Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters defends Dominion vote tabulator machines

By Guy Page

Vermont uses vote tabulation machines manufactured by Dominion, Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters told Vermont Daily on Monday. However they are older models than the machines now under scrutiny in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, he said.

This morning, Vermont Daily emailed Winters the following question: “As you know, Dominion is in the news as the target of president Trump’s complaint about election integrity.” He was asked to explain any connection with Dominion and Vermont’s election process.

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Winters’ 4:37 p.m. emailed response is printed verbatim below:

Much is being said about Dominion in the news. Vermont, along with dozens of other states, both red and blue, does use their voting equipment (tabulators). The tabulators we use are a much older model than those being called into question by the conspiracy theorists. Our machines are provided to us through our trusted long-time elections partner LHS.

You can find detailed responses to the various unfounded and false accusations about Dominion on their website at

LHS has been the Dominion vendor in New England for nine years. As part of their service they complete state level certifications of their equipment, have conducted thousands of elections with successful outcomes and have seen recounts and random audits prove their equipment and software to be secure and accurate.

The claims against Dominion and its software are categorically false and have been disproved as such.

Secretary Condos has been candid and direct about this: spreading disinformation by peddling conspiracy theories with zero evidence of any elections process abnormalities is an absolute danger to democracy, and only serves to weaken voter confidence in the integrity of our elections and their dutifully arrived at results.

Healthy skepticism is something that every public official should welcome, but baseless allegations of vote tampering that are only made to discredit legitimate election results are not acceptable.

The President’s claims are patently false and have been disproven. Disparaging the fair elections process, and the hard-working election officials conducting it, with zero evidence is irresponsible and insulting to those election officials, including our town clerks.

Vermont tabulators are programmed and tested by our long-time, trusted election vendor. They are certified, audited, and follow a strict chain of custody which ensures they are never connected to the internet or to each other. Every ballot cast in Vermont is done so on a voter-marked paper ballot that is sealed and stored for 22 months following the election, and we conduct a post-Election audit after every General Election, which has never turned up any results abnormalities.

Vermonters should feel confident in the integrity and security of our elections. We have the evidence to back that up.

Readers are invited to comment to Vermont Daily and recommend serious, informed follow-up questions to Winters’ comments and about the Dominion controversy in general.

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Image courtesy of Vermont Secretary of State's Office/Twitter

20 thoughts on “Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters defends Dominion vote tabulator machines

  1. Pants on fire alert: Inquiring Minds Edition

    — Dominion Voting Systems: Connecting the Dots
    By Jim Hoft Published November 22, 2020 at 2:13pm 451 Comments

    emphasis added
    “According to Harris, a manipulation technique she found in Diebold’s **AccuVote central vote tabulator ** is able to read totals from an untraceable bogus vote set within its software. “By entering a two-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created; and this set of votes can be changed in a matter of seconds, so that it no longer matches the correct votes,” she has said. And she has demonstrated this live on television. Her conclusion is: “You can easily edit the election.”

    • Commissar Winters has stated repeatedly that:
      — All questioning or reporting of criminality re Dominion Venezuela-owned voting machines are “conspiracy theorists” term is used interchangably w “paranoia” when ppl have arrived @ the truth or are about to.

      No conspiracy or theory necessary – evil and diabolical humans are all that’s necessary aka “human behavior”? Been going on ever since humans were here – and recognized as a Freudian Slip of guilt by its authoritarian advocates.

      — Also repeats fave go-to of the Democrats and other assorted leftists when caught w/pants around ankles that patent falsehoods have been “disproven” often used in conjunction w sad puppy face and patiently repeating “it’s not true”. Lets have it Commissar where’s the proof?

    • Sequoia Holdings orchestrated a turnaround in 2010 with the acquisition by Dominion Voting System. On June 4, 2010, Dominion Voting Systems, a previously little-known Canadian company which engaged in the manufacture of electronic voting hardware and optical scanners, acquired Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. Sequoia filed a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in February 2014.” RESEARCH –

      So no Smartmatic? Well how about one of the other suspect software? Hmmm…

      • “AccuVote central vote tabulator is able to read totals from an untraceable bogus vote set within its software.”

