Forum in Burlington to assess the respiratory hazards of masks

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Contact: Amy Hornblas
600 Blair Park Road, Suite 235
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BURLINGTON — The Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks is being held on Friday, May 12th in Burlington City Hall. The Forum will begin evaluating the effects face masks are having on respiratory health in our state.

The Covid Federal Emergency is scheduled to expire May 11th. However, approval for masks and other emergency authorized products is not expected to end. Vermont Emergency Forum organizers point out that mask requirements have, and continue to be, imposed on people of all ages and abilities, without any of the basic protections offered to employees who wear an N95-style respirator at work.

Forum organizers address the respiratory hazards of masks with a presentation by their keynote speaker, Dr. Christina Parks, who holds a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Dr. Parks will address the importance of respiration to all the systems of the body, and the effects of prolonged mask use on those systems. She will address specific concerns for children and other populations, as well as the use of masks while physically exerting or otherwise under stress.

While most schools have dropped school-wide mask policies, at least one school in Vermont has continued to require students and staff in specific classrooms to wear face masks again this year at the advice of their special education team. To address this issue, participants will learn how to provide safe and appropriate special education accommodations in schools, and why masks are neither, will be supported later in the morning by Megan Mansell, a former district education director over special populations integration, with experience in appropriate PPE supervision as well as writing and monitoring protocol implementation in the public sector under full ADA/OSHA/IDEA compliance.

Employers and employees in all fields will be instructed in the afternoon on responsible mask policies by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified health and safety experts Tammy Clark and Kristen Megan Kelly. Clark and Kelly have been sharing their expertise to employers around the country and educating them about existing standards requiring them to assess the hazards of masks. They are also raising the awareness about the OSHA standards intended to bring Vaccine or Mask policies, which have been put in place for medical facilities in response to Covid, to all workplace settings.

A panel discussion will bring the forum presenters together with local business owners, employees, teachers and students who have stood up to protect themselves and others from the hazards of mask requirements. The panel will be facilitated by Dr. Rob Williams, founder of Vermont Independent.

The day-long Forum will conclude with the presentation of a Breathing Champions Award, presented by former Deputy State’s Attorney Tom Kelly to the Desautels Family, who have been standing up for three years to defend the legal rights of students and employees through the Vermont court system.

Sponsors for The Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Hazards of Masks include Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing and Vermont Stands Up.

More information and registration is available at the Vermont Mask Survey website:

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11 thoughts on “Forum in Burlington to assess the respiratory hazards of masks

  1. To the people still walking around wearing the face diaper…’re insane. Everyone can see you’re scared and insane. You need to see a therapist or something. I hope and pray you can heal. What was done to you and everyone else was not ok and people must be held accountable.

  2. Well this is like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. The discussions should have happened BEFORE the mandate to make everyone wear them. The harm has already effected the children who have more illness and underdeveloped speech and comprehension abilities. I very rarely complied but when having no choice I used a mask I had poked numerous holes in so I could still breath.but make the sheep think they were safe. I’m amazed at the people still wearing them after all the info has come out about how detrimental to their health and useless they really are. People be stupid…especially in leftist VT.

  3. How about an assessment of hazards of not putting criminals in prison or not enforcing existing gun laws?

  4. Fear-mongering is all it is,
    So let’s put it into perspective, just think about an airborne virus, the size of it and do you
    really believe a paper or cloth mask that you can breathe in and out of, will stop it from
    entering your body…………. come on!! If you believe they work, keep wearing and buying
    them…………. follow the money !!

    If you have a medical condition, I’m not knocking you, all others are minions……………………

  5. It’s a joke. As others posted…M95 masks are not capable of halting the micro-miniscule covid virus thru it. And that is scientific fact, you can still inhale the virus thru an M95 mask. So why bother? Then, the virus can infect thru your moist eyes just as easily! And then unless the population all wears disposable gloves…virus can stay on your hands. But the BIG Kahunna of te mask lies is “Dr. Fraud-Fauci”. He was QUADRUPLE vaxxed….he often wore DOUBLE M95 masks…and he still got covid.. Idiots abound…forget the respiratory issues, to make the excuse mask are bad. Just focus on why masks WON’T STOP the virus!

