Here’s FDA’s list of Pfizer’s 1,290 known adverse side effects for COVID-19 vaccine

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What do NHJournal,,, The NHBulletin, WMUR, The Union Leader, and likely every other print “newspaper” in the Granite State have in common? All the COVID vaccine reporting has been favorable and supportive.

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Last week the FDA released a batch of clinical trial documents they did not want the public to see. In that cache is a list of known side effects from the experimental mRNA “vaccines.”

I could not find any articles that suggested these were anything but safe. But we know that’s not true. We know it from our own reporting. We’ve published both peer-reviewed and first print research. Interviews with actual experts. Hundreds of articles and scores of links to news reports, scientific research, and interviews.

Yesterday I asked if that was the result of more than just plain old bias.

Money from the Feds was laundered through the states to push pro-COVID-vaccine ads. It has also been intimated that this was not the only money that was changing hands. We wanted to know who received Fed dollars and if there might be other inducements that encouraged local and national media to stay away from negative reporting on the experimental Jab.

Is the absence of such reports damning?

The Jab has been an endless opportunity for human interest stories and investigative journalism, but where are these stories? Where is the balanced reporting or curiosity? What happened to “protecting the public interest” from abuses of government?

People were driven out of their jobs for refusing an experimental treatment we have known for some time has serious side-effects including death.

To be clear, we have not provided or received conclusive evidence that the NH media was bought off, but anecdotal evidence is another matter. They all appear guilty by omission. Why did they ignore these stories when it is clear they could have been the only media (outside of sites like this) sharing that research and expert commentary?

I’m not complaining. We’ve gotten tons of traffic as a result of their indifference but why are they still toeing that line?

Last week the FDA released a batch of clinical trial documents they did not want the public to see (Local PDF here). That’s a story.

In that cache is a list of known side effects from the experimental mRNA “vaccines.” Another story, maybe dozens of them if curious reporters went out and found people who got the Jab and experienced any of these side effects.

CLICK HERE to read all 1,294 potential side effects of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

The mRNA injection has been proven to alter human DNA (in the liver). That seems like big news. A super-majority of COVID deaths worldwide continue to be among the vaccinated, with only a fraction being unvaccinated. That’s another above-the-fold story. [More at American Greatness]

And most of this is not new. We’ve known about the risks for quite a while. Facts in evidence that were hidden, suppressed, even shouted down by politicians, the public health apparatus, and others, and never reported in the local media.

And they are still absent.

A quick search of WMUR and the Union Leader produced no stories about the risks or recent document dumps. And we think this problem goes a lot deeper than that. As referenced in the opening, a search of online “news” like NH Journal, Seacoast Current, InDepthNH, and NH Bulletin (for stories on the FDA or Pfizer) are all pro-vaccine.

Were they warned off after taking Pro-Vaxx advertising dollars, or was there other money involved?

How could the lack of coverage be so complete even after the Tuesday FDA document dump?

And can anyone honestly trust anything they print or broadcast anymore? Ever? We don’t think so, but that’s up to you to decide.

As promised, here is the list of side effects (local copy) released by the FDA that were known by Pfizer (and the FDA). This is also why it will never be “approved.” And yes, Comirnaty was a smokescreen, and the “media” did nothing to protect you from that lie either.

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19 thoughts on “Here’s FDA’s list of Pfizer’s 1,290 known adverse side effects for COVID-19 vaccine

  1. It’s rather puzzling that TNR staff hasn’t chastised Mr. Freitag and told him to take his responses to the forum. They certainly did that to others and me in the past. Could it be that some commenters enjoy privileges unavailable to the average readers at this site? Sure seems like it.

  2. People seem to read in what they want to see rather than what I write.
    Here is a recap of my comment:
    1.) People have a right to choose whether or not to use a vaccine
    2.) Pandemics are extremely dangerous, and the development of a vaccine is a valid response.
    3.) Contrary to what is stated in this commentary, there has been full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for those 16 years or older as of August 23, 2021

    We all decide for ourselves which information to believe and follow. I, along with over 90% of eligible Vermonters, have chosen to follow our health professionals and take the vaccine. Balancing the risks and benefits, for us this has seemed a reasonable choice. I respect that others, based on their research, have come up with different conclusions. I am glad we are through the worst of it and wish everyone the best.

    • Unfortunately you are wrong. The only vaccine approved by the FDA is Comirnaty. There is not a single dose of Comirnaty available in the U.S. today nor has there been at any point. Therefore, every vaccine administered was experimental. That is simply fact. Call around and see if you can find a dose of Comirnaty. You won’t.

        • In reality, it doesn’t. All of the genetic code injections are proven detrimental to humans. But there is a current federal court case where the judge maintains that FDA has given no approval to any of those used in the United States because the FDA only “approved” Comirnaty.