        Winters has previously stated Accuvote is in the machines VT uses.

  2. With all the high-tech hacking going on throughout the country, that includes the
    pentagon being hacked, can anyone really believe that these ” Dominion ” voting
    machines can’t and won’t be hacked to sway an election…….give me a break !!

    I have watched for almost four years starting day one, on trying to impeach the
    President with all sorts of falsehoods and wasted taxpayer dollars, so when this
    election with all sorts of provable allegations arise ….. yeah, you can bet that this
    was a planned effort by the DNC and yes ” Steal ” the election.

    Can anyone, if they watched any of the Biden rallies and saw the turn out numbers,
    that he actually had could achieve more ” votes ” than Barrack Obama ever did,
    come-on the number just don’t add up,

    So if the ballots cannot be verified, then they are not legal and cannot be counted,
    if not verified they cannot be certified, so no ” Electoral Votes ” it’s off to the house
    and Queen Nancy can swear in President Trump for his second term.

    Voter fraud is in full swing, Vermonter’s better pay attention, Vermont as we knew
    it is no longer, look who controls the voting & machines…………I’m just saying !!


    Los Angeles County authorities announced Tuesday a 41-count criminal complaint against two men, including one running for mayor, for allegedly submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications.

    Carlos Antonio DeBourbon Montenegro and Marcus Raul Arvelo allegedly submitted over 8,000 registration applications on behalf of homeless people over a 4-month period, the New York Post reported.

    Montenegro also faces perjury charges for forging voter information on his own paperwork to get on the ballot.

    The men reportedly registered the voters, then allegedly used Montenegro’s home address and 3 post office boxes to HARVEST their mail-in ballots and paperwork, according to the Post.

    MY NOTE: It looks like they forgot nursing homes for harvesting the ballots of 90-year-olds.
    It could be THAT territory was covered by another fraud posse.

  4. It looks like all sorts of people have no trouble hacking voting machines ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

    Voting machines that are stored, unattended, unprotected for about 2 years.

    Here is a video showing various people hacking different voting machines.
    It takes only a few minutes to do so.

    As an experiment, practice voting is shown between George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

    It is shown how votes for GW are switched to BA by the machine.
    The switching can be also be done with a remote control, as shown

    CONDOS, instead of inane bloviating, should prepare a video, with independent voting experts and computer programmers, to show this did not and could not happen in Vermont.

  5. “Conspiracy theory, abnormalities and disinformation” Mr Condos? You, sir proclaim that Vermont’s election results are above reproach, with zero chance of error? Maybe so, but now in light of circumstantial evidence, video evidence and affidavits the integrity issue is front and center. Your
    very zealous actions, with the legislature this year for mail in ballots is easily viewed as questionable.
    Your assurances notwithstanding, You must be able to prove your statements, thru audit.
    The very root of democracy for our state and nation is in free and fair elections. You profess that you are in charge and that the election was free and fair. Prove it- not with bellicose statements but with fact. Show us the evidence you purport to have.

  6. Hackable Dominion Voting machines

    “There is no way to detect fraud and we could have been using cheating voting machines in the last five elections without even knowing it,” said Andrew Appel, a Princeton University computer science professor who has been studying voting machine security since the 2000 presidential election, where the recount of Florida ballots revealed a slew of problems that led to national voting machine reforms.

    “Almost all of the other states have realized paperless touchscreens are not a secure way to count the votes,” he said.

    A USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey review found that election officials in all counties test the machines for a host of technical issues — do the voting machines turn on, do they correctly count test votes, for example — but there is no independent test that deems them hack-proof.


    A version of modified firmware that could throw off the machine’s results, subtly altering the tally of votes, never to betray a hint to the voter. The attack was concluded in minutes. To mark the achievement, his student snapped a photo of Appel—oblong features, messy black locks and a salt-and-pepper beard—grinning for the camera, fists still on the circuit board, as if to look directly into the eyes of the American taxpayer: Don’t look at me—you’re the one who paid for this thing.

    • I’ll note, Willem, that Sidney Powell said that a 15 year old cold hack these machines- it’s that easy to do.

  7. I was wondering if VT was using these machines. Now I know why the commies are in charge in Montpelier. The fix is in.

