Former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie endorses Joe Benning for Lt. Gov.

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2022

Joe Benning, Candidate
(802) 274-1346

Alex McCracken, Campaign Manager
(513) 646-4883

Lyndonville, VT – September 12th, 2022 – Sen. Joe Benning is honored to receive another high profile endorsement this week with the support of former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie. In a statement to the campaign, Former Lt. Gov. Dubie said “Joe Benning is exactly who we need in the Lt. Governor’s office.” He added that “Joe has earned a reputation as a person of distinguished integrity, and proven leadership, with the respect of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Joe will be a fantastic partner to Gov. Scott as they work together to lower Vermonters’ cost of living, and address the biggest issues facing our state.”

Former Lt. Governor Dubie’s endorsement follows a long list of current and former lawmakers and state officials that have endorsed Sen. Benning’s candidacy. Former Governor Jim Douglas, whom Lt. Gov. Dubie served alongside in their respective offices, endorsed Sen. Benning in May. Governor Scott made his official endorsement at the end of July. Both of their endorsements, and Lt. Gov. Dubie’s full statement, can be found below:

“Joe Benning is exactly who we need in the Lt. Governor’s office. Joe has over a decade of experience in the Vermont Senate, and is well equipped to preside over the chamber. He has earned a reputation as a person of distinguished integrity, and proven leadership, with the respect of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Joe will be a fantastic partner to Gov. Scott as they work together to lower Vermonters’ cost of living, and address the biggest issues facing our state. I know that Joe will work hard in Montpelier, and all across the state, to promote Vermont’s economy and interests. Please consider joining me by voting for Joe Benning for our next Lt. Governor.” – Former Lt. Governor Brian Dubie

“Joe Benning has the experience needed to be a great Lieutenant Governor. He’s been a Senate leader, he works hard, he loves Vermont, and he’s respected by his colleagues across the political spectrum. Joe knows how to bring people together to get things done.” -Former Governor Jim Douglas

“I’m voting for Joe Benning and here’s why: As we face serious challenges, we need more elected officials with Joe’s integrity, fairness, and experience to help get results for everyday Vermonters – and he’s earned the respect of his Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He will make a great Lieutenant Governor.

When I was Lt. Governor, I forwarded his name to take my place as Chair of the Institutions Committee. I think a lot of him, he has a lot of integrity, he’s ethical, and he understands we have to get our cost of living under control here. We’ll work together. I’ll be supporting him; I’ll be voting for him.

I think Joe has the right attitude. He’s respectful, he’s civil, and he has the same vision that I do for the Republican Party getting back to our roots in terms of fiscal responsibility. I’m a Joe Benning supporter.” -Governor Phil Scott

10 thoughts on “Former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie endorses Joe Benning for Lt. Gov.

  1. An endorsement at this point was clearly not an easy decision, rather it was a decision after pressure. I got the same pressure to endorse Martha Rainville. If I could have endorsed her, I would not have run against her and challenged her big government leanings. I understood that my endorsement would not help her a bit. The only thing such endorsements, this late endorsement by of Brian Dubie included, does is undermine the person giving the endorsement. Those consumed with power, who think they have a right to pressure someone into endorsing someone they disagree with on core issues, use that pressure to try to prove to themselves they have power. Giving in to them feeds their delusion and is a very bad decision.

    Joe Benning have voted for many things Brian Dubie would not vote for and some on very serious and core subjects. Anyone who knows Brian, knows that and so the endorsement undermines Brian’s credibility. Those who do not know Brian, it makes no difference. The only thing it does is gets the hounds off Brian’s back.

    I say this is someone who served with Brian, campaigned with Brian and appreciate Brian. He did a lot of good simply holding the spot of Lt. Governor for the years he did. It is disappointing each time he caves to the pressure and advice to those “Republicans”, like Benning, who do not understand good government and in their ignorance have greatly helped Vermont become a one-party state.

