth by the medical community.

        Besides have you ever seen the government and corporations push so much for anything in your life, let alone give anything away for free? The question you need to ask yourself is “What is in it for them?”.

  1. Therapy Dogs of Vermont is offering a clinic to have dogs trained and registered as Therapy Dogs. I registered my German Shepherd for the program, only to find out that they are requiring “vaccination passports” in order to gain entrance. Here’s how I responded :

    “Requiring vaccination passports is a technique to isolate, ostracize and shame individuals who are merely exercising their free will in rejecting vaccination. My body, my choice, right?

    If the Covid-19 vaccination is effective, why employ this shaming technique? If one is still not satisfied with something that is not quite 100% effective they can freely add a mask to their protective armor. Masks work, right?

    Under these conditions and according to the Centers for Disease Control statistics, one has a greater chance of being struck by lightning or dying in an automobile accident than one has of contracting and dying from Covid-19.

    This technique is an invasion of privacy, contrary to individual freedom and coercive in nature. It is shameful and you should rescind it. If not, please refund my money.”

  2. Partly because I serve as our town’s Historian, I am acutely aware of how many children died in the past from diseases that our now prevented by vaccination. These include: measles, mumps, polio, tetanus, whooping cough, rubella, chickenpox, diphtheria, pneumococcal, rotavirus, and hepatitis. These vaccinations are now required unless you have an exception and have made an incredible difference in the health of our nation.

    Perhaps it might be wise, especially with the spread of the highly contagious Delta variety, to consider Covid-19 more of a health problem than an ideological problem. We should recognize and celebrate both President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” that led to the production of safe and effective vaccines in record time and the continued roll out by the Scott administration in Vermont and the Biden administration nationwide. We are truly blessed to have the best health and dental care in history. Not to take advantage of it, may well be tragically shortsighted for both individuals and our nation.

    • First we wanted to flatten the curve. Now that the curve has been flattened they are telling us even if we are vaccinated we may still have to wear a mask against the Delta variant, which is supposedly more contagious but less deadly. Hospitalization and deaths are down. Either the vaccines work or they don’t. Which is it ?

      Second the vaccines you mention are tried and true and been around for a long time. Covid-19 vaccines are still EXPERMENTAL. I AM NOT A LAB RAT !

    • “Not to take advantage of it, may well be tragically shortsighted for both individuals and our nation”.
      So, lets look at the reality, Taking the vaccine my be tragically shortsighted for both individuals and our nation based on the current information regarding death and adverse effects of these vaccines.

      Are you living under a rock, watching CNN, MSNBC or reading VT Graveyard Digger? These are not vaccines! They are experimental gene therapy drugs. If vaccines were so easy to develop, why are there none for HIV, Malaria, cancer or even the common cold. Flu vaccines contain dead virus strands and are 35% affective and require new shots each year with 4 or 5 past virus strains in the vaccines to build immunity. Since the Covid-19 virus has not been isolated and was probably manufactured in the lab, it’s not a natural virus and it’s not in the vaccines. How hard is that to understand?

      It is extremely shortsighted that people will allow to have a chemical injected into their body without knowing the long term affects that may occur since long term trials are nonexistent. You are suggesting that people should be jabbed on your advice and if they die or suffer ill affects it will be your fault. Do some research, the Delta variant is as powerful as the common cold and as easily caught. Stop spreading information that you apparently know very little about.

      • As with everything you have to balance and consider sources of information and results. Looking at what people actually do, rather than what they say is also instructive. President Trump for example after getting Covid, took the best medical treatment he could find, not some of the experimental ones he had been touting earlier. He has also since come out urging people to get vaccinated.

        Of course it is your choice how to live as an individual and what risks to take for yourself and I wish those who have chosen not to get vaccinated the best. It is also reasonable for businesses, institutions, and nations to chose to make policies that differentiate between unvaccinated and vaccinated based on their understanding of the science and the risks to the people for which they are responsible.

