Video: Dr. Carol Swain interview from ‘Celebrate America! Church, Health & Politics in the Public Square’

Earlier this month, VTGrassroots hosted “Celebrate America! Church, Health & Politics in the Public Square,” a multi-day symposium held at various locations including Ignite Church in Williston.

This video, produced by RebirthTheMedia, features an interview with Dr. Carol Swain, a political science professor who has taught at Princeton and Vanderbilt universities. She also is an expert on critical race theory, American politics and race relations, and has appeared on news channels from NPR and BBC to Fox News and CNN. Watch interview above.

Image courtesy of RebirthTheMedia/YouTube

2 thoughts on “Video: Dr. Carol Swain interview from ‘Celebrate America! Church, Health & Politics in the Public Square’

    • What a lovely video.

      It’s interesting that she brings up knowing Alynsky’s Rules for Radicals, that book btw was dedicated to lucifer.

      This is the play book that is the opposite of Western Civilization, the Bible and the foundation of this nation.

      The Bible is what is good about America. What is revealed about in the book titled the Smear and Rules for Radicals is why America is in such a pickle.

      Our population is NOT familiar with the Bible at all, this is regardless of your views on religion the basis of Western Civilization. If anything, it teaches people how to discern truth from lies, love from hate, it is a most wonderful book.

      Our children have no hope, no understanding of how the world works and doesn’t work without study of this book. People can get away with all sorts of evil, without an educated and moral populace.

      Elections are only the most minor thing ahead of us, the education of our youth needs to come about, constant for decades. They have indoctrinated at least 2 generations of people with lies, hate, pride, envy, division, impatience, we don’t need to be taught this! It’s natural for fallen men and women.

      There is much work to be done. We are trying at our small church, but we are struggling mightily. If you could pray for us and help build our church it would be most grateful.

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