Constitutional amendment resolution would allow New Hampshire to vote to secede

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The NHEXIT movement has been around for years, though not always by that name. As early as 2008, there were political activists whose mission was to find a way for NH to succeed from the union.

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

This week is the hearing for CACR32. If approved, it would set the stage for a vote to allow New Hampshire peaceably declare independence from the United States and proceed as a sovereign nation.

The NHEXIT movement has been around for years though not always by that name. As early as 2008, when I began this strange hobby of mine, there were political activists whose mission was to find a way for NH to succeed from the union.

Federal oversight has overstepped so often, and in so many ways, it would take years to count them. Our current regime has embraced medical tyranny, public health despotism, unhindered migration (including drugs, disease, and human trafficking), fiscal insolvency, and the trampling of many on the way to all of the natural rights our constitutions were crafted to protect.

It has been reduced to an abusive relationship enabled by countless acts by previous “stewards” of the American experiment in every political party. At the local, state, and federal levels.

It is not difficult to imagine why such a movement would not arise.

It did, it has, and it’s here, and CACR32 is the latest vehicle in pursuit of this dream. A sovereign nation-state of New Hampshire.

I won’t estimate the odds of success at the legislative or executive levels of the process. It seems unlikely, as does a popular vote in favor. The same sort that got us into this mess also hobbled the Granite State with federal handouts. That’s as good an excuse as any to get the deed done, but the climb is steep, and the rewards unlikely to appeal to the average voter.

That said, it is no reason not to try for reasons, not the least of which are that it will piss off the Left.

They are already running campaign messaging targeting any Republican who supports CACR32 or, more generally, succession. It almost makes me more inclined to embrace the idea.

Free Keene has some handy instructions on how to provide input using the internet machine (as well as info on a rally before the hearing).

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7 thoughts on “Constitutional amendment resolution would allow New Hampshire to vote to secede

  1. Good luck in an attempt to restore self-governance. That was taken from we the people by the tyrannical federal long ago. If this happens, I don’t see why we would not move over the border from socialism to self-governance.

  2. Not at all a smart idea. To get an idea of what it would be like, take a look at how well Britain’s doing with Brexit. Paperwork up the wazoo to get trade goods in and out of the country; citizens banned from working in other EU countries and impeded from even vacationing in them; shortages of “essential” workers like truck drivers, huge backlogs at freighting terminals. To make up for the economic losses to the general public, they’re counting on more criminality in their financial world. Not pretty.

    After the Revolution, the colonies tried a confederacy and found that with thirteen different money systems, customs systems, post office systems, etc., it just didn’t work well. The idea of secession is just a feelgood impulse, not a sound plan.

    • Gary and cgregory,
      Vermont was working to secede as recently as 2017.
      And there has been a history of this in both Vermont and NH, by the way.
      In fact, one area up in Coos County in NH did secede and form the Republic of Indian Stream.

      And further, Perhaps you should familiarize with Article 10 in the NH Constitution: The Right to Revolution.
      We have a constitutional right to find an answer that we can call a “Revolution”.

      And Lastly, perhaps you read up further upon on what is more and more appearing to be a clear need for the balkanization of America.
      We can no longer co-exist with people on the Left that are now openly saying they want people on Right to die, be segregated from society, get treated in separate “Medical Camps”
      and live under the rules of a party that is now openly moving towards calling themselves “Democrat Socialists”.
      Perhaps New Hampshire should simply leave first.. we have a history of going first.

    • I’m with you Dennis. The biggest problem is that the ignorant voters would just elect more Hassans and Shaheens to run it.

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