    At some point I hope Brian learns to stop listening to these people. They helped him lose is run for governor, which I believe he could have won. Instead of standing up for what he believes in and making a case, he and his campaign focused on tearing down his opponent while making statements that were clearly not true, like when he claimed abortion and gay marriage were settled issues. There are no settled issues in the political world, as was clearly shown this year. That statement portrays a candidate who ducks issues rather than defending his view and it dragged down the public image of Brian to the point where he lost to a man who was called “the most ethically challenged politician in Vermont” by his own peers in the Democrat Party.

    Put all these things together and the years that have passed and Brian’s endorsement accomplishes nothing positive. Benning will lose and Brian lost.

    • Great video, just finished watching it. Think they didn’t shave a few votes here in Vermont? Nobody would have even questioned another 20-30,000 votes for a dem…….

      We are really good at ignoring the truth and obvious here in Vermont…….just listen to what they say, listen to NPR and you’ll have the most unbiased, trusted news you could possibly get!

      Too funny, we wouldn’t know the truth if it were a 2 x4 hitting our heads…

  2. Just when we thought Brian Dubie couldn’t disgrace himself any more than he already had, he endorses Joe Benning.

    As atrocious as Christina Nolan was, even she didn’t support Prop 5 / Article 22 like Benning does.

    Also, Benning supports Biden regime election theft by lying to voters “there’s no question the election was valid” and calling patriotic Republicans defending their stolen votes “thugs,” “white supremacists” and “insurrectionists.”

    Dubie’s endorsement of Benning’s vicious lies and treachery against Republican voters and President Trump is beyond disgraceful.

    Military veteran Brian Dubie is breaking his Oath to the Constitution by supporting election theft.

  3. Surprising….


    Doesn’t matter who endorses him, because he’s not chosen to win, it would have been better to say nothing.

    Here is some truth, humor and good music to enjoy while we go on this ride.

  4. In my mind I cannot imagine why Brian dube would support someone who was on board with Joe Biden and the complete destruction of America to become lieutenant Governor in the state of Vermont.

    This is the worst choice anyone in the Republican party or any party for that matter could make to step into the position of governor should Governor Scott fail.

    Joe Benning is like a termite destroying us from the inside out.

    Joe Benning calls us insurrectionists.

    Joe Benning calls us white supremacists.

    Joe Benning calls us racists.

    Joe Benning is in favor of denying constitutional rights of Americans and that is totally unacceptable for any political candidate and should raise many red flags about even voting for such a person for political office.

    No thanks Brian dube do you Brian Dubie… Just what the hell are you thinking?

    The last thing we need is someone patting Governor Scott on the back for selling us out to Joe Biden in this complete destruction we are forced to live under.

    I’m still encouraging everyone in the state of Vermont to step up and write someone in and not vote in Joe Benning to complete the self-destruction of the state of Vermont.

    Please Vermonters let’s prove to those that want to cram these destructive political candidates down our throats that we won’t stand by and allow it to happen.

    This is absolutely disgraceful.

    Please Vermonters wake up and get out and vote these destructive political candidates out of office and away from office…

  5. The continual demolition of the VTGOP. It is quite concerning that Brian Dubie, a man of high integrity, would support Benning. Benning voted for Prop 5 twice while in the State Senate and at a forum in Rockingham said he will vote for Article 22.
    There is nothing that proves Benning, Scott, Beck, Shueremann, Walker, Leffler and Martin could do to prove they are not Republicans any more than vote for and support Article 22.
    Abortion to the moment of birth is just one part of this Holocaust. Voting to give ” The State ” the right to take your child to sexually molest them while criminalizing their Parents and any Health Care worker that would refuse to give the child to the State.
    Add the fact that both Benning and Scott called 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump
    ” White Supremacists and Racist ” and you have to wonder why Mr. Dubie would want his name associated with either of them.
    The total betrayal of the VTGOP Platform.
    It’s not to late Brian, you could take this back.

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