Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Bankrupting Vermont through unfunded public pension debt (Part 2)

In the second part of our interview, David Coates (retired managing partner at KPMG who has years of experience with Vermont’s debt and fiscal woes) proposes corrective measures to address the state’s growing debt of unfunded liabilities.

Meg Hansen is the creator and host of “Dialogues with Meg Hansen” on the YCN network.

5 thoughts on “Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Bankrupting Vermont through unfunded public pension debt (Part 2)

  1. Bankruptcy may be closer than we thought.

    The choices now are not good, but some are better than others, The actuaries are holding the cards. Protecting the program contributors, who have done as they agreed, spelled out in the program are the first priority. The State cannot forget that.
    The investors played along longer than I thought they would.

    • The folks in charge are obviously incompetent, so lets get rid of them. Incompetence has no place or standing when other peoples’ money is at stake.
      To the folks in charge: You entrust me with your money, and I will vow to treat you the same way you have treated the dedicated hard working VT employees some whom have worked their whole career for VT. Now how’s that for a deal and a PROMISE?

  2. People need to receive their retirement benefits in the year they earn them. We can’t put our children and grandchildren in financial slavery because of crooked politicians.

  3. So here’s David Coates, a proud Democrat that wants to help with these unfunded
    liabilities to help save our state.

    But as he stated for the last three years they ” The Progressive Democrats ” in charge
    in Montpelier, turn a blind eye to his proposals.

    It just goes to show Progressive’s only care about there agenda, as David states the only
    way out is more taxation or the cutting of programs, so what direction do you think these
    progressives fools will choose ??

    Vote these fools out.

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