John Klar: President Biden must ban gain-of-function research and fire Fauci

Recriminations abound over the cause of the COVID-19 outbreak. Vanity Fair blew the proverbial whistle on cover-ups and the origin of the virus; the Wall Street Journal reports that COVID-19 could not have existed but for human virological intervention. Aside from who caused this outbreak, the greater question is why the United States is funding “gain-of-function” (GOF) research, and why President Biden has not announced a ban on future work pending a much overdue investigation of the origin of COVID and the government’s response. This must include Dr. Anthony Fauci’s questionable ethicality in assuring Congress and the American people that our nation had not funded research at the Wuhan lab.

John Klar

Instead, Joe Biden states he’s “very confident in Dr. Fauci,” despite the recent defensive assertion by Fauci that “the idea I think is quite farfetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so they could kill themselves as well as other people. I think that’s a bit far out.” Yes, it is indeed very far out — a red herring Fauci concocted to deflect from the actual question: was the COVID-19 virus created by humans using U.S. funds before accidentally escaping from the Wuhan Institute of Virology? The actual question is not whether China intentionally released the virus: the question is whether Fauci intentionally lied during congressional testimony on May 12 when he “emphatically denied the US had ever funded controversial gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.”

The irony is amplified by Vanity Fair’s report that U.S. government officials referred to the public finding out the truth as Pandora’s Box and a “can of worms.” Not the GOF-machinated disease getting out of the box — the truth of its origins getting out. Now that the truth is out, it cannot be put back in that corrupt box any more than those who died of COVID can be resurrected. Government dishonesty about a pandemic it funded and created exponentially justifies ceasing the provision of U.S. taxpayer dollars for dubious research designed to seek out the world’s most dangerous diseases and make them more dangerous. A man-made disease was created and escaped from the laboratory, and the United States government and major scientific “experts” deliberately hid that truth because it threatened their cash flows for research. Real life has now eclipsed science-fiction horror.

The COVID pandemic instructs humanity that it is unwise to play God with deadly viruses. The National Institute of Health gave $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Obama administration had suspended such funding in 2014 for “SARS viruses such that the virus would have enhanced pathogenicity and/or transmissibility in mammals via the respiratory route.” This was lifted by the NIH in 2017. Vanity Fair reports the NIH was then complicit in the cover-up of the consequences of its actions, naming Christopher Park as involved in both the lifting of funding restraints in 2017 and in quelling investigation of the virus’s origin after the outbreak.

Additionally, Vanity Fair reports that Dr. Fauci informed Congress that it was the Trump White House that intervened to terminate continued funding of the Wuhan lab, creating a firestorm and an unethical cover-up that included special interests and the Lancet. The obfuscation was carefully crafted to misrepresent the truth and forestall any inquiry into the GOF technology and funding that created this pandemic, and the MSM was grotesquely complicit.

The debate about the dangers of virological tinkering with deadly pathogens is hardly new. A 2017 Lancet publication traced the history of the research, noting its “roots” in the 2011 government suppression of two studies because “they worried that malign actors could replicate the work to deliberately cause an outbreak in human beings.” Lancet recounted the alarming number of past escapes of dangerous agents from supposedly “secure” laboratories, and the biological and ethical dangers of GOF research:

The debate is focused on a subset of gain-of-function studies that manipulate deadly viruses to increase their transmissibility or virulence. … The likelihood of an accident leading to an outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic is extremely difficult to predict, as are the probable scientific advances. Proponents of gain-of-function experiments argue that their work could facilitate vaccine development.  … [Ian Mackay (University of Queensland, Brisbane, QLD, Australia), stated that] “one cannot legislate for every accident or human error; all manner of things can go wrong, and if an outbreak spreads to the community the consequences could be horrendous.”

It is now apparent that COVID-19 is the real-life experience of ‘horrendous consequences’ from GOF experimentation, topped off with some old-fashioned human hubris. The more this subject is analyzed, the more clear it becomes that the risks of these Icarian experiments (as lucrative as they are for the virology industry) do not come close to meriting the speculative benefits. Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University, a leading critic of GOF research, prophetically cautioned in 2017:

“I still do not believe a compelling argument has been made for why these studies are necessary from a public health point-of-view; all we have heard is that there are certain narrow scientific questions that you can ask only with dangerous experiments.” … He pointed out that every mutation that has been highlighted as important by a gain-of-function experiment has been previously highlighted by completely safe studies. “There is nothing for the purposes of surveillance that we did not already know,” said Lipsitch. “Enhancing potential pandemic pathogens in this manner is simply not worth the risk.”

