John Klar: Gain of function disaster

“Why has President Biden not halted gain of function research, and why has he not fired Dr. Anthony Fauci for lying to Congress and avidly swearing that no U.S. money went to funding this kind of research. It’s a lie. Is there any accountability?”

Read the full article and find out more in detail just how terrifying this is.

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

3 thoughts on “John Klar: Gain of function disaster

  1. It defies belief that the liberal elites still demand that we blindly follow the “science” when it comes to things like masks, social distancing and experimental vaccines when all along it has been the “science” that caused all this mess to begin with. One would think that a blunder of this magnitude would elicit some humility! But no, they seem to have become incongruously emboldened.

    4 million deaths worldwide from COVID – we’re almost at Holocaust levels of genocide. Will the people who perpetrated this calamity will never be held accountable?

  2. meant to REBUILD AND MOTIVATE GOVERNMENT OFFICERS IN SUPPORTING INDUSTRY in the Cold War (to clarify the spell checker’s mistakes on my last sentence.)

  3. John: Obama cut funding for this research in c. 2013. Still, bureaucracies maneuvered to refund it, using US assistance openly w/ Wuhan labs – from some single-checked data (Epoch Times) saying that the lab, built by the French, was nationalized (unsubstantiated). But, why does research continue? Why did it blossom into CV-19? The French Academy of Sciences – one the most august science institutes in the world – warned against this kind of research, which may’ve hastened Obama’s action. You’ve got to remember that Bayh-Dole (act, 1980) empowers government officers to collaborate w/private research in certain venues (start ups, NPOs etc.) w/ revenue sharing (what I call conflict of interest) allowed! John, it’s LEGAL. Even if an executive (president) uses Art. 10 and cuts out the entire national health labs in the US, they’ll be restaffed by new money-grabbers doing anything possible – partly on the govt nickel – to make more money for their shadow clients, cronies, and themselves. I’ve contact our senators about the heinous misuse of that act, and how it should be either revamped or revoked. Dead air. I don’t have time to push this, but if politically motivated friends of the people do, then they should seek the destruction of that act, which initially was meant to reposer markets in/ after the Cold War.

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