Governor Phil Scott updates gathering and restaurant table seating guidance

For Immediate Release
Friday, March 12, 2021

Jason Maulucci, Press Secretary
Office of the Governor

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today announced updates to COVID-19 guidance for small multi-household gatherings and table seating at restaurants. Effective today, the changes allow two unvaccinated households to gather at a time, and permitting restaurants to seat multiple households together, but no more than six people can be seated at the same table. Masking, distancing, capacity limits, and other mitigation guidelines remain in place.

“I know these changes are not as big as many other states have announced,” said Governor Scott. “But we feel they’re positive and safe steps forward, and you can expect another spigot turn next week. As I’ve said, we’ll keep taking incremental steps as more Vermonters are vaccinated.”

The State previously lifted gathering restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated. For individuals and households who are not fully vaccinated, social gatherings indoors and outdoors in private spaces are limited to two unvaccinated households or individuals at one time, plus any fully vaccinated households. Unvaccinated households or individuals may gather with more than one other unvaccinated household or individual, as long as there are just two unvaccinated households or individuals at any one gathering.

“Vermont has taken one of, if not the, most cautious approaches in the country in order to slow the spread of the virus and reduce deaths,” said Governor Scott. “I know this has caused a lot of frustration. I hear from people every day who think we should be moving faster to reopen like some other states have. But I want to remind Vermonters, there is a reason we have the lowest number of deaths in the country and the lowest death rate in the continental United States. But as we vaccinate more people, you can expect the spigot turns to be more frequent. I believe we’re going to be in a very good place by summer.”

To view the new guidance in detail, visit link.

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7 thoughts on “Governor Phil Scott updates gathering and restaurant table seating guidance

  1. Anybody who has worked construction in concrete or coal knows full well these masks are completely unable to keep concrete dust or coal dust from your lungs. Yes the can reduce. Most of these masks being worn would be completely ineffective on the job site, making most if not all these masks currently being used utter garbage.

    To Vermont credit, we are one of the few if not only state where cause of death is being used properly, which is the real reason we have fewer deaths from cOvid.

  2. I can tell Governor Scott that many of us in Northern Vermont, an area that’s quite foreign to most denizens of Montpeculiar, are quite a bit ahead of his ‘spigot turning’. We don’t intend to follow any of his edicts when we see our roads filled with vehicles from NY, MA, NJ, NH, ME and CT. We won’t obey a single unconstitutional decree when illegals continue to pour into our State to work on farms.

  3. We really don’t know why Vermont has the lowest death rate from Covid-19 of any state; it could be from an number of factors. Other states have had stringent lockdowns but fared worse.

    The plain truth is that we could’ve taken measures that would’ve allowed Vermont to stay open by allowing those least affected by Covid-19– those under 65 who are healthy– to go about their business while focusing attention, care, and isolation on those most vulnerable to Covid-19. We also could’ve used drugs that have been maligned but that we now know were good resources. This is what the real science tells us, not the stuff that Fauci is feeding us.

    The truth is that the measures we could’ve taken were censored and we were all herded into a program that arguably did the most harm to our economy and our citizens and our liberties. This censorship is exactly the same type of censorship that occurred with the Hunter Biden affair, in which we were told, falsely, that all the claims against Hunter were baseless. As someone who has actually seen the material that the mainstream didn’t want us to see, I can vouch that what was on that laptop raised very serious questions about the entanglements of both Hunter and Joe with foreign actors, including China. The American people deserved to know this and they deserved to form their own judgment, but this information was kept from them. Had it been Don Jr. instead, would the same thing have happened?

    Governor Scott isn’t the real problem. Fauci is. Dr. Fauci deliberately withheld information on treatments and strategies that would’ve done the least harm and the most good. We could’ve shined: we could’ve done wonders to check the virus and we could’ve preserved the economy and liberties. Fauci made sure we did not. What I’d like to know is, who is Dr. Fauci working for, because he most certainly isn’t working for the good people of this country.

    But even beyond Fauci, something is going on in our country that I’ve taken to be an evil– some force, some design, that is decidedly against freedom and self-determination. Even with Scott Atlas in and Fauci out, this force still had the upper hand and Atlas and his advocacy for freedom were sidelined.

    Still, I have faith in the good people of this country: a lot of people understand exactly what I’m talking about.

    • “…something is going on in our country that I’ve taken to be an evil– some force, some design, that is decidedly against freedom and self-determination.”

      Could that be “The Great Re-set , or the UN’s Agenda 21” ?
      Either way the plan is for submission to un-elected commissions
      of “ruling elites” to determine our freedoms and eventually or fates.
      Look who rules the EU, appointees.

      • The push-back to the Great Reset is that many people are beginning to realize that the attacks against hydroxychloroquine, for example, were based on (deliberately) bastardized science. Many physicians have seen this; there can be no doubt that an all-out attack was launched against a safe and effective drug. Why would anyone do such a thing? Why would the CDC and FDA and Fauci not step up to the plate and come to bat for the American people?

        It happened. It may be hard for people to understand that the CDC and FDA and Fauci are part of the swamp, but there can be no denying that what they failed to do for the American people was criminal. It was as if they were following not the science that would’ve done the greatest good in a time of crisis, but the design of Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab, who assured us that we’d never go back to normal. So many things about our handling of Covid-19 make no sense at all.

        This must never happen again. We must ask, what was the real science, what was the real evidence, why did we not follow it? Why were voices of science and reason– many, many voices– censored? Why was Fauci, who didn’t treat one single Covid-19 patient, set up as our leader and guide when he ignored evidence and misled the American people?

        Instead of patting ourselves on the back, Vermont needs to ask some hard questions.

  4. Maybe Scott is actually China’s “friendliest” governor? And SOMEBODY clearly wants to see the US failing and down for the count…which means small business failures..

    Or maybe VT’s rural nature and more outdoorsy healthy habits are the real reason our stats are so low. There is NO reason why masking and social distancing should be “working” here when these things have not done a goddamned thing to mitigate whatever this Covid BS is across the country…….

    This whole thing is VERY FISHY. Will Scott submit to a lie detector test, of maybe a water boarding session?

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