England ends mandatory masking, COVID-19 passports

By Laurel Duggan

England is ending mandatory masking and its vaccine passport system on Jan. 27, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Wednesday.

Johnson ended “Plan B” measures, which include mask mandates, vaccine passes and remote work where possible, and he credited boosters and public obedience of COVID-19 rules with making the move possible, according to BBC News. He also said the Omicron coronavirus variant wave had peaked in England.

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Under the new order, children will no longer be required to wear masks in class, and Johnson said he is looking to end mask mandates for students in communal areas shortly, BBC News reported. The prime minister’s other plans include ending the legal requirement to self-isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 and easing restrictions on visits to care homes.

U.K. daily infections have fallen significantly, according to BBC News, and more than 36 million boosters have been administered in the U.K.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said he would support the new measures “as long as the science says it is safe,” but he said that Johnson “has been absolutely shameless in veering from one position to the next and he has been wrong about virtually every single important decision,” The Telegraph reported.

MP Ian Blackford challenged Johnson’s leadership on COVID-19, saying he had thrown caution to the wind. “The Prime Minister is unable to lead on this issue or on any other and the public can’t trust a single word that the Prime Minister says. Any shred of credibility has gone,” Blackford told The Telegraph.

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5 thoughts on “England ends mandatory masking, COVID-19 passports

  1. Why are children still required to wear useless face coverings in gov. schools? Most of them wear cloth masks which are absolutely useless in preventing omicron spread. Why aren’t secretary French and the supervisory union administrators discussing tactics to mitigate the detrimental physical and mental harm caused to school children by wearing face coverings for 2 years?

  2. Chinarmont’s shadow dictator, Comrade Fauci, won’t let his bromance bro’man Scotty-man off the hook though…all those billions to be made.
    And Chinarmont will be sunk without those Covid related bucks in-State.
    We prostituted ourselves and now we’re hook, line and sinker.
    We could look at Burlington as how well Vermont is doing, by headlines alone.
    “Jaws” Fauci-man has us by our short hairs, and now the only way to clean up our addiction is to stop the suppliers.
    But with the addicts running interference for the drug pushers at the highest level of our State…who owns you?
    Who’s your Daddy?
    Who’s your byatch?

  3. Denmark first, then the UK
    Will France be next?

    Do the Vermont Dem/Progs still want a state-wide mandate to wear useless, rag-type “masks”, that are totally useless to prevent COVID, per CDC?

    When will the nation-wide farce finally end?

    Condos should issue a directive that UNIVERSAL mail out of ballots will immediately cease.

    If you want a ballot, you must be physically unable to go to the voting station, such as being very old and/or frail, invalid, sick, etc., to obtain a form, fill out the form, and sign it, include a recent a photo ID, mail it to the Town Clerk, to ensure free, fair, accurate elections.

    Anything less, would merely invite election shenanigans by unscrupulous folks.

    • The Demunist only hope for midterms is to be able to run another fraud infested
      mail in scheme that can be bolstered with Dominion vote shifting..

      With biden and harris polls sitting in the 30’s the “alive” D voters will stay home so
      their only hope is manufactured votes and you can count on the big cheat to be on
      just like the drive to get the voter fraud bill passed quickly… They’ve lost the
      Latino and Indi vote so their in a world of hurt.

      • forgot the important part:

        this is why they will fight tooth and nail to keep the fear porn of the
        scamdemic alive and kicking…

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