When the GOF research resumed in 2017, the NIH offered this assurance:

NIH Director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, said, “We have a responsibility to ensure that research with infectious agents is conducted responsibly, and that we consider the potential biosafety and biosecurity risks associated with such research.” He added that he is confident that the review process spelled out in the new framework “will help to facilitate the safe, secure, and responsible conduct of this type of research in a manner that maximizes the benefits to public health.”

It is now abundantly clear that something less than maximization of the benefits to public health has been accomplished via GOF research. GOF technology created COVID-19, and GOF political bias caused a deliberate lie about the virus’s origin to be perpetrated against the world by the Chinese and American governments, aided and abetted by Lancet and others. Accountability would now provide maximum benefit to public health.

President Biden must answer a simple question: are Americans’ future tax dollars to be disbursed to comparable ventures ever again, and why hasn’t he already called for a ban of GOF research? This is a modest lead for the POTUS to chart, pending proper investigation of what may well prove to be the most egregious allegations of corruption and wanton human slaughter since the Holocaust.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2021. All rights reserved.

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20 thoughts on “John Klar: President Biden must ban gain-of-function research and fire Fauci

  1. “Gain of Function?” That phrase doesn’t make any sense. Just like calling taxes “investments,” or saying those pouring across our southern border are not illegal immigrants, but rather “asylum seekers.” Sugar-coating a bitter pill does not change its content. More often than not, the manipulation of language is done to conceal nefarious intent, or to trick listeners into compliance. Many examples of this are evident in our present society, as we who pay attention can see. Always ask this question: For whose benefit? Follow the money, and wonder why anyone would experiment with merging animal viruses with human pathogens in the first place? Shame on any politician who isn’t outraged by this. Remember German Shutzstaffel officer Josef Mengele? Is Dr. Fauci any different? Ponder that…

    • Fauchi should forfeit every tangible asset he has and then be publicly executed for high treason!

  2. Gain of Function research isn’t going away. We are stuck with it, for as long as humans seek more effective weapons and conversely ways to combat these bio-weapons. That the bureaucratic machine in DC chose to circumvent our elected leaders and pony up dollars to the CCP to research these very weapons is the issue here. That most likely Fauci is responsible for funding a CCP weapon unleashed upon his countrymen is the issue. That the past and current elected government is a eunuch, unable to control the swamp it created is the issue. In a better world, GOF research should be off limits, but here we are…

  3. Gain of Function research isn’t going away. We are stuck with it, for as long as humans seek more effective weapons and conversely ways to combat these bio-weapons. That the bureaucratic machine in DC chose to circumvent our elected leaders and pony up dollars to the CCP to research these very weapons is the issue here. That most likely Fauci is responsible for funding a CCP weapon unleashed upon his countrymen is the issue. That the past and current elected government is a eunuch, unable to control the swamp it created is the issue. In a better world, GOF research should be off limits, but here we are….

  4. I often can agree with Mr Klar, but in this instance he was proselytizing and I commented as such. However, True North chose to delete my comment telling me all anyone needs to know about this supposed news platform.

  5. The argument that GOF research was/is necessary to head off future mutant viruses is preposterous. Everything I’ve read suggests that it would take generations, if not centuries, for natural mutations to equal what can be accomplished in a few months in a lab. “Anticipating future mutations” is a poor cover story for the business of creating Frankenstein viruses that would quite likely never occur in nature.

  6. Correction: NO mainstream media covered this BEFORE The Highwire with Del Bigtree exposed this through their ICAN lawsuits, and FOIA requests. SOME of those mainstream media acknowledged the Highwire’s extraordinary investigations, reports and lawsuits. But none of the sources above are ‘whistleblowers’ or even close to… VERY late to the party.
    Gain of function was questioned from the get go by SOME of us who DID the research back then.
    A huge COVER UP of this information ensued and our Vermont media participated in this, and CONTINUES to participate in this cover up.
    SOME of us have been all over this since March 2020.
    This is “crimes against humanity” people…and Vermont, the illustrious home of Eugenics is full on pushing this eugenics/apartheid/culling of humanity…including Dr. Levine, TJ Donovan, and our reichsmarshall in charge, Scott.

    • I’d like to ad that I’ve been doing a daily search of obituaries from FUNERAL HOMES the past month that shows that the people dying are otherwise healthy baby boomers and young people who shouldn’t be dying. VAERS is woefully inaccurate so I don’t EVEN look there. 1% of adverse events get reported, by report from the CDC. Its a passive system and doctors ain’t usin’ it. Its a massive coverup.
      When is someone going to uncover THAT massive Vermont elephant in the room?
      Don’t dead people matter anymore?