        • John, you ignored everything I said to justify why you allowed yourself to receive the gene therapy. You have an unknow chemical solution flowing through your blood stream that may or my not harm you much more than this virus or it’s mutation. I don’t know where you are getting your information but hoping for the best doesn’t work for me.
          I can go to sleep at night knowing that I do not have to worry about blood clots forming, heart inflammation, paralysis or any number of other maladies and death as a result of taking this experimental drug. I have never taken a flu shot and won’t. I may have already had the virus and if it was it, I now have the protection I need manufactured right in my own body. You can be the lab experiment and I will see how that works out for you in the future. I wish you the best of luck! In fact, most new cases are happening in people who have had the shots. Following the political aspect of this pandemic and the flip flopping science as well as the censorship of other treatments, should give cause for people to question all of it. This is for individuals to make their own choices and you should not be encouraging anyone to get this shot or shots because you are not qualified to ensure the safety of them now or in the future. I would instead encourage people to do some serious research before listening to anyone about this experimental gene therapy before they inject anything not previously tested into their body.

        • It is absolutely the right of any adult to follow the rest of the lemmings in formation over the cliff – just don’t expect we the sane normal ppl to follow. We will need all hands on deck to rebuild our world following the Wuhan Covid holocaust.

          Approx +/- 50% of military, CDC, NIH etc etc employees are refusing – what do they know that we don’t. Last check inoculations had plummeted by 2/3 and counting. Even illegals flooding our nation are refusing by about same number – however believe it’s actually much more for all groups.

          VAERS is not accepting Covid Vax injury reports and vastly under-reporting, medical professionals are not reporting them in many cases. In 2010 a Harvard/Pilgrim study showed that VAERS was only reporting 1% of vax injuries and refused offer from H/P to develop a robust system – so the deaths and injuries are exponentially higher than reported.

          We are witnessing the blind attempting to lead the sighted. The truth will make us free if our eyes are not wide shut – difficult to see this taking place before our eyes in living color and so many ppl blindly following – and just as difficult to accept with poker-face all who profess their Vax status as if I should offer a fistbump. My answer to any query: an unemotional “it’s still in experimental stages”

        • John,
          “It is also reasonable for businesses, institutions, and nations to chose to make policies that differentiate between unvaccinated and vaccinated based on their understanding of the science and the risks to the people for which they are responsible.”

          It is not reasonable at all to segregate based upon someone’s medical status. I have the right to choose what I put in my body and I alone determine what is “safe and effective”. Something that has killed 45,000 people three days after it is taken is not “safe and effective” Anything else is medical Tyranny.

          Why is it so hard for people to understand that all throughout history those in power attempted to divide the majority into groups such that they work against each other instead of against the tyranny presented to them? Look at everything that has happened in the last 2-4 years. Think about it John. Tyranny.

          • It is not reasonable to segregate and only a dyed in wool Communist could make the claim as it is the heart of collectivism. If ppl are vaxxed they are ‘protected’ – tho the vax manufacturers don’t claim it stops Covid or transmission these dummies are ok with this? Red China is laughing a*s off right now complete with their anal-swab testing.

            Surprise! Most of the ppl currently infected have had the shot and it’s believed this is the cause of Delta variant. With only a mere 1/2 of US citizens vaxxed – there will be a financial backlash against these “businesses” who have discriminated their ‘friends’ and neighbors. Personally refusing to return to any business that tried to force a nask on me and had scripts moved from drugstore for refusing to allow me in the store but offered delivery.

    • Ex VP of Pfizer and vaccine entrepreneur Micheal Yeadon is now warning the world that all who take the depopulation shot will die within two years, and additionally develop serious conditions.

      Robert Malone creator of the MRNA Gene Editior has stated it is not safe. I’ll trust the science and the *real* scientists

    • If we’re talking about science, then we should talk about ivermectin. The science on this is very clear: it’s safe and effective against Covid-19. Is it perfect? No, but then neither are the vaccines, and the vaccines are clearly experimental.

      We should be promoting the use of ivermectin but instead the government and all the health agencies are doing everything they can to suppress this drug. That’s a huge red flag. Ask a simple question: why is this happening?

      We could say that it’s just the drug companies wanting to make money off of vaccines and expensive (and mostly ineffective) medicines like Remdesivir, but that answer makes no sense if we truly care about saving lives and want to end a pandemic that’s disrupted the entire world.

