John Klar: Trusting Uncle Sam

Americans have always been divided between those who do and those who do not trust the federal government. That split might be extended to include the large corporate (including media) entities that have twinned their powers and goals with the current Orwellian Federal Monolith over which the Biden/Harris team presides. What has always held the nation together is now threatened: the liberty to distrust one’s government, and say so.

Surely the liberty exists for citizens to trust the government — with their guns, their health care decisions, the moral upbringing of their children, voting processes, border integrity, levying taxes and spending funds, managing pensions, etc. These citizens appear to be abundantly prolific in 2021, especially since the manmade disease of COVID befell them.

John Klar

But what of the liberty to distrust government? Those who do not trust government do not seek to coerce their fellows by use of government mechanisms into a shared distrust. They might have reason to do so, given past evidence: government in America has a proven record of lying to “We the People,” including to the People who trust government.

It is ironic that the personification of the federal government came to be the image of an old white man with white hair and goatee, draped in red, white and blue — Uncle Sam, the epitome of what liberals call “old white men” traditionalism. Many on the left who revile their own nation’s flag and alleged “systemic racism” urgently demand that same power be expanded to enforce mask mandates, eliminate subconscious racism in children, and coerce or mandate vaccinations.

Are those who trust the government uneducated about what the feds have done to the citizenry in the last 100 years? Aside from who killed JFK, it is unquestioned that the military experimented on American GI’s with radiation, drugs, psychological experiments, chemicals, etc.; but also on civilians. In the name of protecting the nation, radioactive toxins were deliberately administered to pregnant women and babies without their knowledge — using universities, so trusted for their supposed integrity. Prisoners were a routine source of experimental subjects, including numerous university-cloaked and corporate-coordinated “studies” (including Johnson & Johnson).

Exposing black men to syphilis is the tip of the iceberg. Government lies are not limited to medical experiments. There was the surreptitious ousting of democratically elected Iranian leader Mohammad Mossadegh, and Americans were lied to about that for 40 years. There was Watergate, rendition and Abu Ghraib, illegal drone and NSA surveillance against Americans, Iran-Contra, Vietnam, the prejudiced response to the AIDS crisis, the Reefer Madness of a drug war, Yellowcake uranium from Niger, alleging Iraq was behind the 911 attacksspying on MLK and Malcolm X, McCarthyism, and Wall Street (and Monsanto) bailouts. These betrayals are just the ones Americans know about, and they clearly transcend partisan boundaries.

People who trust the federal government regardless of this horrifying track record possess similar amnesia when it comes to the vaunted “scientific establishment.” Perhaps they never heard of thalidomide, or lobotomies, or the eugenics movement. In their trust of vaccines, are they unaware that Pfizer paid the largest fine in history for unethical practices? For example:

Pfizer promoted the sale of Bextra for several uses and dosages that the FDA specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns. The company will pay a criminal fine of $1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. … The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs.

Johnson & Johnson concealed its knowledge that its baby powder caused cancer. This is reminiscent of cigarette companies that concealed the addictive and deadly nature of their products for decades, sheltered by federal labeling requirements that preempted stronger warnings to consumers. The tobacco companies also benefited from the many physicians who extolled the wonderful health benefits to the lungs of smoking Pall Malls or Lucky Strikes.

Beloved vaccine manufacturer Johnson & Johnson was implicated in the opioid scourge created by pharmaceutical companies that addicted millions: no matter, the same entities developed synthetic opioids to sell instead as cure.  Astrazeneca was faced with 6,000 claims that the company knew its drug Seroquel “could cause diabetes and failed to adequately warn patients.” I’m sure these companies — like the federal government — are completely transparent and trustworthy now.

Whistleblowers have warned for decades that this cozy government/corporate drug partnership is dangerous:

Secrecy has been central to the pharmaceutical industry’s business model since its inception in the nineteenth century. By 1900 most proprietary drugs, not only in Europe or North America but also places like China, remained so-called secret remedies: drugs whose formulas were closely guarded trade secrets…. Successful drugs, in this manner, became famous while remaining secret; branding served as a substitute for information. … The FDA … does not regard the proactive dissemination of clinical trial data as one of its missions. … [D]espite insistent calls from members of the medical research and public health community, it has created no mechanism to make analyzable data sets readily available to the public. Instead, the agency continues to defer to companies’ claims that trial data on widely used medications ought to be treated as “confidential commercial information.”

Medical history teaches us that “science” can err, with examples such as silicone breast implants, vaccines, a vast myriad of drugs (including SSRIs), radon medications, adverse chemical exposures, etc. If one thing is clear it is that “scientists” almost always get it wrong when it comes to unanticipated consequences of supposedly revolutionary advances — remember DDT, fluorocarbons, and PCBs, among others. There are new chemical culprits in our water, air, and food just waiting to be discovered: PFOA and PFOS are recent examples: glyphosate is still “up in the air.” .

In China, corrupt corporate actors tainted baby formula with melamine for profit: several of those responsible were publicly executed as punishment. In America, corporate profiteers need never fear such drastic protections of the public — raping the country via Wall Street gets one bailed out, not incarcerated. Witness Vermont’s EB-5 program and the grotesque fraud that remains unpunished here.

Yes, those who wish to trust government, and pharmaceutical companies, and science, possess the freedom to do so. What they do not possess is the right — let alone the power — to compel others to embrace their cognitive dissonance. The government cannot eliminate subconscious racism, but those with Kool-Aid faith in its infinite capacity to solve all human ills are content to offer up their own progeny as experimental fodder for Critical Race Theory in schools. Others have no compunction about vaccinating 16-year-olds with an experimental nano-technology to protect them against a disease that is mostly dangerous to very old or sick people; or masking their very young children in complete trust that there will be no adverse psychological consequences — when it is well known that there will be.

