Surveys show largest expansion of school choice in U.S. history

More children are likely to have increased access to educational options after state legislators across the U.S. advanced a slew of bills this year expanding school choice, according to several state-by-state surveys. “This is a banner year for the educational choice movement,” Jason Bedrick, director of policy at Ed Choice, said.

Deb Billado: School choice is winning

While Republicans have struggled to get traction on school choice measures in Montpelier, we are starting to see success for our principles working themselves out on the local level. Elizabeth Cady ran for school board in the town of Essex and won running on a platform of supporting school choice.

Guy Page

McClaughry: Scott and school choice

What do you suppose Vermont education would look like if the state gave two-thirds of the pre-pandemic $19,280 dollars per pupil per year to the parents, let the parents choose the education providers, and reduced the tax burden by $600 million dollars?