Billado: Democratic leadership now under attack from within its own ranks

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Many were quite surprised to read in the op-ed by the first term Progressive representative in Windsor County last week that even the Progressive/Democrat alliance in Montpelier is beginning to show signs of strain and fracture. Democratic leadership, in the House specifically, and in the Senate by association, is now under attack from within its own ranks.

Deborah Billado

Deborah Billado

For the many Republicans, past and present, who had the honor to serve in the House, these revelations, though startling coming from a Progressive, are old news. When the opposition party makes these charges of misaligned priorities they tend to ring hollow in the ears of the media, so while many Republicans have and will continue to oppose this way of doing business, we hope that voters will begin to give greater weight to the charges that have been laid against the Democrat super-majority, and to consider their alternative.

While many would like to suppose that Republicans would act no differently, every piece of evidence is to the contrary. Rep. Don Turner served for several years as Republican House leader, and the mantra over and over, at nearly every caucus meeting, was a simple refrain: “You vote for your constituents first.” Rep. Patty McCoy has continued that tradition and refrain as well. Similarly, under the leadership of Walt Freed, Republicans were encouraged to vote their conscience first, their constituents second, and lastly the party. Some might say that allowing such freedom of opinion by Republican members looks like discord. Instead it is a sign of party strength and integrity. Voters should be thankful that Republicans do not blindly advocate for an agenda that is set by a few party leaders then blindly followed by the others. The Republican Party, instead, allows individuals to voice their opinions, give their reasons and vote their conscience and what is in the best interests of their constituents.

When Democrats have a model that exerts power from the top of party leadership down to the rank and file members, then to the voters last, it’s easy to have a unified message, albeit one not in the voter’s best interests. A handful of Democrat leaders can meet in secret, decide what they want to do with our state, then they whip everyone into line behind the message. It’s an effective way to control a message and control an outcome.

A Republican majority would bring a vision to lawmaking that would be vastly different and better than their Democrat counterparts. Republicans allow the members to bring to the table the hopes and needs of their local constituents, to forge a path forward to help and not hinder the goals, purposes and ingenuity of the citizens. Leadership that flows from the people, to their elected members, realizes results that are best for all concerned and not for special interests or politicians who wish to exercise control their way instead of the people’s way.

To be the representative republic we claim to be, the elected members must represent the people in truth instead of just going through the motions and then deceiving and pretending.

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12 thoughts on “Billado: Democratic leadership now under attack from within its own ranks

  1. Bringing substantial change, a course correction to the Republic’s original vision of a more perfect union, one of Love, Joy and Peace, prosperity can be achieved, we need to have all the pieces in place.

    1) Vision: We need a clear vision, easily adopted by all, solving our problems.
    2) Skills: We need people capable and willing to do the work.
    3) Incentives: To Bring about rapid change we need to support, rewards to keep the team going
    4) Resources: We need the money time and equipment to carry it out.
    5) Action Plan: We need the plan broken into small bits, so things can get accomplished.

    With these five items we can bring about change. Without all five, we can experience confusion, Anxiety, minor change, frustration and false starts.

    Taking a broad brush look at the status of the Vermont GOP, it seems clear we do not have a unifying vision, which creates confusion and infighting. There is anxiety, as we don’t have people with the needed skills in the proper places. There is much frustration because we don’t have any resources to work with.

    With a vision that unites not only conservatives, but those on the Democratic side of life, we’ll have people come to the parties aid, with skills and money. In business it’s been said there is never a lack of money, only a lack of good ideas and profits.

    As they state in Sun Tzu, one must know the land scape in which you play. There is excellent feed back from many. Working together and upon hearing the truth, making needed adjustments we can bring the people of Vermont together. It’s going to require massive amounts of work and coordination, but it can be done. It desperately needs to be done, the public knows something is amiss in our state, they just can’t put their finger on it.

    When they hear the truth they will respond, money will not be a problem. People will be tough due to our political climate where people are afraid to speak out publicly.

  2. Is it any wonder that with all the craziness and lies coming from the left that even democrats are getting fed up with democrats ?