    • I agree, though Del Bigtree is not MSM. What gives me hope is that this WAS the MSM who finally did act like journalists – both the WSJ and Vanity Fair. But will the rest of the MSM cover this story even now? I am skeptical. It is revealing how much people will tolerate in falsehood, including the ongoing presence of Fauci unquestioned — after a bold lie and breach of trust…..

      That’s why I wrote the piece — the DNA evidence is in. There is NO QUESTION that this was manmade, yet all I hear from the Vermont government is how grateful I should be for the vaccine and how important it is that I “protect other people” by getting an experimental injection as soon as possible.

      Why would we trust the government and scientific community that created this disease, lied about that, and continues to lie about it, to inject us with their patented products protecting us from their creation? That IS the world in which we are now living. I expect Allison agrees with me there…. 🙂

  7. Covid-19 makes sense as a bioweapon to bring democracies to their knees. Ideally, restriction would be unending and would segue into restrictions designed to keep us safe from catastrophic global warming. This is what Klaus Schwab’s book on the Great Reset and Covid-19 is all about. Schwab doesn’t want the “new normal” to ever end.

    But CO2 global warming is a fiction; it’s not happening.

    It’s really about monitoring and managing the population, exactly how China does it: through technology. Then there’ll be no more yellow vest protests or any protests at all, unless they serve the designs of the state. How do you get people to accept being monitored and managed? Through fear. Hence, Covid-19 and the push for vaccine passports, and catastrophic global warming and the need to “stay safe” through restriction that’ll require monitoring for compliance. To save the planet, of course.

  8. Firing Fauci isn’t enough. He should be fined millions of $$$, lose everything he owns and be lead out of his home in handcuffs and placed in Gitmo. If he is only fired, he’ll get a lucrative position on CNN, as the other disgraced agency heads have! No wonder people have no faith in our ‘leaders’ to do the right thing.

  9. we now the 2 million plus deaths from sars a few years back was also the cpp military at wuhan and taxpayer funding to build bioweapons to be used on americans and people world wide.
    congress sits on thier thumbs
    there will never be accountability in this country until we make some new political windchimes

  10. Stopping Gain of Function research would inhibit our ability to formulate counter antiviral measures. China is not going to stop GFR. It would be naive for us to think that they would!

    • GOF research at Wuhan involved bat coronaviruses, and this research was ostensibly to stay safe from future coronavirus pathogens. How’d that work out? Because not one single thing came out of Wuhan as science to counter Covid-19. What was the point?

      The point was to produce bioweapons, apparently, and the idea that it was to “stay safe” from future pathogens was just a fig leaf for this.

      How can we possibly know what new bioweapons will be produced? How could we anticipate this unless we go on a rampage and start producing bioweapons of every conceivable type, so that we can supposedly have counter-weapons? Just like we did with Covid-19.

      The more sensible counter to bioweapons might be to develop effective antivirals, etc., that are broad-spectrum and safe, and to have an early detection method for new disease outbreaks and the technology to quickly identify their pathogenic mechanisms. And it might be to insist that these GOF labs are dismantled, as it makes no sense to be creating pathogens.

    • At least Mr. Malone has made the only honest argument for GOF research, and what I suspect is the actual motivation. But the current situation is comparable to funding the Soviet development of nuclear weapons, arguing that otherwise they will develop it without us. Seems naive to think China’s military is trustworthy as a partner in this research. The justification is its own downfall. Releasing an even worse pandemic accidentally is inevitable with this research: I argue it is unethical and illogical to justify that risk by virtue of the “two wrongs make a right” argument. Greedy people are making huge money killing people with that justification, and our government has become corrupted.

      • There is definitely a serious lack of government critical thinking combined with they never make a mistake mantra, mixed in with a little corruption, power protection and secret money flowing everywhere.

        Either these so called leaders read nothing other than their own position papers, are totally incompetent, their staffs are totally incompetent, there is a hidden agenda, a failed ideology and secret flowing money or all of the above. We get the government we vote for which apparently leads to the total ineptness of the voters.

        This isn’t the first time in history that governments have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Greed, corruption, power and the lack of a conscience and soul behind enormous conglomerations of money and a poorly educated populous in this country as in many others around the world have brought this nightmare to us now. The problem is that people will ignore it and it will continue. America is in trouble, we can’t even agree that there are two genders.

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