          • The lawsuit contends that the FDA approval is illegitimate because vaccine approval was ‘significantly accelerated’. So be it.

            But the FDA has approved the Comirnaty vaccine. So, what is it about the FDA approval that’s so noteworthy to the pro vax crowd? Why does FDA approval somehow justify the government, the military, and businesses to require vaccinations? Why didn’t CDC and NIH approval suffice? They all had access to the same data. What’s the big deal about FDA approval?

            The pro-vax aficionados, like John Freitag, won’t answer that question.

    • You are incorrect. There was no full approval. I read the FDA Approval letter. The letter clearly stated on page 1 that Comirnity was approved. Page 2 of the letter stated that the original vaccine was still only approved under the EUA. The supreme court ruled against the DoD in it’s claim that the original vaccine was the generic version of Comnirnaty. The court ruled that the two drugs are not the same.

  3. Anyone with a hint of an unbiased, critical thinking and data analysis skillbase knew these injections stunk from the very beginning. Those who only consume mainstream media have been brainwashed. The fact that they’re still called “vaccines” is humorous and purposely deceptive to say the least. The fact is they are a very high risk therapeutic with little to no benefits for most and completely unknown long term side effects. Ive believed from the beginning these injections would cause mass inflammation, severe autoimmune disorders and like sterility….because that’s what the research data has always said. This is NOT just another vaccination. The same people pushing this have been talking about depopulation for quite sometime. It sure sounds crazy (but so do Gates’ efforts to block the sun and engineer mosquitos that can spread vaccines which is being done) but this may just be an effort to cull the world’s population to a more “sustainable ” level. Evil? Yes. Everything these people do is satanic to say the least.

    • People certainly have the right to believe what they want and make their own decisions regarding their own bodies.

      Pandemics have long been one of the major causes of widespread death among populations. Far from being “satanic”, Operation Warp Speed, instituted by President Trump, was a concentrated effort to develop a vaccine in response to a new virulent virus that has proved in its short life capable of killing well over a million people.

      The Pfizer vaccine was fully approved by the FDA on August 23, 2021, for those 16 years and older.

      • First point on which you’re wrong: FDA only approved the version known as Comirnaty, which is not available in the United States. If you followed the case Doe et al v. Austin, you would see it for yourself.
        Interesting that you now gloss over pandemics as natural occurrences throughout history and don’t even attempt to connect it to any substantive context of the overall government authoritarian responses. However, it’s worth admitting that Donald Trump did initiate not only “Operation: Warpspeed,” but he was also responsible for the violation of our God-given liberties in his measures and further monetized medical tyranny & malpractice.And Chairman Phil was only too willing to take advantage of those.

        • Ken,
          According to the official FDA website:
          “For Immediate Release:
          August 23,2021

          “Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioTech Covid-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EAU) including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals”

          One should be able to decide for oneself whether to take this vaccine or not, but it has indeed been approved as have others since by the FDA.

          • The issue here is EUA approval versus full FDA approval. These are very distinct differences. The FDA is socializing the misconception that these approvals are of equal value, which they aren’t. As EUA drugs are not subject to strenuous long term clinical studies.

      • LOL! You mean the choice between taking the jab or losing the ability to feed their families?

        What has happened in the past few years is simply this: Medical Rape.

      • John,
        According to local and federal officials, we do not have the right to make our own decisions regarding our bodies. If one’s choices is not in line with the gov, individuals can be fired, refused right to serve their country, disallowed from crossing borders or entering businesses, refused college or university education, etc. Etc. We were told “just get it!” “It protects others.” “We’re all in this together “. Turns out, the shots neither prevent infection nor transmission. Actually, efficacy of the injections is negative. Individuals that have taken the injections are actually more likely to contract covid than those who haven’t. Just ask Peter Welch, obama, hillary clinton, jen psaki, etc. Truth is these leaky “vaccines ” are promoting immune deficiencies and virus mutations.
        As far as pandemics, this was not really a pandemic in the historical definition. However, just as merrium websters and the WHO changed the definition of vaccine prior to the release of the covid, they also conveniently changed the definition of pandemic. Control the language, control the narrative. And dont quote me death numbers. It’s proven there has been a massive, purposeful inflation in covid death and infection numbers as a massive scare and gov control tactic. Pcr tests were never designed for virus identification and their threshold values can be tweeked to influence desired outcome. 35 or higher cycles, which most were, have a 95%+ false positivity rating. Hospitals were offered financially incentives for #1 covid positive infections, #2 covid patients put on ventilators,#3 covid deaths and they adjusted their numbers to maximize their profits.
        Since roll out of the shots non covid mortality rates are up over 40% in 18-65 year olds. In millennials, non covid death rates are up 84%! the mrna shots were administered. No its not normal for pre-pubescent children to have strokes and heart attacks but if you haven’t seen the adds, theyre trying to make it look as though it is. Average age of death for covid infected people was 82 which is above average natural life expectancy. Most had 4 or more comorbidities, obesity being #1. Today you are more likely to die from the influenza than the covid. 30k+ deaths on the CDC’s VAERS site and over a million severe adverse effects. In the past these VAERS reports are widely underreported. Its beleived covid deaths and adverse effects are currently underreported on VAERS by a factor of 41. You do the math. Historically if 50 people died after the rollout of a new vaccine it was squashed immediately. I know lots of people who had the covid, including myself, my children and their triple injected mother, my neighbors, friends and more. Personally i dont know anyone that died from or with covid. However i do know of three people personally that died shortly after taking the injections to to pericarditis, myocarditis and an accute autoimmune deficiency. I know many others can tell a similar story. If you were coerced into taking these shots im sorry. If you were manipulated into given your children these shots, im very sorry. Whether in this world or the next, these tyrannical liars that pushed this garbage must be held accountable. The truth has been there in the data all along but they said “trust us” and just kept pushing it with shame, bribery and the elimination of our rights. No i didnt trust you then and no, i will never trust any of you ever again.