  3. As I have written more times than necessary to get the folks attention, if the Dem/Prog/Libs put the constituents last in the pecking order, they should be replaced by those who care for the folks that elected them. Will it ever happen? Don’t hold your collective breaths.

    • It likely won’t happen because media coverage in vermont, like VT Digger (VD), constantly distort reality. Just take VD’s lastest report on VP Pence’s current visit to Vermont.

      VD reported : “His visit cost the state at least $106,825 in payroll for the Department of Public Safety, according to public records obtained by VTDigger. ”

      Just a minute VD – Pence’s visit cost $106,825 when he visted last year (Oct 2018), not this visit. And there were reports that reimbursements were possible after November 2018. Did that happen?

      Who knows. Maybe this year’s visit will cost even more. But to cite last year’s costs in the context of ‘His visit’, as though it was this year’s visit, is bogus journalism, to say the least.

      • It’s becoming old news…the above referenced comment on VD was censored. Anne Galloway, Cate Chant and company are the epitome of corrupt journalism.

        • “Clarification: This story was updated to clarify that the payroll expenses were associated with Vice President Pence’s 2018 trip.”

          Thank you, VD, for the clarification. But you still haven’t indicated whether or not the possibility of reimbursements was realized for Pence’s 2018 trip, as was initially reported.

          It would also be beneficial to all readers, as well, for VD to report on law enforcement costs incurred when other high profile politicians travel in Vermont… not just the Vice President.

          Comment awaiting moderation
          6 seconds ago

          Squeaky wheel gets the grease:
          If there was ever an example of beneficial vigilance, this is one. Despite VD’s censorship of my comment (referenced above), at least it ‘updated’ its news report to more accurately report the facts of the matter. I hope others who have expressed problems with VD’s reporting don’t give up on scrutinizing VD when its warranted just because they’re similarly treated.

          • They do make modifications when called out, but not always. I remember commenting on a story about the gal who was shot working with DCF (Laura Sabel?) around the news article were ads for the State union, I asked at 6am, is this article an ad for the state unions? My comment never went up, all the ads for,the union were removed by 10 am.

            look at all the ads for “lets grow kids!”, all the comments from people,with in that organization……Lets be good parents, better motto.

        • Jay, you’re exactly right “digger” isn’t about journalism, its about getting money from left wing donors, it’s about writing malarkey the left wants to hear, wants to believe. Digs far left donors include the big public education monopoly and other money hungry political organizations. Dig purposely omits facts and critical, balanced information. The folks at digger seem willing to lay down and print most anything for a buck.

  4. As I stated in digger ( one of my comments that got through) Vermont is the east coast petri dish for all things progressive. Policies are financed by out of state money and people who have moved here, ran for office and brought extreme liberalism to once conservative Vermont. The voters have been bamboozled by elites (in their minds) who have promised a better life but instead pushed their ideology and delivered nothing but high taxes, failing schools, horrible health insurance choices, a crumbling infrastructure, a 4.5 billion dollar debt of unfunded retirement liabilities and the theft of our natural freedoms. To top it all off we have innumerable social justice nonprofits, climate change warriors, 2nd amendment haters and anarchists using children by indoctrinating them and black lives matter flags flying at taxpayer paid schools, like it or not. The Vermont media has aided and abetted in the progressive takeover and uses censorship by the omission of anything conservative or republican. How can independent voters be this ignorant to see that Vermont government is not working for them. It works for the people and organizations as well as businesses that can produce the cash needed to keep them in power. 23 of Vermont’s 30 member senate are from out of state. Probably the same is true in the house of representatives. Vermonters need to vote for American ideals not regressive/progressives. Vote American not Democrat, take your life back!

  5. Montpelier has an agenda and they could care less about the thoughts of the Constituents
    within the state, or especially another political party………..

    It’s all about power ” Progressive Democrats ” now they have most of the power, the only thing
    missing is the head seat in Montpelier and that’s the “Governorship ” if that happens Vermont
    surely will never be the same and Progressives will do whatever to take that control.

    Vermont Republicans and Independents need to wake up and take the control of our State
    House, we once had a great State, then the carpetbaggers came to town……. Pretty Sad.

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