Gov. Mike Huckabee endorses Myers Mermel for U.S. Senate in Vermont

June 6, 2022

Manchester, Vt. — Former Governor Mike Huckabee and Huck PAC today announce their endorsement of Myers Mermel for U.S. Senate in Vermont. In offering his endorsement, Governor Huckabee cited Mermel’s commitment to fighting high taxes, inflation, high gasoline prices, and high food prices.

“I am pleased to endorse Myers Mermel for the U.S. Senate in Vermont. I have known Myers for fourteen years. He worked on my 2008 campaign, and we even took a trade trip to Japan together to meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He is the only conservative I have endorsed in New England so far this cycle because he is the only conservative capable of beating the Democrat party there. He is the clear conservative choice in Vermont.”

“As one who had to run in a state dominated by Democrats (91% of elected officials in AR were Democrats when I ran), I know that you need to run with innovative ideas and be a different kind of conservative that focuses on solving real problems. Myers can be trusted to do this. He is a new kind of conservative.”

“I ask that all conservatives unite behind Myers because he is our only chance to defeat Peter Welch and his ultra-liberal democrat policies. We cannot afford to split the conservative vote in the primary, nor can we afford to vote for liberal Republicans who will not advance our values. We need to vote to stand squarely behind Myers in the primary so he can take the fight to Peter Welch and win. Myers has the intellect, wisdom and experience needed to be a great Senator.”

“Myers is a strong defender of the Second Amendment for all Vermonters. I know this from the times we have hunted ducks together. Myers is also a strong supporter of law enforcement and will ensure resources are available for them to hire more officers and continue to keep Vermonters safe in the face of rising crime and the removal of resources from the police.”

“Governor Mike Huckabee embodies the conservative principles and values that I have defended over my lifetime,” said Myers Mermel. “In my campaign and if I am elected to be Vermont’s next Senator, I will continue to challenge failed liberal policies which have brought us severe inflation, excessive federal debt, crushing federal regulations, and a likely recession. I will limit the size and scope of government spending, while offering solutions to make Vermont a job creator not a job exporter. I’m grateful for Governor Huckabee’s support and for his efforts in fighting back against an ever-expanding federal government and its inflationary spending.”

Myers Mermel received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont, a Master of Arts in American History from Columbia University, and a Master of Divinity from Yale University. He has had a thirty-five-year career in commercial real estate finance and banking. For more information on Myers Mermel and his campaign for Senate, visit

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  1. Myers Mermel is a Deep State Plant . We do not Need his Kind representing Vermont . Everyone Hates Peter Welsh . Huckabee can crawl Back under the Rock he Came from

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