        • John F. above is stuck on stupid and is in denial. Many of us on these threads commented and presented evidence by real doctors and scientists, but what did we know, nothing according to those who failed to do their own research like John F.

          I still can’t understand how people will allow to have a serum of unknown ingredients and no formal testing to be injected into their bodies. It’s almost like the 1940s march to the showers as trusting people just went in as they closed and locked the doors, never to come out alive. That may be a stretch but according to Vermont officials some 80 or 90% of people have trusted this unknown injection and now have to wait to see if something goes wrong in their once healthy body. None of us want to believe that people can be this evil or greedy or manipulative to potentially harm this many people and especially the children.

          May those who fell for this mass misinformation campaign by government and the media learn from this. The medical industry is just that, a profit driven model to force people to take and ingest medicines to make them healthy only to find out later that those concoctions can kill. How many class action lawsuits have we witnessed on TV for bad drugs approved by the FDA?

          • Mr. Freitag is only commenting for the main purpose of defending Chairman Phil’s power grab. He’s also trying to shore up support for his past comments on government mandates re the “pandemic,” but there he is extremely weak after current events & new documentation. And he knows it.

      • Re: “People certainly have the right to believe what they want and make their own decisions regarding their own bodies.”

        Note that Mr. Freitag compares and diminishes John’s reference to a rational thought process, e.g., ‘critical thinking’ and ‘data analysis’, with a mere ‘right to believe’. What of Dr. Fauci’s initial ‘right to believe’ that the vaccines were ‘safe’… that they actually worked as initially advertised? What of Mr. Freitag’s ‘right to believe’ in the opinions of the CDC and the FDA? Are they not all, as it turns out, based on the ‘right to believe’?

        Re: “The Pfizer vaccine was fully approved by the FDA on August 23, 2021, for those 16 years and older.”

        So what?

        Again, beware the proverbial false dichotomy – that the FDA approval of the version of the vaccine known as Comirnaty is significant in some way. Are we to ‘believe’ that FDA approval makes the Comirnaty vaccine any safer? Or that the manufacturer of Comirnaty no longer has the same liability protection as when the vaccine was approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)? Why else would Mr. Freitag make the reference?

        Here’s the subtlety to this propaganda – yet another false dichotomy (clearly Freitag isn’t the only one using the ploy).

        On one hand we’re led to believe that FDA approval provides better assurances to the public that the vaccine is safe. That, in fact, FDA approval is a distinction that removes a typical vaccine manufacturers liability protection existing under the EUA, and now designates the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which was set up to handle vaccine lawsuits.

        “Any individual, of any age, who received a covered vaccine and believes he or she was injured as a result, can file a petition. Parents, legal guardians and legal representatives can file on behalf of children, disabled adults, and individuals who are deceased.”

        So, does FDA approval remove this consumer protection and allow injured people to sue the manufacturer? This is what we’re being led to ‘believe’ – isn’t it. That there’s a difference between the first iteration of the vaccine and the FDA approved Comirnaty version.

        Think again, Ye of Little Faith. This FDA approved version of the vaccine (Comirnaty) isn’t covered by the same consumer protected protocols as most typical FDA approved vaccines either.

        “The liability protections afforded under the PREP Act are tied to the declared public health emergency and not whether the vaccine is sold under an EUA,” Castillo said. “Therefore, both Comirnaty and the Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 vaccine receive the same liability protections as medical countermeasures against covid-19.”

        “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing…
        Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.” Orwell, 1984

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