Governor’s annual tree cutting celebrates Vermont’s Christmas tree industry

Essex, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott and Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts visited White’s Tree Farm in Essex today to celebrate the arrival of the 2022 Christmas season with the help of Vermont’s farmers. The trees cut during this visit will decorate the Pavilion Building in Montpelier, which houses the Governor’s Office.

“As we enter the holiday season, Vermont and its people, including our farmers, offer so many reasons to celebrate,” said Governor Phil Scott. “This is a time of year to take note of the good and unite around the true meaning behind each of the seasons’ traditions: Togetherness, community and hope.”

“We’re so happy to be a part of Christmas for many families in Vermont and beyond, and we are thrilled to have Governor Scott and Secretary Tebbetts visit our farm today,” Bob and Joan White of White’s Tree Farm in Jericho said. “A Christmas tree farm in Vermont not only brings people out on Vermont’s working landscape but helps preserve that land for our children to share the same quintessential Vermont experiences their grandparents did.”

According to the 2017 USDA Census, there are 3,650 acres of Christmas tree production in Vermont across 70 farms with a crop worth more than $2.6 million. Many more Vermonters bring to market Christmas trees, wreaths, garland and other decorator items each year. According to Jim Horst of the NH/VT Christmas Tree Association, the impact of Vermont’s tree farms can be felt in many ways; “Many trees are sold to the wholesale market for ultimate resale throughout the region,” Horst said. “Others, though, are sold directly to the consumer, who enjoy the process of visiting the farm and taking part in the “cut your own” experience.”

“Choosing and cutting a Vermont Christmas tree brings joy to countless Vermonters,” said Secretary Anson Tebbetts. “Growing these beautiful trees takes care and hard work. Thank you to all the farmers for making this season so special.”

A Vermont Christmas tree can be found this time of year in many urban locations around our region. Vermont holiday trees have decorated homes in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia each year, with thousands of Green Mountain trees sold in urban pop-up markets. In addition, visitors to Vermont participate in our holiday tradition by hauling home freshly cut trees. Vermont’s pick-your-own crop is prepared for the season, with many trees to choose from when you visit your nearest Christmas tree farm.

For a full listing of Christmas Tree Growers open to the public visit or .

Image courtesy of Office of Governor
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4 thoughts on “Governor’s annual tree cutting celebrates Vermont’s Christmas tree industry

  1. Is this special or what, the Governor better enjoy this year, as his progressive friends in
    the state house will probably put the kibosh on that practice, as it’s not “woke ” enough
    and may offend the nonbelievers, they have plans and will continue to ruin the state, just
    watch & see !!

    Governor Scott, remember you’re not in the mix, you’re only the Governor and the house
    and senate state, well they have the power, just ask them………………Wake up Vermont !!

    • Sorry Mr. Henry, Vermont isn’t going to wake up. I’ve been waiting and hoping for 35 years or more. Look at places like San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, just two once beautiful cities that have been destroyed as well as many others under Dem/prog political leadership and the voters still vote for them. How can you explain that depth of ignorance? It’s the same here and getting worse. My son left the state years ago and I keep telling my other child to not buy property here and to think about getting out of here. All you need to do is look at our congressional 3 ring circus delegation. I think you and I are about the same age and I hate to say it but I’m putting things in order to leave my birth state. The next few years here will be unbearable, especially for older folks unless they suck the government teat of welfare programs. Just banging our heads trying to make people wake up. I applaud your effort!

      • I agree with your assessment. I hear similar sentiments coming from people who live in Michigan, Maine, New York, California, Arizona, etc. As we were told, the swamp runs deep and wide – from top to bottom. The criminals did a commendable job hiding their criminal conduct for decades. Yet, criminals tend to get too comfortable and too confident believing they won’t be caught or exposed. At that point, they become sloppy and make critical mistakes. The next phase of this war is coming to the breaking out point. Information censored and surpressed before is coming out like a fire hose that even the normies or lying mainstream media cannot ignore. Their desperation is showing and increasing every passing moment. The boomerang storm is here. Hold the line and declare it is done!

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