      Regarding vaccines in general, it’s clear that adverse effects of some vaccines and vaccine ingredients are being kept from the public (informed consent?) This doesn’t mean that vaccines aren’t good and useful, but it does mean that we should seriously consider whether giving our children so many shots so early is wise. One example: the authorities are pretending that aluminum in vaccines is “just like” the aluminum we might eat, except that there’s so little of it in vaccines. Misleading: the aluminum in vaccines is in nanoparticulate form and can stay in the body for months where it can accumulate in organs such as the brain (this has been documented.) Aluminum is a well-known neurotoxin and has been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

      Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus: lie in one thing and you can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything. Are we really getting the truth about the Covid vaccines? Or any vaccine? Or the childhood vaccine schedule?

      If people are Covid “vaccine hesitant” then we have other options: ivermectin for now, or other re-purposed drugs that are being researched as we speak. This is the way to preserve liberty, informed consent, and tolerance, yet we’re being herded away from these and into a one-track, one-size-fits-all authoritarian solution. A viable alternative to vaccination for protection against Covid-19 (and variants) is being widely suppressed. This should be a red flag for all of us.

      • Good, honest doctors, experts in their field of acute pulmonary distress, are being made into rebels/outcasts or else heroes because they simply tell the truth. Something is deeply wrong.

        Sad to say but the mainstream media and the current government are the enemy. Despite all the talk of science and the soothing words of ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘we’re doing the best we can,’ they are not doing the best they can for we, the people. We’re being herded into rule by big tech (including big pharma); next stop will be a monitor-and-manage system very much like what’s currently in China, and built on the back of required vaccine passports. Why on earth do you think there’s so much censorship of ‘misinformation’ now, and talk of more to come? We’ll be managed not for our own greater good (spelled out in the Constitution) but for a greater good that’ll be decided for us, which will coincidentally leave the technocrats at the top of the ruling pile and snuff out individual self-determination: nothing will be done that is opposed to a greater good that will be defined for us and justified by appeals to the collective (you don’t really want to kill granny, do you?) Those who don’t see the writing on the wall are still a bit naive about how sinister things have gotten.

        If you dig into and understand the ivermectin story, then you begin to see how sinister things have gotten. It’s staring us right in the face.

        Either humanity wakes up and says a collective ‘no!’ to the unfolding schemes, or we succumb to vast censorship and punishment of those who refuse to adhere to the coming doctrine that sweeps aside our liberty and tolerance, in favor of a seductive reset to a supposedly brighter and more just future. Something like CRT will be its backbone: authoritarian and intolerant to its very core but supported by many who wish to consider themselves ‘enlightened,’ even though lacking basic independent thinking skills. Sheep.

        • Just a quick add to the vaccine issue is this article that explains that not all vaccines in general are safe and effective; at least not scientifically. The CDC and NIH have many patents and are invested heavily in the pharmaceutical companies that produce these vaccines. This is a huge conflict of interest. It’s not like the government puts money over it’s citizens (I’m being sarcastic, they do this every chance they can get). In turn there are many coverups that have happened over the years. Here’s one of the more concerning ones in my opinion:

          Lastly they aren’t liable for any damages done by the vaccines. One of the largest reasons our state has such high education costs are special education, that could directly be linked to the above article if they actually did the study but there’s no money in it for them to do the study to begin with and since they don’t have to pay for any harm there’s money to be made in not doing it. Which do you think they will choose every time?

          People need to start using their brain to decide what is best for them and turning off the useless television set that only enslaves them to misinformation en masse.
 (funny how this one says it was Trump friendly but just goes to show how much they are lying)

          • Not to get into this can-of-worms too deeply, but the supposedly fraudulent study by Wakefield et. al. and the subsequent retraction of that paper and demonization of Wakefield was a show trial worthy of Stalinist Russia.

            Luckily some people still believe in speaking up for the truth. But once again, if you dig into the Wakefield affair (as I have) and you realize that we’ve been fed a bunch of lies, then you have to be suspicious of everything else they tell us about vaccines: falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

            This doesn’t mean vaccines aren’t good and useful, if used properly and honestly and with acknowledgement of potential harms. But don’t use our children as pincushions for profits.

