EAI releases midsession ‘Roll Call’ legislator profiles

On Thursday, the Ethan Allen Institute released the 2022 legislative midsession “Roll Call Profiles.” The profiles include legislators’ votes cast in January and February of this legislative session. They can be viewed here: ethanallen.org/legislative_county_directory.

The profiles demonstrate how Vermont lawmakers voted on bills to lengthen firearm background checks, impose a rental housing registration fee, broaden the definition of illegal speech, amend the state constitution (Proposal 5), and more. Each profile contains a brief overview of the issue at stake and links to more in-depth information such as original records, supporting documents, recorded floor debates, and analysis. Importantly, the profiles show each legislator’s voting history from 2013 to the present.

EAI president Meg Hansen said, “The Roll Call Profiles enable Vermonters to determine if their elected representatives have been voting in accordance to their interests, values, and concerns. We provide extensive, carefully researched information to help the average citizen understand and speak publicly about the most pressing issues of the day. The ultimate goal is to empower the people so that they can hold politicians accountable.”

The Roll Call profiles will be updated at the end of legislative session.

The Ethan Allen Institute, founded in 1993, is a policy research and educational nonprofit organization based in Vermont. For more information, please visit www.ethanallen.org.

Image courtesy of Public domain