It would be nice if those who don’t trust government could employ its enormous, ever-expanding powers to compel people to distrust it. But those who trustfully worship Big Brother have already taken the fore, and seek instead to compel all Americans to bow down in trusting supplication to the monolithic (fascist?) behemoth that is now corporate America twinned with unaccountable bureaucracy.

It ain’t gonna happen. We the (Informed) People know better and always have.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “John Klar: Trusting Uncle Sam

  1. …and the whole ‘science’ of Virology is built on a lie.
    Pasteur was a fraud and admitted it just before he died. But you won’t hear about that on MSM.

    There are no such thing as viruses.
    No virus has EVER been isolated.
    Virologists study MODELS not the thing itself because the thing itself was never ever isolated, ever, for ANY virus. Because viruses don’t exist.
    Start there.

    • And Pasteur was commissioned for economic and military conquest then as well to create fear and paranoia to keep soldiers at bay for fear of infection. It worked and the “elite” took note.

  2. I am thrilled to see your writing in general, John…and particularly THIS piece, which so eloquently reminds us to be cautious about what we believe. We can only hope that enough thought by the general citizenry will result in personal (individual) opinions, rather than the alternative.

  3. Even if you relabel Fascists as Progressives, they’re still Fascists. Consolidating control over everything and everyone and centralizing it in the federal government. Ruling by government mandate is the goal. The Fascist ideal, that of the new World Order, is to take from the productive sector the (unfair, unequal) profit of their labors and, in return, provide to them – and to the non-productive sector – the equally distributed necessities of life. Their most critical theft would be the incentive to be productive since that productivity would increasingly be for the benefit of others. Without that incentive, that motivation, without the motivation to provide for oneself and improve one’s own quality of life, labor would be slavery. And the elite, those who fly private jets to remote exotic locations to discuss AGW and making the peons’ life more unaffordable, live in mansions like royalty. As they do in other failed Socialist nations like Cuba and Venezuela.

    • I just saw the first few minutes of this and already I’m blown away by the insights of Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor who likens what’s happening today to what happened in Nazi Germany in the creation of a medical police state. Interestingly, she quotes Benjamin Rush, a physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, as warning of medicine organizing “an undercover dictatorship.” Around 1776!!

      People need to watch this as what’s happening today mirrors what happened in Nazi Germany.

      Godwin’s law says something along the lines that once you start making comparisons to Nazism, then the argument is lost because, presumably, fantastic hyperbole has set in. The problem with Godwin’s law is that if the comparison to Nazi Germany is valid, then it dismisses the truth of the insight out-of-hand.

      Vera Sharav’s insights are profound and relevant. History is repeating itself.

      People who only listen to NPR or read VTDigger are oblivious; they’re being taught to trust in authority and its blessing of “correct” information. They’re being taught that any criticism is against the greater good, and they’re being taught that the state and medical authorities know, understand, and can impart that greater good to us. They’re being taught that all dissenters are conspiracy theorists and– this ties in with what Sharav says– disease vectors (physical diseases or diseases of the mind.) They’re being taught that the problem now is the unvaccinated, but the evidence is that the problem is that we’ve continually done exactly the opposite of what we should have done to stop Covid-19.

      Are we, the people, awake enough to stop this before it’s too late? Not if we’re continually hypnotized by the mainstream media.

    • In reference to your screen name “Critical Thinking is a Lost Art “:
      Couldn’t agree more! Critical thinking is what used to be taught and fostered in the education system. We, as a nation, culture, and society must shoulder most of the blame for its loss. Over the years, we have allowed public education to be infiltrated by those bent on indoctrinating rather than educating. Critical thinking has to be taught and is a threat to those whose goal is to turn out a population of ” ‘borgs” whose thoughts and behavior are controlled by a central dictating authority. There are no provisions for making decisions based on rational thought, common sense, or even real science that is not politically influenced. This current state of affairs represents a sad and frightening prelude to where we are headed as a society and nation if something doesn’t change. People are too easily “offended”, even when peacefully confronted with views that are contrary to their own. We need to not cower in fear of the possible repercussions when presenting rational and logical views on the issues that we are currently facing. Restoration of the ‘art of critical thinking’ has to start with those who are still capable of it.

    • You know, this interview of Sharav and her references to Hitler and Schwab and the Great Reset gets me to thinking that we’re talking about the master race all over again, aren’t we?

      Schwab is famous for his promotion of transhumanism: the merging of humans and computers, essentially, through such things as IoT, smart grids, digital implants, you name it. The people with access to all this information and its digital analysis and synthesis will be able to exercise a great deal of discretion over any number of realms. You and I could simply become commodities that are monitored, analyzed, and managed by the new master race: those who are following evolution to what they believe is its natural apotheosis. Those without access to this realm, or who refuse access, will be left behind and get the crumbs.

      We have to remember that technology is getting exponentially more powerful by the year (if not the month) and the power this gives to those who can use it well will certainly become unimaginable. This power has to be checked and balanced by the simple desire of humans to live their lives as they see fit, even if it’s off-grid.

      Balancing this power requires an acknowledgement and tolerance for differences. Tolerance and liberty go hand-in-hand. Notice how we’re becoming more intolerant (we’re going to force you to take those vaccines)? Maybe this is deliberate: then the “one true vision” of a transhuman, ruling master race can take hold, and the Great Reset can proceed. No dissent will be tolerated, just as dissent from the Faucian vision is being censored everywhere. Ivermectin, which would have ended this pandemic many months ago, is being viciously suppressed. That in itself speaks volumes.

      Intolerance is raising its ugly head, and we’re being taught to be mean and nasty to those who disagree with us. Last year’s heroes are this year told they’ll lose their jobs and can go to hell if they don’t take the jab. That doesn’t sound right.

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