          • I haven’t even dug into that as I’m not sure it’s needed. We know that the CDC and NIH has patents and investments into the pharmaceutical companies. Have we forgot that they are literal legal drug dealers? What do the financers of drug dealers always want? More profit.

            That should tell everyone everything they need to know.

            I’ll look into the wakefield studies when I have time.

            As for vaccines I think that there have been good useful ones but they now have so many for stuff that I doubt they are all (especially in combination) good and useful anymore. This one certainly isn’t a vaccine by definition.

            Oh and just in case you hadn’t seen it yet, the CDC has admitted that the PCR test picks up flu cases too:

          • Th biggest problem is not necessarily the vax themselves but the way they are administered – many all at the same time.

            My sisters Dr gave them one at a time per his recommendation. Pediatricians are paid large sums of money to vax all children with all recommended vaccines. They are paid at least $500 per family – this was what it was decades ago – but they must receive *all* vaccines or they don’t get the windfall in the form of bonuses.

            Each vaccine contains poisons – whan shots are give all at once it greatly increases the poison per child and that’s where many of the injuries and deaths occur imo.

    • Please define safe and effective?

      Is it 45,000 people dying within 3 days of getting the shot?

      Is it a million with long lasting side effects?

    • The best health and dental care in history? Not if you cannot access it.
      I just entered Medicare last year and this year was stricken with Lyme disease. My dilemma was that I no longer have a doctor as I have not been in 15 years (quite health) and no doctors were seeing or taking on new patients, perhaps I might try to find a physician in NY .
      When my dentist suddenly left town during Covid-19, again I was left orphaned.
      Why the need for draconian lock downs when none were issued during the swine flu which “killed” 3000 in the US then faded into the ether.
      We lost over 56,000 in one year to the opioid crisis, which still persists, equal to the US losses in Vietnam. This has gutted our middle class 18-50 yr olds that were poised to fund our S.S.
      And back to Lyme disease, a man made, genetically tweaked version of syphilis escaped from a government lab in the ’70s. It ravages more than 400,000 per year. Where is the cure and where is the urgency?
      So yea, the best health and dental care in history, until ten, twenty ,fifty years from now when we’ll look back at all the intentional suffering and shake our heads. Human guinea pigs all for the sake of a dollar.

  3. My concern is with the varied and contradictory studies determining whether or not natural immunity and the antibodies our immune system creates when exposed to the Covid virus are as effective at protecting us as are the mRNA vaccines that work differently than our natural immune system. Some say the vaccines are better. Some say natural immunity is better. Hopefully, some definitive and unbiased data will soon be available. As it is, recommendations by the organizations and operatives invested in the manufacture and distribution of the vaccines are reasonably suspect.

    • Jay, I have the same questions — based on sound science. If we are all pressured to take a vaccine prior to knowing that, that is not very good science. Many of us have compromised immune systems — does that make us more vulnerable to COVID? Does it make us more vulnerable to the vaccine? Our choice.

    • There won’t be unbiased data as the CDC has refused to release or collect (don’t remember which) whether or not a case/death from covid is or is not “vaccinated”.

      This should be all the proof you need to determine that they have no intention of finding out.

  4. Gosh it felt good to read this editorial for TNR. Mr. Klar and I agree wholeheartedly on this issue. As alt media here Chinarmont, I’ve consistently been defamed for merely providing information this self-same self-satisfied bought corrupt media has been unequivocally ignoring and even covering up – our Vermont media has colluded in covering up this plandemic.
    TNR is providing a forum for the voices that have been silenced and censored elsewhere in Vermont, to be heard.
    What amazes me is how many people KNOW.
    How about those Dominion voting machines here in Vermont?
    All innocent there, no doubt.
    Not just the lies about the vaccines.
    Lies about everything for one purpose only: to enslave us to AI.
    Get in that electric kah and let it take your away …but you can only drive north or south because cain’t get theah from heah east to west, sometimes even with a y’umon at the wheel.
    All the lies we are being fed about what is good for us – when did Vermonters take advice from snake oil salesmen?
    I was shocked too, that they bought it so meekly and cowardly.
    TNR is standing for freedom of the press when no one else is in Vermont.
    If you allow my comments, you seriously are. 🙂

