Tom Licata: A brief history of the utopian left

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Tom Licata, a resident of Burlington.

Why does the Democrat Party continually call, through their actions, for open borders, effectively meaning the erasure of borders? And why does the Democrat Party continually call, through their actions, for open voting, effectively meaning the erasure of even voter registration?

Science, technology, organization and knowledge have immensely changed over time; Human nature has not. James Roosevelt, oldest son of President Franklin Roosevelt, in 1962 edited “The Liberal Papers,” which included the following passage:

Liberal foreign policy must assume that liberalism and democracy can only flourish or indeed survive in a suitable environment, that such an environment under present conditions can be no less extensive than the entire world, and that, therefore, liberal foreign policy must look at the world as a whole. Any form of isolationism and regionalism is obsolete. The nation that would save itself must subordinate its immediate interest to the maintenance of a peaceful, stable, and just world. That is the assumption that the United States and other nations made in establishing the United Nations.

Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. were among the prominent Kennedy-Johnson administration officials who were founding members of the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), along with Eleanor Roosevelt. ADA was founded to be a lobbying organization for progressive policies born out of FDR’s New Deal, and their leadership (as honorary presidents) of today includes recent members of Congress. Today’s ADA is operationally run primarily by progressive, postmodern social justice activists.

ADA’s platform declared that “support of the principles of the United Nations is the cornerstone of our foreign policy.” And in its official program, ADA describes itself as “dedicated to the achievement of freedom and economic security for all people, everywhere”

ADA’s 1947 charter declared: “The establishment of a world government with powers adequate to prevent war must be an objective of the United States foreign policy to be achieved at the earliest possible dates.”

This urge for a kind of classless, stateless society goes back not only to Marx, but much further back in time. It is utopian — meaning “no place” — and extremely dangerous. But this urge lives on, with the exception that today’s utopians have the immense power of science, technology, organization and knowledge that past utopians lacked.

The difference between 20th and 21st century Democrats or Progressives lies only in their honesty and deception, respectively, for identical ends.

“No place” will be no place any sane individual would want to be.

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4 thoughts on “Tom Licata: A brief history of the utopian left

  1. Every time any group makes gains toward a human-run utopia, bad things, even horrific things happen. Those that voted for Joe Biden voted for a horrific future, most did so out of ignorance. The same is true for those that sat idle after the election instead of doing all they could to challenge the theft of our votes.

  2. Everything in nature is on an infinite feedback loop. “From chaos to order to chaos.”

  3. Progressivism, like Marxism, is a religion. Its truths are dogma, not dependent upon the verification of reality for them to be true, not subject to dissent by the heretics who cite the evidence of the real world. If they decided upon a geocentric universe, that would be incontestable truth. Joe Biden expressed this succinctly in his Iowa state fair speech: “We choose truth over facts.” The truth to which he makes reference is the Progressive dogma; you’re demonized if you contest it, even more so if you contest it with evidence – like climatologists who found themselves unemployed for contesting AGW. It’s a Fascist religion: Believe or Else.

    • Progressivism is Marxism there is no difference it’s just sugar coated crap for idiots to believe.

      “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. – Mary Poppins

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