Independent Schools Association responds to Carson v. Makin religious schools ruling

Vermont and Maine are directly impacted by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that public tuition funds cannot be denied to school choice students attending religious schools.

Anticipating that ruling, the Maine legislature revised Maine’s nondiscrimination statutes to include all educational institutions. The effect is to require uniform adherence to nondiscriminatory practices at all schools, public or independent, religious or secular.

The Vermont Independent Schools Association (VISA) endorses Maine’s action as an effective response Vermont can make to the Supreme Court’s decision that public funds can support students attending religious schools.

The Maine law identified as “a civil right” the opportunity for full participation in any educational institution’s offerings without discrimination “because of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, a physical or mental disability, ancestry, national origin, race, color or religion.”

Vermont should do likewise.

“VISA is committed to working with the legislature to support passage of a law requiring all schools receiving public funds to comply with a nondiscrimination law,” said VISA Executive Director Mill Moore.

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2 thoughts on “Independent Schools Association responds to Carson v. Makin religious schools ruling

  1. All parents should have choice for their children….end of story.
    Our public schools have a very poor record at this point and competition would drive that the other way
    I have been a proponent of choice for a very long time; maybe I should ask for the tuition money i paid ..back and my college loan money…and college loan money for my son…….

  2. So how are academic standards impacted? Does a private school that accepts tuition for a student paid by taxes have to enroll a student who is mentally incapable of accomplishing the course work?

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