Hello Vermont Democrats! Sound pension, agriculture, energy policies are nonpartisan

“Democrats, I want to meet you. Five or six Democrats out of 10, maybe more, understand that we can work together on pensions, and must โ€” that we can work together to make Vermont more affordable, particularly for the elderly on fixed incomes and our young people.”

Image courtesy of John Klar

7 thoughts on “Hello Vermont Democrats! Sound pension, agriculture, energy policies are nonpartisan

  1. Mr. Klar, you have it “Bass Ackwards”…and you know better :)….Liberals & Dems will never, ever… “make nice” and “sit down” with you, to exchange views or any possibe middle ground solutions. It is not in their psyche, or DNA to do that. But it is in their DNA to DEMAND, force & insist that YOU (or any other conservative) MUST come to them – on demand…and be read THEIR “riot act”…sit, listen and then do what you’re told…or else….you’re publically shamed as just another white, male, racist homophobe ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Zach…Give up, open your eyes…VT will never, EVER change. You stay? …then suck it up…WHY should I take my hard earned, life long, money – to subsidize Socialist free loaders?. I am only on this earth once and after spending the vast majority of my life in VT….I did like MLK said…”Free at Last”. If it is possible, (and I know it may not be easy for many, family wise)…..but leave…now…soon. COVID saved VT budget, from VERY bad stuff…DEBT DOES NOT GO AWAY (nor does Socialist Progressive rule)… VT got a $3- $4 BILLION freebie REPRIEVE…but three years away, that will all be pissed away on climate change, Enviro, Gender ..race…you name it….. Never forget that VT Progressive taxes subsidizes 70% of VT’ers…..only 20% to 30 % pay almost all the taxes.. WHAT if half of them leave? I did…and VT now misses all my high income taxes….Dividends, Capital Gains and my spending….POOF!….gone… I feel sorry for the sucker that bought my house and it is now up to over $18,000 in property tax. Where I am at now? $4,500 prop tax (and my house is worth TWICE as much!)….3.5% income tax…no state tax on Social security…and LOW, low utility costs.. No heating bills really.. cheaper food, NICE people….no snow..By leaving VT, I save for my retired years…into low FIVE FIGURES $$$$ a year in TAXES!. GET OUT :)…heaven awaits all who do it and leave…you will not regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We need this man in the Senate. Mark McDonald 39 years in the Vermont legislature and he told his constitutes if they couldn’t afford high energy prices brought on by the Clean Heat Standard bill that they could buy more blankets, but he can afford it. He also called the act a carbon tax and voted for it. Does this sound like the senator who is concerned for your wellbeing? He has had 39 years and what has he done to make Vermont affordable for you or your children? Senator McDonald needs to be fired.

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