  8. Yes, it even tops the Brink’s robbery in Rutland a few years ago, no question. Money comes and goes, the results of this illegal activity could be with us for a lifetime. Time to put it to bed, once and for all.

  9. Mr Winters, I have one question. Would you feel the same way if this same scenario went against Joe Biden instead of President Trump ?

  10. Gimme a break.. this person is clearly not following this stunning stuff that Sidney Powell is telling us.
    She just did an interview tonight on the Greg Kelly Show on Newsmax that is worse than the ones I saw yesterday.
    These machines were designed to be hacked.. they have a back door so that they can change the votes as need.They watch the votes come in in real time and adjust things accordingly. They can essentially do anything they need to do with these things.. she said tonight that she feels they even changed the results of the down ballot race of John James in Michigan. They are now looking at that race and studying the data and she says the math simply does not add up.

    She has the man that owns Dominion on video explaining this, she is Tweeting this out there tonight.

    These voting machines and this software have been rigging elections all over the globe for decades now. The corruption is stunning and she has so many whistleblowers, so many witnesses, so much evidence that she is struggling to process it all. She says it’s like a flood. She has a member of the Venezuelan Military that now lives in this country and he has come forward and told her what he knows about what went on there with these machines, he’s come forward because he doesn’t want to see what happened in Venezuela to happen here.
    You have got to watch her videos.. I saw 3 yesterday alone. She is out there everywhere…
    Trying to get this out there because the MSM is blocking this story of course..although, it’s so big now they aren’t able too.

    • Everything else is ‘Follow the Science’, but we should pay no attention to the mathematically impossible election results.

      This is the largest heist in US history.

      • Agree Frank.. but what’s even worse is when you have a guy that was a former member of the Venezuelan Military explaining what he saw and knows.. look at Venezuela and the untold suffering these people are going through, Venezuela was a wealthy and productive, successful country and the people have been reduced to eating garbage on pure survival mode and this happened with voting machines.
        These crooks intended to do this very thing here.. Biden is stacking his cabinet with some of the most far Left thinkers in this country. Kamala, (who is not even qualified to be there as an anchor baby) has voted Left of Bernie Sanders! What the hell do we think these plans will do to our country? We will be crashed just like Venezuela.
        And this doesn’t even include the crisis we have with the Chinese Infiltration.
        This is mind boggling, hang these traitors!!

        Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse is now unpacking the election in Egypt
        and showing us the “Color Revolution” they had there and how the pattern is exactly as we’ve been seeing here in America..
        This is much bigger than we understand.. this is how these people have been taking down entire countries and there was just an attempt here… and these idiots like this man here in the article are attempting to say “nothing to see here”.
        He looks like an utter fool.
        This stuff is all out there, and it’s not rocket science to put it all together and REAL Investigative reporters are now all over this and it’s all flooding out there for those of us that are following this.
        The Democrat Party is a band of criminals and their voters are blind, low info fantasyland dwellers..

        This stuff is all being revealed by Rudy, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell.. read about these people, Sidney’s work is beyond reproach. Read about Lin Wood, Rudy took down the mob and is no dummy. This voter fraud from using these machines is a global crisis..
        These machines were designed to steal elections for crying out loud, the people that designed them are coming forward !!!
        There is no denying what is going on..

  11. “Vermont tabulators are programmed” RED FLAG Number 1

    I would like to now where and if the tabulators keep the Ballot Images?

    “have conducted thousands of elections with successful outcomes” RED FLAG Number 2

    Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters is not being honest about the Dominion machines and the proof that the machines ARE in fact changing votes.

    The citizens of Vermont and the country have rights to HONEST elections.

    • Vermont is unrecognizable to me today from the Vermont I grew up looking at..
      Take a look at the states history and then when they began using these voting machines.. lets see what things did after the introduction of voting using these machines.. I think we know this answer. The state went further and further Left. Then add in work of your media, education, or lack thereof rather.. add this all up.

      We’ve been on a death by a thousand cuts state at a time.
      Look at Connecticut, same thing. These “Blue” states up here are unrecognizable now to those of us that grew up here..
      Now ask yourself why this is..

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