  6. It’s actually quite simple. Masks were developed to prevent surgeons from infecting their patients, not the other way around. When it comes to protection from viruses, surgical cloth masks (the kind we all wear and can afford) function like a cyclone fence in a snow storm, the 1 micron viruses fly right thru the 50 micron holes in the masks. It says right on the packaging “Not Suitable for Viruses”. N95 masks are slightly better, but you need to be professionally “fit tested” at least annually for them to work properly. N99 masks have filtered, one way ports which improve breathing, but all the restrictions still apply.

    For all of these types of masks, if you have a beard, it needs to be removed. Also the mask needs to be replaced on a daily basis or it can become infectious. Touching or adjusting the mask can also infect the wearer with any debris caught on the outside of the mask which then enter your eyes.

    Note that these recommendations are for asymptomatic people, if you are coughing and sneezing it is much better to just use common sense and stay home.

    Spending a day discussing such an obvious well known issue is beyond funny.
    No wonder nothing useful ever gets done.

    • Also healthy elementary school children should NEVER where a mask as well as NEVER need a Covid mRNA shot. Immune suppressed children or adults should stay at home.

      In children the mRNA jab will debilitate the child’s innate immune system which they were born with. The result being they will be much more susceptible to many other types of virus and disease than normal. This is presented in the population as myocarditis and more sensitivity to colds and other viruses.

      None of this is new science, it was well known even before the mRNA was developed.

    • Actually, Yirgach is right- spending the day discussing the harms of masks would be a waste of time, not to mention depressing.

      That’s why this Forum is packed with critical information that people can use to defend their rights at school and at work (where mask requirements continue to this day). Our local government is not protecting us- we need to understand our rights and responsibility to protect ourselves and each other.

      If you are interested in learning exactly which OSHA standards and ADA laws are being ignored, and which ones are being altered, to construct a “Vaccine or Mask” policy in every workplace and school, then come on May 12th prepared to take notes.

      Knowledge is power. Vermonters instinctively know masks are harmful. We just need the confidence and courage to stand up to them. This Forum is a celebration of those qualities.

      Thanks for your support!

      • Amy I worked in a hospital long before this Covid scam happened- when we knew and were taught real information- information not tainted/manipulated by those seeking to profit off it all.

        If you are assuming that you are in conditions dangerous enough to need a mask, then *everything* touching you- and that environment should be considered biohazardous waste and disposed of as such- as we did used to do when in high risk situation.. that is the fact here..
        Now has that all gone on?
        No it has not- at all.
        What has gone on is an embarrassing farce that is far detached from Reality.

        IF we were really trying to prevent true spread, we’d all have been walking around fully garbed as they do in labs- and even with that level of protection, it would be impossible to stop spread.

        Wearing these masks is about control, it’s about measuring compliance,it’s about selling masks, it’s about a lot of things- but it’s NOT about the prevention of spreading virus. This is not what these surgical masks were created for- which is what it says right on the box.

        This speaks volumes about the Fake Drama we have been manipulated and led astray by- that has created suicide, mental health crisis and set our kids back years– perhaps that is what the forum should be discussing.

  7. The masks don’t work unless everyone wears one.
    The vaccines won’t work unless everyone has one.

    • Spot on. Since March 2020, nonstop fear mongering based on lies and deceit. Yet, here we are in April 2023, still dealing with the lies and deceit. We know it, they know it. The only difference is a control apparatus that refuses to back off, refuses to stand down, refuses to relinquish the control they have no authority to have in the first place. Corruption and blackmail is keeping it alive and an ignorant, subjectified populace going along to get along.

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