  5. Your mistake, John, is in looking for LOGIC.
    Logic went into the toilet in Vermont quite awhile ago…….

  6. WE must be ready this round. The delta variant is not deadly AT all. They will hype the cases, cases CASES! With a testing method that is set to think everything is a case, 94% of the time. The plan is next to lock down in October I hear, and at that point to make the injections mandatory to participate in society. The CDC has a plan for those who don’t inject- hype them up at HIGH RISK and remove them to camps or sectors or neighborhoods where they will have ‘minimal contact with their family’ ( look up ‘shielding on the CDC website and read the second result, you will be shocked) Stand together, refuse to comply, refuse to be fearful of disease. The elite, the cabal, the blood drinking, child trafficking, narcissistic, controllers who want the planet cleansed of most of us, since they have abused us so long that they have made a mess of the planet. Now they wish us gone. Instead lets show how much we love and honor our freedoms, and little we truth them after their lies. One must really see the proof of Fauci’s, CDC’s, WHO’s, Gates. racketeering, Dr David Martin follows the patents, and CORONAVIRUS was patented in 2003 by the CDC. Scott is acting as an accessory to racketeering, perhaps they threatened him into it. He has blocked every therapeutic prevention of Covid, of which there are a number and every safe cure, stating the lockdown could only end when the ‘vaccine’ arrived. Now that people are getting injured and dying from the vax ( 12 in VT as of a month ago, and 1071 injuries), they matter not. Yet the entire land was locked down on the basis of 2 cases. Where hypocrisy lives truth doesn’t. Its not hard to predict that those who took the injection of the toxin spike protein will be suffering in the fall and over the next few years, they will need compassion from us and our world will rock from those events, and perhaps, just perhaps, we will turn out all the liars.

  7. The mainstream broadcast media is controlled by the left as is most of the mainstream printed media. The most popular social media platforms are controlled by the left. Public education is controlled by the left. The unfortunate thing is that the average person spends so much time being bombarded by the spin, lies, and half-truths presented on these platforms that they have become lax in thinking rationally and logically about the issues and forming their very own opinions. Further, if they do happen to form a rational and logical opinion that is in disagreement with the current narratives, they lack the courage to stand up for what they believe is right. Unless something changes drastically in our state, we will suffer a complete loss of liberty and are destined for serfdom.

  8. Mr. Klar, you are confronting a dogmatic religion, a fanatic one. Dogma is truth beyond question, is absolute and brooks no dissent. Even to question it is heresy – and heretics will be demonized and persecuted – if not immolated. What was it Biden said at a state fair? We accept truth over facts? The media called it a misspeak, but it rings very true of the Progressives.

  9. Neither the mainstream media nor the government can be trusted; they are the enemy.

    Conservatives are being demonized yet they’re the ones standing up for liberty and tolerance while the rest of the country goes insane over an obsession with ‘stay safe,’ as if that was ever the obsessive concern of those who fought and died to preserve liberty for us and our great-great-grandchildren. Liberty? Throw it out the door, say the stay-safe grovelers, and get your vaccine to protect ‘the collective.’

    Vermonters should be ashamed of being such cowards but instead they’re proud of their obedience to authority and that they’re torturing our children by making them wear those completely unnecessary and humiliating face diapers. Obey, children! Who cares about childhood? Learn to be afraid, that’s your education.

    Grovelling cowards, just waiting for the next cue from Dr. Fauci so they can stay safe. No shame, no shame at all. Just self-righteous prissiness and utter fear over the next scariant.

    Hydroxychloroquine: not only have they fought hard against this, but they did bogus studies using doses that were known to be fatally toxic and that no one was using for treatment, and they did it in sick patients, just so they could ‘test’ it and scare the living daylights out of us and keep everyone from using a drug used safely for decades. Liars through and through.

    Ivermectin? Forget it. We do not want you well, we want you afraid and obedient. Join the collective and get your minds right.

    But oh, say the self-proclaimed enlightened elite, just listen to NPR and VTDigger. There’s the truth.

    Fools and cowards.

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